Music that Inspires v.19

Lately I have been listening to Asian Kung Fu Generation’s albums. Some may recognize the name. Their song Rewrite was used as an opening for the first FullMetal Alchemist anime series. Unlike that song, most of their music is Indie Rock. That is not my usual choice in music, but I really enjoy AFFG’s work. I only own a few of their albums, so the below selection is just from the music I have heard. These are my favorites (sans Rewrite) in descending order:

This is definitely my kind of song. However, Masafumi Gotō’s accent throws me off on this song. It is his ‘ku’s that do it. It sounds more like ‘ch’ in Bach than a hard ‘k’.  I actually had to look at the lyrics to learn the words. How ironic that despite not speaking a lick of Japanese, I developed a good enough ear for it that I can catch accents. And for some reason this song always makes me think of Gold by Spandau Ballet.


Butterfly comes out of left field. It has that cool feel Rewrite does, and it is kind of surprising that no one snatched it up as an opening for an anime.


This is my godson’s favorite song. It is funny listening to him sing the song because his voice breaks on all the high notes.


For some reason this song reminds me of spring. I think I am just tired of cold weather. Coincidentally, that kind of fits the lyrics of the song.


I like the shift in the tempo in the song. It starts off one way, and then picks up.


A really solid song.


I enjoy the drums on this song.

– Aozora to Kuroi Neko

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