Music That Inspires v.10

I thought I should post something cheerful in lieu of my usual posts.

I am quite the fan of Full Metal Alchemist. For those who do not know, the story is about two brothers seeking the Philosopher’s Stone in order to restore their bodies. As is typical of any anime/manga plot, the story really is not about that at all. That is just the hook to get you to follow the story.

I enjoy both the manga and the two anime series. The first series heavily deviated from the manga, but the second anime series follows it. While there was a slight animation style shift in the second series, what did not change were the spectacular opening and ending animation sequences. My favorite opening remains Rewrite by Asian Kung Fu Generation. I liked the first series’ endings, but the current ending, Ray of Light by Shoko Nakagawa, is definitely my favorite.

The song itself is beautiful. It fits the show perfectly. However, to really get the effect of just how good the song is you need to watch an episode where the song starts as the last scene ends, like in episode 51. It is simultaneously cool and irritating. It is a cool way to end the episode, but irritating because you have to wait a week until the next one.

Oddly enough, despite memorizing this song, Rewrite, and dozens of other songs by Japanese artists, I cannot speak a lick of Japanese.

24 thoughts on “Music That Inspires v.10

  1. I am quite the geek. The anime boom happened while I was in high school, so along with reading American comics and experiencing the Matrix, I bought dozens of anime videos. Currently I am only watching FMA, but I enjoy Gundam, Evangelion, Raxephon, and various movies. I prefer to read though manga since I have trouble seeing some colors.

  2. I started watching anime 6 years ago (not including watching dragon ball Z at the age of 7, that didnt count because it wasnt anime to me it was just toonami).

    Im really into anime. Im always watching something. Nowadays I am watching heroman which is an anime written by stan lee and is modeled after american comic book heros. Angel Beats is another beautiful anime that is made by Key Studios, which is responcible for the masterpieces Kanon, Air, and Clannad. If you havent seen it Im telling you angel beats is made of win. Those are all new animes that Ive been keeping a close eye on.

    Older animes I watch over and over again just because they are so good are eureka 7, code geass, Haruhi, lucky star, and others.

    HAHA I didnt think I would be describing animes here

  3. I saw the opening for Heroman. It is not bad. The anime is better than manga to the extent that the anime does not actually use Stan Lee’s script, whereas it looks like the manga might. Stan Lee’s writing style has not changed, so at some points it is laugh out loud funny. I enjoy Bones work though. I watched Darker than Black recently, and it was very good. They also worked on Raxephon and Wolf’s Rain. I missed Eureka 7 due to school and work. It is on my list since I like mecha stories.

    I tend to like some of the older series, probably because I saw then when I was younger. I am thinking of Bubblegum Crisis, Project A-ko, Escaflowne (the unedited version), Slayers, Nadesico, and even Sailor Moon. My cousin went through a Digimon phase, so I would watch it with him. I think he still has the digivices somewhere.

  4. Who know you had a little otaku in you TS? I myself have been watching it for about 16 years now all the way back when I was watching Voltron and Robotech while getting ready for school. The boom really hit the States when I was in late high school when Dragonball, Sailormoon, and (even) Pokemon hit the scene.

    I kinda fell out of it for a while but I’m diving back in these days with Bleach, FMA Brotherhood, rewatching Nadesico and Vandread, Naruto, Vampire Knight. (I really want to get back into One Piece but I’m on like ep. 30 of 400+ and counting) Personally I usually do anime over manga because I really don’t have the space for all those books.

    Speaking of Bleach if you want something inspirational check out the song “You Are Number One”.

  5. If you do go back and watch Eureka 7 you must give the soundtrack a good listen. I recommend “Get It By Your Hands”. Some of the best fight music ever.

  6. Danny’s right the soundtrack to Eureka 7 is brilliant! and its a long anime which isnt just a action anime with fights in giant robots, its a love story, a story of exceptance, and a story of a boy growing into a man.

  7. As I get more and more into animes I actually stop watching them, instead I fit the point were they have no more to watch, then I switch to the manga and read ahead.

    If there is any anime you should get back into watch case closed. You remember that right the teenage detective turned little boy has to solve cases without revealing his identity. Its a great show 130 episode dubbed. 630 subbed (I know long f*** run)

  8. I would read more manga but I just can’t handle reading it on my computer screen and like I said I just don’t have that much book shelf space (hell I donated four books to a used book sale few days ago….then bought 7 in their place).

  9. Dont throw away the idea of online mangas so quickly. Ive never bought a manga but Ive read tons. The mangic of the internet the free spread of the anime sub culture throughout all fans

  10. Oh I’m familiar with the art of scanlation of manga. Its just trying to read on my pc screen get tiresome after a while. You see I work tech support for a bank so I already spend 8 hours a day in front of a pc. So to turn around and spend more in front of a pc is bad enough much less trying to read scanned images of book pages.

    But admittedly I still do it sometimes. Oh and TS I have another recommendation for you.

    Now and Then, Here and There.

    I’ve been meaning to rewatch this for a long time so I could do a post on it. Its a pretty gritty story about how children are treated during war.

  11. Now and Then, Here and There is a very good anime. It is about children treated during war and how they’re recruited into fighting each other. It is based off a lot of wars happening in Africa and how the children are used in war.

    I would be weary of some recommendations which people make, they’re many whom recommended Elfen Lied and still think its a good anime without explaining why. People say Elfen Lied is psychnological, mental, gore and a very good storeline. But, if you look at the plot, characters and how they tie together, it is so bad it makes me sick. Not to mention, how the demographic of audiences towards anime and lesser so manga has dropped to 12 years of age.

    The problem with anime, at least with anime fans is how they treat anime as if it is better than any other entertainment medium. They’re “die hard” anime fans but have never play a Visual Novel in there life or even been to Japan. For instance, they’re many anime and manga which is based off Visual Novels, and to make it worse, you have people going around saying stupid shit like “kawiii desu ne” When the majority of anime fans don’t actually know any Japanese at all.

  12. I usually read the manga because I have trouble seeing the difference between colors. I also read very fast, so I can finish a series like Blame! in a couple of hours. I have never been much of a TV person. I do enjoy films, but the movie experience is much different than sitting for hours in front of a TV screen or computer monitor. That said, when I do watch series I try to get through the whole thing as fast as possible. I watched all of Gundam 00 in two days. I tried getting through all of Gundam Wing in one day, but I fell asleep.

    I used to watch Naruto. The first arch of Naruto was also good until it got to the fillers. Shippuden has been somewhat disappointing. The animation is not as bad as the fillers, but the series has dragged on despite the manga being well ahead. I do like Bleach’s anime, especially the openings. I watch it off and on though.

  13. That is a long series. I think the volume count for the manga is in the sixties. You would think the creator would run out of story after sixteen years of writing the same story.

  14. I enjoyed Now and Then, Here and There. My friends say I only watch or read depressing stories. I suppose that is true considering my favorite shows and manga tend to be tragedies. I tried to watch Elfen Lied, but I did not have the patience for it.

    I think the market is fairly balanced right now, although it is shifting more towards a younger audience again. That is likely because companies pick up shows that can be heavily licensed.

    As for people using random Japanese phrases, I am less annoyed by that now than I was years ago, mostly due to the Japanese using random English phrases in their films, comics, and TV shows. I do give anime fans credit for trying to learn the language. When I took Japanese in college about half the class were anime fans.

  15. Wow, anime fans eh?

    I’m not an otaku but there are some anime series I’ve watched that are great.

    Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo are a few. They’re also made, animated, produced, written, and directed by the same people. The ending of the final episode of Cowboy Bebop really stays with you as well. I don’t want to spoil it, but use one word: “Bang.”

    I highly recommend, though, Wolf’s Rain. It’s one of the best in the genre, in my opinion. Though it’s pretty somber and you’ll definatly need a box of tissues for the final four episodes.

    Ever heard of Avatar: The Last Airbender? That’s considered anime as well. But it’s all north american made and also a children’s show. However, the themes and situations get more complex in the second season. The characters also really grow in their attitudes and personalities. I hear there’s a live-action movie adaption of the first season being helmed by M. Night Shamylan (“The Sixth Sense”, “Unbreakable”, “Signs”, etc.)

    I also loved the anime movie “Grave Of The Fireflies”. Again, you’ll need a box of tissues for that one. Some have a problem with the young boy’s stubborness in seeking help but I don’t.

  16. The problem is how many anime fans perceive Japanese culture. In the U.S and other western developed countries, cartoons is very much a part of a child’s life. For instance, my niece who watches Avatar: The Last Airbender and the same thing is true in Japan. Unless you’re a kid, anime is not naturally common in Japan, though it’s probably more common there than American animation is here in the United States. While manga is ubiquitous, anime is still considered for kids and younger teens by most Japanese people, and if an adult in his twenties said to other adults “I’m a big fan of anime” I think people would look at that person funny, supposing he might even be an “otaku” (used here in the stereotypical negative sense, as opposed to the idealistic positive sense). Publicly expressing one’s like of anime in Japan is less like a Japanese adult in America saying “I’m a fan of American sitcoms” and more like him/her saying “I’m a big fan of Tom and Jerry”.

    But they’re many whom want to convey it differently as if anime is for adults or for an older demographic. And like I said before about how anime fans treat the genre of anime as if it is better than other forms of entertainment. I am just so sick of how culturally misinformed individuals can be about Japan because of anime.

  17. I’ve been thinking that this is why I dropped from watching anime for a while like I did. I have to admit that in my younger days I was that stupid stereotypical fan. But now that I’ve matured a bit and realized that anime/manga isn’t better than other media simply because its anime/manga.

    Now that I’m getting back into it I’ve noticed that I’m more selective in what I watch rather than clamoring to watch something simply because it anime (that and rewatching old favorites).

    “Now and Then, Here and There is a very good anime. It is about children treated during war and how they’re recruited into fighting each other. It is based off a lot of wars happening in Africa and how the children are used in war.”
    Yes. I’ve been planning to rewatch this for awhile and do a post on it.

  18. Ha who would have thought…(catching up with your blog recently).

    TS, is it really worth watching the second series of FMA? I was thinking about it, but again this are so many episodes….hmpf.

    Oh and you might want give Elfenlied another try (if you have no problem with violence), I think it has one of the most touching father/daughter scene in it I have ever seen (and a lot of really fucked up stuff).


  19. The new series is based on the manga, so it is worth watching. I have been watching it since it debuted last year. However, the episodes are very well paced, so you will not realize how much time has passed. Cartoon Network is also airing the English dub.

  20. hm….is it really that difference I mean there will not really be surprising elements when one has seen the first series.

    (I shy away from long series because I always lack time and still have to watch that anime where all those underage girls kiss their airplanes….ah the Japanese…)

  21. After a major character dies the series goes in a completely different direction. It is like the difference between the original Star Trek series and the last movie. It is worth watching for the animation alone and the cool openings. Speaking of which, last week while I was in Borders looking for the latest volume of FMA I started singing the current theme song under my breath. Some teenage girls heard me and I think I now have groupies.

  22. That is so…..AWESOME

    People always look confused when I sing the Haruhi intro, and dance while singing, while cosplaying Yuki…..ah well

    (on a slightly related note, I am not allowed to go into my local supermarket anymore….fuckers)

  23. Well, I found it weird because the girls assumed I was around their age. They asked me what school I went to, and when I said I graduated they asked what college I was going to. When I said I graduated college years ago, they thought I was joking with them.

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