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Adoptive parents arrested in child abuse case say child ‘can’t feel pain’ — Maricopa Sheriff’s deputies arrested a 3-year-old boy’s adoptive parents Friday in Scottsdale after finding the boy unconscious in a bathroom and documenting multiple other instances of possible abuse, officials said. Roman Bravo’s adoptive parents, Angel and Osanna Bravo, were taken into custody after an investigation revealed multiple incidents of potential abuse to their three-year-old son, officials said. Around 10:30 p.m. Tuesday, while Roman was under the care of Osanna, he allegedly fell off a toilet and hit his head, causing serious injury.

Catholic priest from Ontario pleads guilty to child sex abuse charges — A Roman Catholic priest from Ontario has pleaded guilty to molesting a 12-year old boy. The plea deal means the priest will avoid trial, but he’ll spend up to a year in jail. Alex Castillo must also register as a sex offender. He’s out on bail right now. He’ll be sentenced in June. He’ll wear an electronic monitoring device until then. Castillo faced multiple counts of lewd acts with children under the age 14. At first, he pleaded not guilty. But the 58-year-old Castillo now says he repeatedly molested a 12-year-old boy who attended Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in Ontario – where Castillo began serving in 2003.

Child abuse issue becoming serious social problem in Pakistan — Living behind the bars for last 15 years, Tanveer Abbas (alias), 30, has been spending every painful day with a question nagging in his mind, “What is his fault that makes him to face life imprisonment?” Sitting at the floor of a prisoners’ cell in the central jail in Pakistan’s historical city of Multan, Abbas narrated how he was abducted and raped by five notorious men turn-by-turn for more than a week before throwing him comatose in the outskirts of the city. He was 9th class student in a secondary school in Vehari district in southern part of the Punjab province when he faced that unforgettable tragedy which spoiled his whole life.

Fleury steamed over funding loss for men’s agency — Losing $200,000 in provincial funding is a crippling body check for an agency aiding male survivors of sexual abuse, says former NHLer Theo Fleury. Currently assisting about 100 survivors, The Men’s Project has been funded by the Ontario government for the past 11 years and Fleury said losing that money could force them to close the doors, leaving many with no place to turn. “They’ve done a lot of amazing work and put a lot of great things in place,” said Fleury, who has been a vocal advocate for the agency since going public with his own experience of sexual abuse as a teen.

ICC Urged To Reconsider Decision Not To Recognize Forced Male Circumcision As Sexual Violence — A global advocacy group for gender-based violence survivors has called on the International Criminal Court (ICC) to reconsider its refusal to recognize forced male circumcision as a form of sexual violence in a case against alleged organizers of Kenya’s 2007-2008 post-election crisis. Brigid Inder, executive director of the Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice based in The hague, said the judges’ decision to classify forced male circumcision under “other inhumane acts” was a misstep which failed to take into account the element of force and purpose of the crime.

Ind. teen April Kuchta charged as adult in sex attack on disabled boy —  April Kuchta, the older of two girls who allegedly held an Indiana boy against his will and sexually assaulted him, will be tried as an adult. The prosecutor’s office filed four felony charges and one misdemeanor Monday against the 16-year-old, reports CBS station WBBM. The highest level felony Kuchta was charged with – Class A criminal deviate conduct – carries a sentence of between 20 and 50 years, reports the station. The other felony charges against Kuchta include criminal confinement, sexual battery and intimidation, and misdemeanor battery, the station reports.

Just ‘a Game’: Outrage as Shamed Belgian Priest Downplays Child Abuse — The Belgian Catholic Church must have felt it hit a nadir last year when it had to face harrowing revelations of rampant child sex abuse among its priesthood. However, the church’s reputation is now at a new low, thanks to the ill-judged comments of the disgraced former Bishop of Bruges, who in April 2010 admitted to abusing his nephew. Belgians have been left in open-mouthed disbelief after the airing of a TV interview with Roger Vangheluwe in which he glossed over his history of abusing children.

Oklahoma City police sergeant charged in sexual abuse case — The Oklahoma City police sergeant who was honored last year for selfless dedication to children sexually abused four teenage boys in his care, prosecutors alleged Friday in a 37-count criminal charge. Maurice A. Martinez, 44, also violently struck one of those boys in the head, prosecutors alleged in the charge. Police reported finding a video of that blow on the officer’s computer. The veteran patrol officer is being held without bail in the Oklahoma County jail. Martinez has been under investigation since January when one teenager — an adopted son — told elders at his church he had been molested.

Neighbors saw and heard, but tiny boy’s torment went on and on — They watched the frail child, wearing nothing but underwear in 30-degree weather, stand on the porch screaming and begging to be let back inside the mobile home. Over the course of several months, they saw bruises and black eyes. At least a half-dozen houses in the rural neighborhood sit within earshot of his house. But beyond a handful of anonymous calls to an abuse hotline giving scant details about a beaten boy, no one tried to help. Because, neighbors said, they feared retribution from the adults in the house. Because they couldn’t prove anything. Because surely, they thought, deputies would eventually take care of it.

Report: N.J. spent approximately $51.7 million on 317 child neglect and abuse lawsuits — The horrific discovery of little Faheem Williams’ mummified remains in the Newark basement of a relative’s home prompted a $1 Billion overhaul of New Jersey’s Department of Youth and Family Services in 2003, but eight years later, the state is paying for mistakes of its past. Susan K. Livio of the Statehouse Bureau reported that New Jersey spent approximately $51.7 million in 317 lawsuits brought on behalf of foster children who were abused while in state foster homes from as far back as 1996.

Scandal of child abuse in prep schools must be addressed, says author Simon Astaire — The scandal of child abuse in the Catholic Church has been exposed, but a similar story in our boarding schools remains untold, hidden behind the cloak of self-interest, denial and deception. I remember my first night at prep school. I lay face up on my coffinlike bed, staring at the grey ceiling, my teddy draped over my shoulder. The light went off in the dormitory. I turned over, tucked my head into my pillow and tightly closed my eyes. I took a deep gulp of air. Quite suddenly I started to cry, quietly, so the other boys could not hear. It still feels like it was yesterday.

WikiLeaks Guantanamo Files Reveal Faces, Lives of ‘Enemy Combatants’ — WikiLeaks’ latest release of more than 700 secret U.S. government documents unveils previously unknown details on the hundreds of detainees held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, since the Bush administration opened the military detention facility there nearly a decade ago. The so-called Detainee Assessment Briefs, written by the Department of Defense between 2002 and early 2009, were released to the New York Times, Washington Post, NPR and the Guardian and published late Sunday.

Zimbabwe: Net Closing in On Women Rapists – Police — THE net is closing in on a gang of women reportedly kidnapping men and forcing them to be intimate with them, police have said. This comes barely two days after another man reported that he was sexually assaulted at gunpoint. The latest victim, a 20-year-old man, was reportedly offe-red a lift from Harare to Mukumbura by two women in a black Mercedes Benz on Tuesday. He boarded the car, in which another woman and a man were sitting at the back, along Sam Nujoma Street, at around 7pm.