Thirty days for child rape

You have to love plea deals. They allow the state to avoid spending money on trials, and they also allow the state to maintain its status quo when it comes to sentencing. For instance, when Julie Diane Green threw a party last August for her children, she allowed some of the children invited to the party to drink alcohol. She then proceeded to rape one of the 14-year-old boys at the party.

Somehow the police became aware of the crime, arrested Green and charged her with rape and endangering the welfare of a minor. While the latter is not a serious charge, the former definitely is. It is a felony that usually carries a 5 to 15-year sentence. Of course, Green did not get that. Instead:

An Astoria woman has been sentenced to 30 days in jail for raping a 14-year-old boy at a party.

The Daily Astorian reports that 35-year-old Julie Diane Green pleaded no contest last Friday to rape and endangering the welfare of a minor. […] Green also must serve 36 months on probation for the rape conviction and another 36 months for the second conviction. She also must register as a sex offender.

Thirty days in jail for raping a boy. She will serve more time on probation than in jail despite being convicted of a felony. It is one hell of a slap on the wrist, and another example of how female sex offenders get a pass. The victim did not even want to come to the sentencing, which may suggest that he was disgusted by the sentence as well.

Would a man have received the same sentence? Probably not. If he had, one could be sure that it would prompt a host of outrage and the sentence might get tossed out in favor of actual prison time.

It is an embarrassment to say the least. The worst punishment Green will receive is being placed on the sex offender registry. However, given her gender that is not likely to pose any real problems for her, so she has essentially gotten away with drugging a child and raping him.

Nicely done, Oregon.


9 thoughts on “Thirty days for child rape

  1. How are female registered sex offenders treated any differently than male registered sex offenders?

  2. Female sex offenders in general are treated less harshly than male sex offenders. The purpose of the registry is to inform the public of threats. However, since the public does not consider female sex offenders a threat, a woman placed on the list has very little to worry about unless she seeks a job working with children.

  3. Is there any website or literature you can point me to or something like that? Common sense leads me to believe you, though.

  4. @PM…

    This web site would be a good start.

    Is there a reason why somebody like Toysoldier shouldn’t be viewed as an expert? Just whose word will you accept?

  5. Is there any website or literature you can point me to or something like that? Common sense leads me to believe you, though.

    Rhiannon has good information about the different treatment of female sex offenders on two different blogs. I have also covered this issue several times in regards to the disbelief people have that women can and do complete sexual violence. I am no expert when it comes to this matter, however, those attitudes, along with judicial policy of giving female offenders lesser sentences, creates a situation in which female offenders get treated less harshly than male offenders.

  6. I just had a pretty enlightening conversation a while ago. Someone was talking about that story that’s out now about that 92 year old woman that tried to kiss a guy but pulled a gun and shot at him when he refused (I think it happened in Florida). Thing is people were talking about it an a laughing manner. I made a comment about how she probably won’t get as much punish as a 92 year old man doing the same to a woman that refused him (and I dare you to say that “male entitlement” would not come up). Then I mentioned this very story here. One of the women I was talking too pulled in close and told me about a local story in which a boy who was 15 had sex with a 28 year old woman which resulted in a child. Apparently social services were called but guess what? Nothing happened.

    Simply put people don’t want to fess up to the fact that there are women who do these things.

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