Bulletin Board v110

Are men victims of obnoxious feminism? — Discriminated against, underpaid and worked to the bone. That’s the lot of the modern man, an MP claimed yesterday. So is time for men to burn their briefs? Here, he defends himself, while a feminist reveals a surprising view.

Boy’s sex claims ‘lies’ says woman — A PRIMARY school worker accused of grooming a 12-year-old boy for sex has told jurors his claims are a lie. Diane Pullar denied in court she had sex with the youngster and had sent him text messages to arrange meetings. However prosecutor Claire Matthews told the Chatteris mum-of-two: “The reason he has come to court and told this jury what happened between you is not because it is some sort of fantasy. It is the truth.” She went on to say the pair had a “very grown up, sexual relationship”.

‘Dr. Phil’ appearance nets abuse charges — Child abuse charges filed against the wife of an Anchorage police officer arose from the woman’s appearance on the “Dr. Phil” show, during which the audience saw a video of her disciplining her child with hot sauce and a cold shower, according to court documents filed this month. The city’s allegation against Jessica Beagley, 36, soon grabbed the attention of Russian news outlets.

Ex-Chicago cop gets jail for lying about torture — A former senior Chicago police commander has been sentenced to 4.5 years prison for lying about police torture and abuse, the US Justice Department said. Former Chicago Police Department Commander Jon Burge, 63, had long been accused of torturing murder suspects — virtually all African-Americans — to obtain confessions during his long career that ended in 1993. He is being sent to prison “for lying in a deposition in a civil case about torture and abuse of suspects by Chicago Police Department officers,” the Department of Justice said.

Former Boy Scout Leader to be Sentenced on Sex Abuse Charges — A former Plymouth Boy Scout leader will be sentenced Thursday at the Wayne County Circuit Court in Detroit. William Hoefling, a Canton resident, was arraigned in December on 10 charges of sexual abuse for his conduct with two 16-year-old boys in his scout troop, according to Maria Miller, spokewoman for the Wayne County Prosecutor’s office. The charges include two counts of second-degree criminal sexual conduct, which Michigan law defines as a sexual act with a minor when the adult is in a “position of authority over the victim and the actor used this authority to coerce the victim to submit.”

“It is awful” to prosecute a 15-year-old girl who told a rape lie that got a boy arrested, says women’s rights advocate — In the news story posted below, at the end of this post, a 15-year-old girl was convicted of attempting to pervert the course of justice for telling a rape lie that caused the boy she accused, who was just 14, to be arrested. She claimed she was raped, but the court rejected her defense, and she was convicted. Yet, according to the news story: “The decision to prosecute the girl, now 16, was criticised by anti-rape campaigners. Lisa Longstaff, of the campaign group Women Against Rape, said: ‘It is awful that a girl so young has been prosecuted in this way.'”

Kona teacher suspended after being charged with child abuse — A 32-year-old Kona intermediate school teacher was suspended Tuesday in the wake of formal charges that he abused and tied his girlfriend’s 11-year-old son to a toilet. Clifford Wade Fabacher was arrested Jan. 6 at Kealakehe Intermediate School where he taught physical education, and was charged later that day with unlawful imprisonment and misdemeanor abuse. he Department of Education suspended him from his teaching position on Tuesday.

2 thoughts on “Bulletin Board v110

  1. I will never understand some people.

    Why is it whenever there is news of a child being subjected to abuse due to “Behavioural Problems” we get those old-fashioned traditionalists crawling out of the woodwork declaring it “Not a problem” and they had been spanked and disciplined with similiar methods, turning out all right? Some outright proclaiming “Kids these days. No wonder crime is rampant, blah blah blah!”

    It’s like they equate Tabasco sauce in the mouth and cold showers with a good “Swap” to put the kid in line.

    Seriously, how can they justify it this way?

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