Music That Inspires v.11

“Whatever you goin through it’s somebody goin through somethin worse”

That is a reminder some people may need to hear more often.

I am not the biggest fan of rap. Too much of what is out today is rapping about money and women. I prefer songs that are actually about something. That is probably why someone like Bizzy Bone appeals to me. Besides his lyricism and rhythm, he actually writes about something… sometimes. His song Muddy Waters is an excellent example:

Coincidently, as one of my friends noted the song is also depressing, but I tend to think of it as introspective, which fits my general music tastes.

That would likely explain why I also like Nobody Can Stop Me:

and Father:

Granted, Bizzy will at times go off an tangents. He has not been the most stable person. He had a traumatic childhood and his adult life has been problematic as well. I suppose one could say that this is typical of famous people, but I cannot help wondering how much of his erratic behavior comes from what he went through as a child. At any rate, I quite enjoy his music.

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