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Bentley heeds male victims — Faced with grassroots opposition and a potential political battle, Ontario Attorney General Chris Bentley has decided to delay a controversial plan for helping male survivors of abuse. “I want to get it right,” Bentley told The Free Press Monday. “We are doing something we’ve never done before.” The decision pleased London advocate and survivor John Swales, who spoke privately with Bentley last week. “It is not often you hear of a government taking heed of what people are saying. But they listened.”

Boys in sex-abuse cases face lasting trauma, experts say — Susan Brock, now facing 15 counts stemming from an alleged affair with a teenager, is accused of crimes that society often shrugs off because the victim is a male, sexual-abuse experts said Monday. “Men and women go through the same offense cycle,” said Lorena Hirsch, co-director of Family Transitions of Phoenix, which helps treat young sex-abuse victims and their families. “One of the huge differences is the way society treats them.”

Brighton holds ‘manliest month ever’ — Men and women with stick-on moustaches will gather in the city on Monday to start the campaign. Glen Poole, chairman of The Men’s Network, said it was a chance to have fun and highlight important issues. He said the city would mark International Men’s Day on 19 November for the first time. The “Tash Mob” on Monday coincides with the start of Movember – a campaign in which men around the world grow moustaches during November to raise awareness of men’s health. The hairy event has been organised by The Men’s Network, a charity that was set up in Brighton in March this year.

Coalition works to raise awareness of male sexual abuse — A group of local service providers is raising awareness about a serious crime that is often not reported and has lifelong ramifications—male sexual abuse. The ‘1 in 6’ Coalition will hold a public screening of a film called Men and Boys Healing from Childhood Sexual Abuse. The documentary is about the impact the sexual abuse of boys has on both the individual and society, and the importance of healing and speaking out for male survivors in order to end the devastating effects.

Eddie Long Files Response to Abuse Lawsuits — Bishop Eddie Long admitted in court documents that he took the four young men accusing him of sexual abuse on trips. But he denied allegations that he seduced them. The New Birth Missionary Baptist Church pastor filed responses to each of the four lawsuits in Dekalb County State Court on Monday. Prior to that, he refused to address the specific complaints outside of court. There was never any sexual contact between Long and the men, the filings state, according to FOX 5 News.

Father accused of holding son prisoner speaks out — Thomas Boone and his wife are both accused of holding a 10-year-old boy prisoner inside a dark, filthy room where he was surrounded by his own waste and had little to eat or drink. Monday, he spoke out about those allegations. That 10 year-old boy was held prisoner in a dark room and forced to live in his own feces and urine, according to officials with the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office. On Monday, for the first time, Boone talked about the heinous allegations against him.

Former Baltimore police officer sentenced to five years in prison for custodial violence — A former police officer of Baltimore, Maryland, has been sentenced by a federal judge to five years in prison for physically abusing a juvenile in his custody and trying to cover up his crime. According to the Department of Justice, in April 2004 Gregory Mussmacher had used his police-issued baton to strike a handcuffed and shackled juvenile in the head and face. Mussmacher was subsequently tried for assault and convicted by a state court. However, that conviction was later reversed, prompting the federal authorities to investigate the case.

Former Churchie teacher jailed for sexual abuse — The former deputy headmaster of an elite Brisbane boys’ school has been jailed for sexually abusing a student 25 years ago. Christopher Michael Klemm, 52, will spend the next 15 months behind bars for sexual dealings with a boy he was “infatuated with” in the 1980s. Klemm, 52, had been a teacher of East Brisbane’s Anglican Church “Churchie” Grammar Preparatory School since 1983, becoming a deputy headmaster in 1986. The boy, who cannot be identified, was a boarder at the school and was aged between 12 and 15 when the abuse occurred.

“I molested 10 boys” — An award-winning former Press photographer has confessed to sexual crimes involving at least 10 boys aged between nine and 14 at an unlicensed children’s home here following an investigation by The Malay Mail. At least three of the boys told city police sexual investigation division officers yesterday they were sexually exploited by the 53-year-old man. The man, an ex-employee of a newspaper, has maintained he did not sodomise any of his victims.

Swiss stage world’s first antifeminism event — Somewhere in Switzerland on Saturday around 150 men’s rights activists will be gathering at a secret location for the “first international antifeminism meeting”. Amid plans by feminist activists to hold protests, the venue was changed and the new location kept under wraps until the last minute. Only those who filled out an application form and paid the SFr55 ($55) registration fee will find out. And around 30 journalists who expressed an interest in attending.

Timeline: Vanessa George abuse — A serious case review into the child abuse at Little Ted’s nursery by Vanessa George, which led to her conviction, and those of four other people, has been published.

Wilken honoured for helping male sexual abuse victims — When Tom Wilken began writing a book detailing the painful experiences of eight Chatham-Kent survivors of male sexual abuse, he was just hoping it would be printed. Since the first edition of “Rebuilding Your House of Self Respect: Men recovering from childhood sexual abuse” was printed in 2003 it has become the “bible” for thousands of survivors. Wilken said the book was written with victim/survivors in mind, “but what I’m finding now is more professionals are using it as a working guide.” The book provides education about the issue of male sexual abuse, but people wanted to know what type of programs to run and how to start support groups, so Wilken wrote a workbook to complement it.

Woman suspected of kidnapping, shooting man denied lower bond — Lindsey Kleber, accused of kidnapping her ex-husband from the Baptist Bible College campus and later shooting him, was denied a motion to lower her bond on Monday. Kleber will have another court hearing next week. Kleber, 24, allegedly told authorities she just wanted to talk to Steven Kleber the night she allegedly shot him because she was angry about child abuse charges against him. Steven Kleber was charged with child abuse in August after he allegedly shook their 7-week-old daughter while Lindsey Kleber was out of town.

1 thought on “Bulletin Board v100

  1. What is very sad is if you follow the links above (one is about the award-winning press photographer who molested 10 boys) then several of the commentors at that site criticize the journalist who wrote the story, FRanke D’Cruz for writing the story and thereby snitching on and exposing a colleague and breaking some sort of ethical code among journalists. They should be congratuling him for making what must have been a very difficult decision. Aren’t there enough people who do not do the right thing and instead don’t cooperate with investigators rather than, like in this case, speak up for victims of this type of abuse.

    Someone called Sadiqu wrote the following response:

    “you have betrayed the journalistic code of ethics. you needn’t have run the story rather as an old friend would do take him to a shrink. now his old life is destroyed because you wanted just a story.”

    I get disgusted at people who know something is wrong, but stick their heads in the sand and make excuses. While it may be true that they lack courage to speak up I often feel that people who remain quiet about such issues are similar to an accomplice and maybe we ought to bring them to trial as well. They need to face some kind of punishment for conveniently looking the other way and that goes for family members as well too.

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