A Dose of Stupid v41

It happens every day. In fact, it is pretty hard to avoid it. There are some things that can only be understood with a slap on the forehead. Things so mind-boggling that one wonders how humans managed to evolve thumbs while being this mentally inept. Case in point:

There is a new South African advertisement created by Brandhouse Beverages, and endorsed by the Road Traffic Management Organisation and the National Transport Department, as part of the company’s Drive Dry campaign.

Watch the ad:

If that was not bad enough, here is the defense for the ad:

But Brandhouse’s corporate relations director, Norman Reyneker, has stuck to his guns.

He said their research had shown that 88 percent of South Africans would be deterred from drunk-driving by the prospect of arrest and incarceration.

“We wanted to create a campaign which didn’t simply create awareness but changed consumer behaviour so that they never drink and drive again,” said Reyneker.

“This is the reason we chose the angle of the campaign: to highlight a possible consequence of drunk- driving, which is that you might end up in jail.

“The campaign is not about prison life. It is about the consequences of drunk-driving.”

First of all, rape is a consequence of drunk driving? When did that happen? What person was charged and convicted of driving while intoxicated and was specifically sentenced to rape?

Secondly, if were about the consequences of drunk driving it would not have been about men getting raped in prison. It would have shown the things that actually result from driving while drunk — the accidents, the deaths, the injuries, the being arrested or convicted. Prison rape is a symptom of a society’s indifference towards inmates. That violence happens because prison officials allow it to happen, and prison officials allow it to happen because nobody cares what happens in prison. However, prison rape is not a consequence of committing a crime.

Thirdly, if the research shows that most South Africans would be deterred from driving while drunk by the prospect of arrest and incarceration, why is the ad campaign not about that? In Illinois there are several drunk driving ads featuring drivers (all men, because apparently women never drink and drive) with their cars filled with alcohol. The ads end with the drivers getting pulled over and arrested, with the disclaimer that if you drink and drive you will go to jail. That has the effect that Reyneker claims he is looking for, and it does so without mocking prison rape.

It is difficult to tell if this is an act of pure stupidity or a lack of creativity, as if the only terrible thing anybody from Brandhouse Beverages could think about prison life is being raped. There is nothing else remotely bad about prison.

1 thought on “A Dose of Stupid v41

  1. I have a serious question, and I don’t see an open thread in which to put it, but here goes:

    The case of Julian Assange has thrown some light on how ridiculous it can be to stretch the definition of “rape” to the point that it covers basically any kind of uncomfortable sex. Or, at least, uncomfortable as far as the woman is concerned.

    So here’s what I’m wondering: if a woman consents to a sex act imagining it to be a particular kind of sex act, and then the man does something other than the sex act she thought she was consenting to, is that a RAPE?

    So, let’s say that the woman thinks she’s consenting to a missionary position, but I put her in reverse-cowgirl instead.

    Am I a rapist now?

    Or, let’s say that I lick her right nipple instead of her preferred left nipple. Am I guilty of molestation? After all, she THOUGHT she was consenting to the right nipple getting licked, and I licked the other one.

    So am I to be thrown in jail?

    Really, I’m quite curious about this. It seems that, in the feminist realm, ANY sexual mis-step by the male is pretty much actionable. But not if the woman were to, say, jam a thumb up my butt without my consent…?

    For the life of me, I haven’t seen this question raised before and I’d appreciate a few answers.

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