Music That Inspires v.12

Linkin Park’s new album came out last week. Now that I have had a chance to listen to it for some time, I have to say it is good album. It is clearly a concept album, and the feel of it is almost like a mash-up of Linkin Park, Fort Minor, and Dead by Sunrise. It has a little bit of everything, and it is definitely an album that needs great headphones or a killer sound system to really get the feel of the music.

My two favorite songs are Robot Boy:

and Iridescent:

My older cousin was surprised that I liked Iridescent as it is a rather positive song and I have a penchant depressing music. However, the song has excellent U2-ish sound and it is very moving.

If I were to ever make music, I think something like this album would be the direction I would go in, at least in terms of the general sound and feel of the album. I could do without the interludes, even the one featuring Martin Luther King Jr.