Music That Inspires v.17

Over the last month I have listened to Jamiroquai’s new album Rock Dust Light Star. It took five years for the band to release a new album, so I was quite happy to have it. I was, however, a little upset that the album was released last year everywhere but in the United States. I had to order it, and even that turned into a chore because of the poor state of the US dollar. It took a few days to find a site selling the album for a reasonable US price. As much as I wanted it, I have never and will never pay more than $15 for a cd.

The album on a whole is solid. It is one of those albums where you can just let it play without skipping any tracks. It is also one of those albums where the track line-up is so well chosen that shuffling the songs ruins the appeal of the album. Now that I have had some time to listen to it, I have a few favorite songs. In order of the most favorite:

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