Bulletin Board v134

10-year-old Texas boy details abuse, death of his twin brother — At age 10, Joseph James isn’t just well-spoken, he’s remarkably collected considering the deadly abuse he said he witnessed his twin brother face last month.

Alaska’s ‘Hot Sauce’ Mom Sentenced to 3 Years of Probation, Fine, for Child Abuse — A judge sentenced an Alaska mother of six to three years probation for child abuse for forcing her adopted son to drink hot sauce and take cold showers on a taped segment of the “Dr. Phil” show.

Amnesty: Both sides in Libya mistreating prisoners — Pro-Gadhafi guards have raped child detainees, and Libyan rebels are abusing children and holding migrant workers as prisoners, Amnesty International charged Thursday, calling on both sides to respect prisoners.

Former student sues LSE over its ‘gender bias’ against men — Tom Martin, who quit the university after six weeks, claims in papers lodged at the Central London county court that lecturers ignored male issues. He is claiming some £50,000 citing breach of contract, misleading advertising, misrepresentation, and breach of the Gender Equality Duty Act.

Foster father pleads guilty to sex abuse — A Mardela Springs foster father charged in the sexual abuse of several teen boys pleaded guilty to multiple counts of sex abuse of a minor and sex offense during a Wicomico County Circuit Court hearing Wednesday morning. The state informed the court that it intended to ask for a 125-year sentence, the sum total of the state’s maximum penalty for each count, for 39-year-old Stephen James Merritt.

Lawsuit: Exchange Student Sexually Abused Child — The St. Paul Preparatory School claims to be the best kept secret in Minnesota — and Morgan Smith, of Smith & Raver LLP, says the school has a secret of its own now that a lawsuit alleging a boy was sexually assaulted by an exchange student has emerged.

Mercy Killing Defense Claim Will Be Tested — Lawyers for a Manhattan executive charged with murdering her 8-year-old son are attempting an unusual defense: They claim Gigi Jordan had no choice but to kill the boy, and was completely in her right mind when she did it.

Nebraska man appeals sex offender status — The Nebraska Supreme Court will decide whether a lower court violated the rights of a south-central Nebraska man by ordering him to register as a sex offender even though he’s never been convicted of a sex crime.

On the Verge of Suicide, Innocent Man Convicted of Murder Finds Hope — A man who had spent 17 years behind bars for a double murder he claims he did not commit was on the verge of suicide. He got on his knees and prayed for God to show him a sign that he would not spend the rest of his life in prison. The next day, he got one.

Settlement of sex abuse case requires release of archdiocese files — On Monday, Santiago joined his attorneys to announce that a settlement has been reached with the Archdiocese of Chicago for sexual abuse Santiago suffered as a boy at the hands of his family’s priest, Fitzharris.

The new she is he — I see it in the school district where I work. Girls punching boys — punching them hard, sometimes out of meanness, sometimes for fun, but still packing a wallop. It’s been increasing in recent times, with situation comedies either reflecting, or leading, the trend. How did these young people learn this?

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