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Abuse victims struggle with mental health problems — Drug addiction, alcoholism and male prostitution. For John Swales, a sex abuse victim of Barry Glendinning, the fallout was almost instant after the priest was arrested. “It was immediate – the lifestyle change from being a 10-year-old boy ringing the bell as an altar boy, to having absolutely no spiritual or emotional or mental values,” said Swales, 52, who was abused in the 1970s. “And yet plagued with the guilt of God. “I shot off the charts. Immediately I was uncontrollable. The rules didn’t apply.”

Documentary Reveals Family Courts Abuse Of Father’s Rights — Renowned filmmaker Janks Morton turns his lens to the controversial family court system that is removing father’s rights in his documentary “Guilty Until Proven Innocent” set to debut July 26 in Washington, D.C. Morton uses the stories of five men to reveal how millions of others fathers and their children are unjustly separated from each other by family courts under the guise of “the best interest of the children.”

Father faulted in boy’s death at mother’s hands — Five years after 4-year-old Sean Paddock was suffocated to death by his adoptive mother, a civil court jury found that his adoptive father was also responsible for the boy’s death. The verdict Tuesday against Johnny Paddock and adoption agency Children’s Home Society of North Carolina was the result of a lawsuit brought in Johnston County Superior Court by Ron Ford, Sean’s biological grandfather and administrator of his estate.

Fears dozens of boys abused in Donegal by child sex ring — GARDAI have begun an investigation into an organised child sex ring amid claims dozens of young boys were abused for more than a decade by school caretaker Michael Ferry and other paedophiles. The Irish Independent has learned officers in Co Donegal are now probing claims against at least four other suspected paedophiles linked to Ferry.

Former Kingsport priest convicted of sexual abuse of altar boy to remain jailed until sentencing — A judge has declined to grant a bond for a former Kingsport priest jailed immediately following his conviction on first-degree sexual misconduct and two counts of aggravated rape last Thursday in Sullivan County Criminal Court. Following a bond hearing Friday afternoon, Judge Robert Montgomery ruled William Casey, 77, 740 Shakerag Road, Greeneville, will remain incarcerated until an Aug. 22 sentencing. Casey’s attorney, Rick Spivey, indicated he would likely appeal the decision, and also expressed an intent to file a motion for new trial. 

Jefferson Parish sex abuse allegations recanted, but convict remains in prison — Citing procedural roadblocks in federal law, a federal appeals court panel has ruled it can have no say on whether a man serving life in prison for raping a girl in Jefferson Parish should get a new trial since the victim recanted her claims that the man sexually abused her in the 1990s.
John Kinsel, 42, a Texas native who lived on the West Bank, was convicted in September 1999 of aggravated rape of a child under age 12 based almost solely on the girl’s testimony, despite her mother’s testimony that her daughter told lies, and other testimony expressing doubt that Kinsel abused her.

Lexington mother accused of locking child in cage, strangulation — A Lexington woman faces abuse and other charges for allegations that she attempted to strangle her children and made them jump off a roof. She also is accused of locking one of them in a dog cage. Lexington police have charged Cheryl G. Christopher, 51, with first-degree criminal abuse, first-degree wanton endangerment and unlawful imprisonment. Her husband, Elisha B. Christopher, 69, is charged with first-degree criminal abuse because he “allowed another to abuse his 9-year-old child by strangulation and did not report or prevent them from being abused by his wife,” according to a police report.

The Noble Lie, Feminist Style — We will probably never know for sure what really happened between former International Monetary Fund chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn and the chambermaid who accused him of sexually assaulting her in a Manhattan hotel room on May 14. In the days after the French politician’s arrest, media commentary was strongly on the side of the alleged victim, and any attempt to question her credibility was met with indignation.

Prosecution rests in McCurdy sex abuse trial — The prosecution rested its case Friday against a Nevada man charged with sexual abuse. James McCurdy, 49, faces several counts of second-degree sexual abuse, a class B felony punishable by up to 25 years in prison, and one count of third-degree sexual abuse, a class C felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison. Friday was the third day of the trial and saw the end of testimony by the alleged victim of McCurdy’s assaults, a 16-year-old male whose father is a close friend of McCurdy’s.

States look to right wrong convictions — Kenneth Kagonyera had been in the county jail for 13 months when he finally gave in. Prosecutors and investigators interrogated him repeatedly, he says, and told him he faced at least 25 years in prison for first-degree murder, with life or a death sentence possible. So he pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in the 2000 slaying of Walter Rodney Bowman. “It just kind of wore down on me,” he later told the commission investigating whether the justice system wrongly imprisoned him.

2 thoughts on “Bulletin Board v129

  1. I never trust documentaries no matter who their from or what their for. They’re to bias and it really varies from director, quote mining and deceptive tactics usually occur to demonize the opposing view. Which is why I brought a big Mc to my highschool health class why my veggy loving teacher made us watch Super Size Me.

    Was it so hard to believe that he probably was at fault for the childs death. No in the same degree as the childs adoptive mother but he was an accomplice to the murder because he didnt do anything to stop the abuse. He probably knew, abuse isnt hard to miss when your wife is the one abusing the boy. First degree murder, crime doesnt fit the sentence. He was an accomplice before the fact not the murderer.

  2. Whats really a shame is that comment that is more heart wrenching than some of the stuff on this site on the documentary page

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