Music That Inspires v.18

One of my more odd habits is listening to anime theme songs. I think this is because I grew up loving the theme songs to 80s and 90s TV shows. Many were very catchy and probably would have sounded great as full songs. The same goes for quite a few anime theme songs. The awesome part is that most of the songs are made into full tracks.

Most of the songs used for anime theme songs are actual songs. Some are written specifically for the shows, but most are just songs off an artist’s album. That is an awesome way to sell records, and it is kind of surprising that has not caught on here in the States. Below are some of my favorite anime songs. These are literally all the songs I could recall off the top of my head. I got caught up listening to and singing the songs as I made this list, so I probably missed a few I really like.

3 thoughts on “Music That Inspires v.18

  1. Tank! Is one of my favourites. The Seat Belts are a great band with lots of awesome songs 🙂

  2. I wonder what it says about me that I recognize all but one of those songs (I’ve never watched Lost Universe). I’m actually surprised that you don’t have any Kanno Yokko in this.

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