Bulletin Board v113

’02 report says Ricky tied up, had rope burn — A state child abuse investigator determined in February 2002 that former foster child Ricky Holland suffered a rope burn after being tied up by one of his parents. But the statements from Ricky, whose disappearance and death last year led to murder charges against his adoptive parents, about why he was restrained were inconsistent. Child Protective Services in Jackson County took no further action because there was no serious injury and no clear statement of abuse from Ricky, according to information released by the state Department of Human Services in a petition filed in Ingham County Family Court.

Among Egypt’s Missing, Tales of Torture and Prison — Ramadan Aboul Hassan left his house one night about three weeks ago to join a neighborhood watch group with two friends and did not return. The next time their relatives saw the three men they were emerging Wednesday night from a maximum security prison, 400 miles from home, run by Egypt’s military. Some family members said they bore signs of torture, though others denied it.

B.C. man tells trial he saw teacher in bed with 12-year-old — A British Columbia man told a courtroom Thursday that he remembered seeing his 12-year-old friend in bed with their teacher. The man was testifying in the trial of Deborah Louise Ashton, 45, who is charged with having numerous sexual encounters with the boy over a two-year period beginning in 2002. The friend told the B.C. Supreme Court jury that he was on a school trip, staying in cabins outside of Vernon, when he saw Ashton in bed under the covers with the boy.

Child abuse figures ‘may only be tip of the iceberg’ — Paedophiles and abusers are being reported preying on children in Cambridge five times a week, shock figures reveal. But campaigners against cruelty to children fear the figures obtained by the News only reveal the tip of the iceberg. Around 22 child abuse reports are dealt with by Cambridgeshire police in the city every month. That amounts to 483 reports in 22 months from February 2009 to November last year, documents released to the News under the Freedom of Information Act show.

Defense witness: Inmates talked about false claims — A former corrections officer at a juvenile prison in Texas testified Wednesday that she heard two inmates talking about fabricating allegations of sexual abuse so they could go home. Maria Gray testified for the defense in the trial of John Paul Hernandez, a former principal at a Texas juvenile prison accused of sexually abusing inmates in 2004 and 2005. She told jurors she overheard two inmates discussing making up allegations shortly after they had learned that another administrator at the West Texas State School had been removed from the campus and was being investigated for alleged sexual abuse.

Ex-principal testifies ex-inmates lied about abuse — The former principal of a West Texas juvenile prison school told a jury Friday that five former inmates made up allegations of sexual abuse and they may have conspired on a plan to accuse him. John Paul Hernandez, 45, has been charged in 11 indictments with crimes including a sexual assault charge. Prosecutors say Hernandez and Ray Brookins, the former assistant at the West Texas State School in Pyote, gave inmates special treatment, candy and promises of financial aid before sexually abusing them in 2004 and 2005. Brookins was sentenced in April to 10 years in prison.

Former teacher pleads guilty to sex abuse — A former Bountiful Junior High teacher went from the possibility of spending the rest of her life in prison to now facing up to 30 years. Valynne Asay Bowers, 41, agreed to a plea deal Monday and pleaded guilty to two counts of forcible sexual abuse, a second-degree felony. Bowers admitted to having a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old boy who was once her student. Bowers faces up to 30 years in prison and will be sentenced April 4.

In teacher-student sex case, a double standard — Underscoring the public conversation about the arrest of a female Plainfield North High School physical education teacher seems to be the double standard virtually unavoidable in sexual crimes. Reaction might have been different, perhaps more one of outrage, some say, had the teacher been a man and the teen a girl. The teacher involved in this case, Ashley Blumenshine, 27, who had coached gymnastics in addition to her teaching duties at the school since 2006, has pleaded not guilty to aggravated sexual assault.

Macomb tackles its child abuse ‘epidemic’ — Two 4-year-olds killed by their grandmothers — one drowned in a bathtub, another strangled. A 3-year-old boy stabbed to death in a brutal attack by his mother’s fiance. A 2-year-old girl sexually assaulted and murdered by her stepmother. Authorities allege the disturbing scenarios are reality in Macomb County and among at least 10 abusive crimes involving children ages 6 and younger in less than two years.

On Treating Male Survivors Like Actual Human Beings — RCASA blogging on “Male victims of sexual assault and how it can vary from the victimization of females”: Most statistical analyses hypothesize that somewhere between 20 and 30% of American females will be victimized by sexual assault at some point in their lives; similar studies states that around 10% of males will be victims of sexual violence. There is some argument as to whether or not these numbers are skewed due to the decreased likelihood that male victims will come forward following an assault, but for arguments sake let’s say that these percentages are close to accurate.

Three Catholic Priests, Teacher Charged In Sexual Abuse Of Minor — For the last several years, Pope Benedict has done his best to assure the world that the priest child abuse scandal was a thing of the past and that the cases that are coming forward are not a reflection of the Church today. Unfortunately for him, that may no longer be quite so believable. The current indictments against Church officials, priests and teachers all within the statute of limitations for these crimes, so there has been a grand jury investigation and charges have been brought.

Victim of abuse now helping others through Childhelp — Jim Pierce, a child of alcoholics, suffered a chaotic childhood. Shuttled among 15 homes, he averaged a new school every year and at times ran away, sleeping under bridges to escape the snow or searching out unlocked cars for protection at night. When he was in first grade, he transgressed – he doesn’t remember what he did – and the adult in the house stood up and pulled off his belt. “I knew I was going to get beaten,” Pierce recalls.

3 thoughts on “Bulletin Board v113

  1. Re: In teacher-student sex case, a double-standard

    Normally, I believe in the good of man.

    But the commentary section in there has destroyed it for but a brief moment. And now I want the human race to burn in hell, death by nuclear annihlation.

    Even teenage boys are disposable lumps of meat to these “people”.

  2. What churns the bile already at half-mast in my stomach, Sonja, is that the more they continue to blithly label these female predators as the ultimate dream for every teenage boy on this planet, the more they excuse them, the more they also marginalize little boys who have been abused by female predators as well. So in effect, the ignorance soon trickles down to child abuse not taken seriously if a woman did it. Hey, they’re the “Ultimate dream” for every boy, aren’t they? Cuts across all ages doesn’t it?

    In the words of Eileen Ripley from Aliens:

    “I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.”

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