Music That Inspires v.16

I knew when I got my youngest cousin his Christmas gift I would regret it. And I do. For the last four weeks I have heard nothing but Jay-Z songs. The same set of songs over and over and over and over. I now have them stuck in my head to the point that I randomly hum them.

It is not that I dislike Jay-Z or his music. I simply like my cousin to enjoy different songs, at for the next week. After all, I did get him all eleven of Jay-Z’s studio albums and Collision Course, the mash-up Jay-Z did with Linkin Park. That is at least one hundred and fifty songs. So my cousin really could like more than the seven he has played non-stop for a month (with a little of Eminem’s Recovery scattered throughout). But since he does not, I now have these songs stuck in my head:

Luckily, my copy of Jamiroquai’s new album Rock Dust Light Star arrived last week, so I have been slowly purging the above songs, which I ironically like, from my head. I have made a mental note not to buy my cousin anyone’s entire album collection at one time again. But since I would do anything to make him happy, if he really wanted the albums I would get them for him. Thank God he has good taste in music.

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