Bulletin Board v125

Barbara Kay: When women get angry, it’s not their fault — In the Letters section of the National Post Jonathan Bulman of Kitchener protests my assertion, in my column of June 1, “The Other Side of the Story on Domestic Abuse,” that men who are abusive to their intimate partners are mandated by courts to receive anger management training, but the reverse is not the case. Mr Bulman, a coordinator at an Ontario “psycho-educational training program,” claims to be in the business of delivering exactly the sort of service I say does not exist, since he works with both male and female perpetrators of intimate-partner violence.

‘I can still hear the kids’ screams’ — As a film examines the injustices of the child migration schemes, Susan Chenery talks to those left scarred by the shame of two countries. In the winter the children left blood on the frost. Their bare feet stumbled on rocks that peeled the skin, but they were so numb with cold that they barely felt the pain. They were children forced into hard labour; being punished for being born without hope. And punished again if they protested.

In Making Campuses Safe for Women, a Travesty of Justice for Men — American courts take exacting precautions to avoid convicting an innocent person of a crime. It was therefore startling to read the April 4, 2011, directive on sexual violence sent by the U.S. Department of Education’s assistant secretary for civil rights, Russlynn H. Ali, to college officials across the country. In an effort to make campuses safe and equitable for women, Ali, with the full support of her department, advocates procedures that are unjust to men.

The invisible domestic violence – against men — That women accounted for 7% of all convictions for domestic violence last year will come as a surprise to many. But what is not clear is whether the growing numbers of women convicted – a 150% increase in five years – represents a rise in actual cases of female-perpetrated domestic violence. Domestic violence has traditionally been understood as a crime perpetrated by domineering men against defenceless women. Research spanning over 40 years has, however, consistently found that men and women self-report perpetrating domestic violence at similar rates. Professor John Archer from the University of Central Lancashire has conducted a number of meta-analytic reviews of these studies and found that women are as likely to use domestic violence as men, but women are twice as likely as men to be injured or killed during a domestic assault.  

Marin mothers struggle against gender gap in schools — Tammy Mobley’s son and daughter both attend college. But while Mobley is equally proud of both children, the Ross resident acknowledges that getting into college was much more difficult for her son than for her daughter. That’s not because her son is any less intelligent or hard-working than her daughter, said Mobley, the co-chairwoman of the Marin Moms of Boys Initiative. She believes his difficulties arose because modern methods of education favor students who can sit still, stay on task and keep track of many assignments at the same time. In other words, she says, education favors girls.

More women convicted of battering men, as domestic violence soars in last five years — The number of women convicted of domestic violence in England and Wales has more than doubled in the last five years. Nearly 4,000 women were successfully prosecuted last year, compared with fewer than 1,500 in 2005, figures from the Crown Prosecution Service and men’s domestic abuse charity ManKind showed. And the data suggests that women are becoming more violent, as the number of females as a proportion of all men and women convicted rose from five per cent to seven per cent. ManKind chairman Mark Brooks said the increase in the number of women being convicted of domestic violence was due to a combination of three factors.

Paedophile bleats that he is not allowed an XBox 360 in his prison cell — A paedophile who used the internet to persuade a string of women to abuse children for his sexual pleasure has complained that he isn’t allowed an Xbox 360 games console in his jail cell. Colin Blanchard was jailed indefinitely earlier this year for running an online network of sick sex attackers including Plymouth nursery worker Vanessa George. But in a letter he has questioned prison rules which prevent him having access to the device. Ministry of Justice policy lets some prisoners have games machines in their cells, but not machines which can connect to the internet via a Wi-Fi, or wireless, network.

Police allege boy sexually abused, lived in squalor in Plymouth — As police tell the story, the boy who once lived in a large white home on Gould Street ate with his hands, never learned how to brush his teeth and didn’t attend school, forced to live a life of seclusion that hid a darker secret of sexual abuse at the hands of a couple who lived there. “It’s a terrible, terrible case. It’s heart-wrenching,” said Jackie Musto Carroll, Luzerne County’s district attorney. “There’s no other way to put it.” But family of 43-year-old Carol Ann Hann and 52-year-old Robert Caravella – who were arrested Friday afternoon and charged with rape of a child – said the couple never molested the boy and described the 13-year-old’s life as a happy one that included access to a computer, which he used to play games and take free online classes from Connections Academy, a cyber school.

Priest pleads guilty to abusing boys — A man who was molested by Rev. William Hodgson Marshall at a Catholic high school in Sudbury in 1969 had to be ushered from a Windsor courtroom Wednesday by police officers after trying to punch the aged priest. Ted Holland was in the midst of delivering his victim impact statement Wednesday afternoon when he got up out of the witness box and walked across the courtroom to where Marshall was sitting. “Take off your glasses,” Holland said, standing across the defence table from Marshall. “I want to hit you.”

Russia: Where keeping child porn is legal — Keen, bright-eyed and earnest, the little boy answers the Russian investigator’s questions enthusiastically, as if describing a cartoon, not sexual abuse. “He took off my underwear and photographed me,” says the victim, whom Russian authorities are not allowing to be identified. The boy goes on to describe sexual abuse at the hands of his own father. Without this testimony, child advocates say, it would be impossible to convict the man, whose trial begins later this year.

8 thoughts on “Bulletin Board v125

  1. There is some thing wrong with our laws when sex offenders are allowed to teach our children. There is something wrong when a school administrator who was convicted for throwing dog dirt at a child is allowed to be in charge of a school. Is it just me or has our society been turned up side down for the rights of criminals. Please keep this blog going. The regular media could not care less.

    Mark Baggio, Convicted Sex Offender is entitled to being a teache. Thank you College of Teachers.

    MacDonald: Why Ontario’s ombudsman needs to go to school

    40 years and school adminsitartor admist forcing sex on children, no accountability

    Busing, Student safety low priority

    Student sends written statment to teacher describing future suicide. Teacher does not intervene to safe the young man.

    Paul Fortin, OCT,
    Teacher allowed to re-enter teaching after ???????? with child

    Tracy Burns Strip Search

    Principal knows about questionable “sexual behaviour” of Teacher and does not Report Teacher to College

    Student Killed while school adminsitartion does nothing about violence.

    Let him out of jail to Teach.

    Female Sex Offender allowed to Teach.

    $880,000 Taken from School Board and no one notices.

    Catholic Repeat Sex Offender allowed to remain as a tecaher during years of Appeals

    Young girl begged for help.

    Sex offender found not guilty but destroyed victim

    Almost 400 hundred children Dead in Government Care

    Children Abused

    Children Abused

    Sex offenders not reported

    Beatings Reported

    One of the Kids who killed himself rather then Face Bullies….

    Secret Society Covering it Up

  2. “women are twice as likely as men to be injured or killed during a domestic assault.”

    An “alcohol-involved accident” includes accidents where the accident wasn’t the fault of the “drunk” driver. I wonder how many of those injuries are suffered during an assault committed by the woman. Women are not taught, like men are, not to hit people bigger than you.

  3. I miss the good old days when things were simple. Women stayed at home and were the pearls of society even if they werent let out a lot out of fear they world get corrupted. And men were men. We worked, we ate, we provided food for the wife and kids and the wife saved us to best peice of the chicken.
    While that may be backwards its also simple and I know for a fact deep in everyones primortial brains male and female, we wish life was like that now, because all this crud today is damn stressful.
    I doubt anyone will actually admit to that but oh well. Now women have equality they feel the need to use it excessively by doing things only believe men were capable of, such as domestic violence, rape, child molestation, and OH BOY DOES THE LIST GO ON! But things arent all bad, most women like most men are good people and dont want to harm anyone, its just the rejects of society on both ends of the sex pool that cause trouble and its important to have people like TS who strive to enlighten the masses that its not just men anymore that like to screw things up.

  4. I’d be careful with the good old days romanticism, Neal. Because not all men worked and felt like primary provider material. Some still don’t.

  5. And not all women were the pearls of society. Thats the problem of Generalization, they arent always true on a case by case basis, but in a wider view it seems true.
    Im willing to risk criticism over generalizations because I know that they arent perfectly true, but still get the general idea across.

  6. There’s nothing wrong with your general point.

    But again, we can’t rely on generalisations.

    It’s the problem I have with some men’s rights activists: They think every man is a garbage collector, constructinist, engineer, soldier, etc. Never once do they talk about men who are artists: Writers, Actors, Directors, Composers, Singers. It’s like they don’t count. Or maybe some men’s rights activists think the arts are a generally liberal occupation and so those men are automically deemed feminist.

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