Woman charged with incest

People who sexually abuse children can come up with some amazing excuses for why they committed the acts. One woman provides an excellent example:

An Alva woman is arrested for molesting two children. Deputies say Candice Miller was caught with about 1,000 pornographic pictures showing her and the children participating in sex acts.

According to new documents obtained by WINK News, Miller admitted to sexual encounters with the children, both of whom are under 16. She said the abuse lasted a few weeks and she stopped because she knew “it was wrong” after the person asking for them on-line made requests that became more and more explicit.

Deputies say Miller told them the sexual abuse started when she met the person on-line on a single parents website. She said the person first started asking her to take pictures of the children in the shower. According to the report, she did. Miller also told the children to pose nude, then took pictures of them – also depicting sexual acts. Deputies say Miller told them she made “fake” pictures by posing the children to simulate sex acts. She reportedly said she did this because the on-line person she was sending the pictures to claimed to have a PhD and said the experience would improve her relationship with the children. Deputies say Miller also appeared nude in some of the photos.

So some person from an online forum told her that taking nude pictures of her children and having sex with them would “improve her relationship with the children,” and she did it even though she knew it was wrong.
Interestingly, even though Miller supposedly knew it was wrong she kept the photos. The news reports about this case do not state exactly how the police became aware of Miller’s actions, but the reports do state that she had 1,000 images. One would think that if she knew it was wrong she would have deleted the images.

Hopefully the police and prosecutors will not buy her excuse. The reports do not mention any attempt to find this person with a PhD who supposedly told Miller to molest the children, so the authorities may not be looking for what is probably a non-existent person.

Miller is being held without bond for capital sexual battery. However, that is only until Monday. The judge requested that the prosecutors prove why Miller should be held without bond. If the prosecutors fail to do so, Miller’s bond will be $100,000, totaling to $250,000 for all the charges. Miller faces two counts of lewd or lascivious molestation, two counts of incest, two counts of lewd or lascivious conduct and two counts of custodial sexual battery.

Curiously absent are any child pornography charges. She not only possessed hundreds of images, she also created them and may have distributed them (assuming the online PhD person is real). So why is she not facing federal possession and distribution charges?

3 thoughts on “Woman charged with incest

  1. You can not tell me that this monster is going to say she thought it would improve her relationship with children.. who in their right mind believes this. she needs to go to prison for the rest of her life. What is wrong with this world?? People you need to get back to Gods word and what he tells us is right or wrong. even without Gods word anyone with any sense knows sex with children is WRONG !!!

  2. Attempting to blame a non-existent person for sexual crimes against her children. She’s disgusting. I hope no one believes her. I suppose the next thing will be to try to get her off claiming mental illness, etc. She needs to be locked up. I wonder too why there are no child pornography charges. I wonder too why she is not facing federal possession and distribution charges? What a monster!

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