Bulletin Board v104

3 get decades in prison for torturing teen — Three people convicted of beating, torturing and keeping a 16-year-old boy captive in a Tracy home were each sentenced Monday to at least 30 years in state prison after the teenager’s aunt blasted them as “sadistic, demented monsters.” Michael Schumacher, 36, his wife, Kelly Lau, 32, and Caren Ramirez, 45, the boy’s former guardian who was staying in the couple’s home, pleaded guilty in October to the systematic abuse of Kyle Ramirez.

10 years for Plymouth babysitter who raped young boy twice — A MAN who twice raped a young boy he was babysitting has been jailed. Judge Paul Darlow told Mark Symons that his offences were so grave that he would have been given a 15-year prison sentence, but for his early guilty pleas. Prosecutor Mary McCarthy told Plymouth Crown Court that the boy had misbehaved and been left at home as part of a punishment, with Symons looking after him. During the afternoon, a woman arrived and said the boy had been punished enough. She left at 3.45pm, but Symons then twice raped the boy before his family returned at 7pm.

Clarksville woman charged with statutory rape — A Clarksville woman was charged with the statutory rape of two teenage boys, whom she allegedly gave cigarettes and alcohol. On Oct. 29, Desiree Roth Moore, allegedly had two boys, ages 14 and 17, at her home on Power Street. Moore allegedly went to the store with the 17-year-old to buy beer. Both juveniles said Moore allowed them to smoke cigarettes and drink beer at the home, according to a warrant.

Father jailed for sexually assaulting sons — A strict Christian from southern Tasmania has been sentenced to two years jail for sexually assaulting his step and biological sons, who were as young as six months old. The man pleaded guilty to maintaining a sexual relationship with a young person, and indecent sexual assault. The Supreme Court in Hobart heard the 37-year-old started abusing his seven-year-old step-son in 2006, and later his own baby boy in 2008, who was aged just 6 months.

Feminists Recruiting Veteran Suicide for Their Issue Stable — Feminists must have every issue as their own. Domestic abuse, health, education, STDs, sex, beauty standards, workplace treatment, pay, and even sleep have all been claimed by feminists. Even non-issues majestically transform into feminist issues. But that’s what happens when an industry like feminism feeds on trumped up charges of misery and inequality. Feminists are paid to find these things, and they’ll root them out like truffle-sniffing piglets. For men to challenge that we suffer in any of these categories leads to crybaby taunts and penis-size speculations.

Funding fears threaten future of male abuse service — MALE victims of rape and sexual abuse face losing a “lifeline” service due to funding fears. Forty-eight males have received support from the South West Rape Crisis and Sexual Abuse Centre in Dumfries. But the 18-month old service may be forced to close. Director Iraina McGroatry told the Standard: “Men rely on our service but we are quickly running out of funding. “I don’t know if we will be able to offer the same level of support next year as we do now. If that is the case, then it would be a travesty.”

Girlfriend Faces Upgraded Charges in Case of Tortured Alabama Kids — The girlfriend of John DeBlase, the Alabama man accused of murdering and discarding of the bodies of his two young children, is on her way back to Alabama where she will face upgraded charges, court officials told ABC News. One attorney involved in the case said he expects the woman to be charged with murder.

Jokes That Aren’t Funny: Prisoner Rape — Before Thanksgiving, I joked that many men would not object to the TSA pat-down procedure if it were administered by Victoria’s Secret supermodels. It is obviously true, and I meant it not to objectify women but to mock men. Still, a faithful reader objected that I was making light of something serious, and that our standards of holiness had declined. Perhaps he’s right – but that’s not the point. It got me thinking. About the right and wrong uses of humor. The value of humor in bringing light into dark situations. And yet the danger of using humor in a way that degrades what is truly sacred and valuable.

Juvenile Hall counselor faces 46 molestation counts on top of child porn charges — A Juvenile Hall counselor facing charges of possessing what authorities described as a vast amount of child pornography — so much that the FBI is helping to examine it — is now accused of victimizing a young boy depicted in some of the images. “We believe there are and will be additional victims,” said deputy district attorney Dana Filkowski. Thomas Perez Jewell, 53, has been in custody since Nov. 18, after police served a search warrant at his Pleasant Hill home and seized several digital storage devices they said contained the illicit material.

Man accused of killing 2 kids to plead not guilty — An Alabama man charged in the slayings of his two young children who police say were dumped in the woods will plead not guilty, an attorney said Friday, citing “mental disease or defect.” John DeBlase, 27, is charged with two counts of felony murder and two counts of corpse abuse in the children’s deaths. Skeletal remains found Wednesday in the woods of rural Mississippi are believed to belong to his 3-year-old son Chase. Authorities have not found the remains of his daughter, Natalie DeBlase, who would have turned 5 in late November.

Two More Suits Alleging Reardon Sex Assaults Filed — Two more lawsuits filed Friday in Superior Court accuse St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center of allowing the late Dr. George Reardon to sexually assault children under the guise of doing a growth study. One of the lawsuits alleges that the abuse to the plaintiff, who was a boy at the time of the alleged assault, was a factor in her subsequent sex change.

Wife in Myrtle Beach area shoestring slaying gets 30 years in jail — A woman pleaded guilty to being an accessory with her former lover in the 2008 strangling of her husband and was sentenced in Horry County Court to 30 years in prison on Wednesday, despite an attempt to show her as an abuse victim to seek a lighter sentence. Sherry Engel, 54, pleaded guilty to accessory before the fact to voluntary manslaughter in a deal with the Horry County solicitor’s office to reduce her sentence. Engel was originally charged with murder and accessory to murder before and after the fact in her husband’s death.

Woman’s school-run sex with 14-year-old boy — A YOUNG woman told a 14-year-old boy’s mother she was driving him to school before taking him to her home and having sex with him, a court heard. Kimberley Annette Gale, 24, of Hillside, pleaded guilty in the County Court to two counts of sexual penetration of a child under 16. Her lawyer, Amy Wood, told Judge Sue Pullen her client had had a difficult childhood and the attention of the boy, plus moving back home to live with her mother and stepfather, had made her feel “like she was 16 again”. The court heard Ms Gale met the boy and his mother through their involvement in a suburban football club.

Young prisoners used as sex slaves in the central jail — Prison ought to be a correctional facility or a place to reform law-breakers. However, to the contrary, prisons in the city are certain to make hardened criminals and serial offenders out of first-time law breakers and those jailed for petty crime. Startling details emerging from the Parappana Agrahara Central Prison, located on the outskirts of the city, confirms this view. More than 25 per cent of inmates in the 18-21 years age group have rectal damage due to sexual abuse. These youngsters are constantly sodomised by hardened criminals, with whom they are forced to share space in the overcrowded prison.

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    I’m also going to thank those moderators.

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