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Bullied boy’s parents warn of devastating effects — Daniel Mendez was a Boy Scout, had plenty of friends, earned a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, played football and was consistently an honor student. But that didn’t stop bullies from going after him, calling him names such as half-breed, gay and mercilessly ridiculing him at Bernice Ayer Middle School in San Clemente. When he reported the bullying to school officials, his life became “a living hell,’ friends would later tell his parents, Anna and Danny Mendez. He hid the ongoing abuse by saying he would “handle it.” But he couldn’t. On May 1, 2009, Daniel, a 16-year-old sophomore at San Clemente High, shot himself in the street in front of a friend’s home.

Catholic order to pay $18 million to child sex-abuse victims — A Roman Catholic order which runs an elite boys private boarding school in Montreal, on Thursday, signed an out-of-court settlement of a class-action lawsuit involving allegations of sexual abuse of school boys. The Catholic religious order, Congregation of Holy Cross, made the out-of-court settlement with a payment of $18 million, and an apology for years of priest sexual abuse of school children. The payment is believed to be the biggest settlement payment ever made in Canada.

Couple jailed over horrific sex torture that led man they were holding captive to try and kill himself — A couple were jailed today for their involvement in the violent torture of a man who stabbed himself in the chest to try to kill himself after being kept prisoner for three days. The 21-year-old was beaten, whipped and handcuffed, sexually assaulted and made to drink bleach and act like a dog during the ordeal in March 2009. Anna Wibrew, 24, and Simon Weller, 38, continue to deny their involvement in the abuse, some of which took place in their flat in Crawley, West Sussex. Five other people have already been jailed over the incident, which is thought to have been motivated because the man had failed to pay his rent.

Help urged for male abuse victims — Men were the victims of domestic abuse on almost 10,000 occasions last year, figures have revealed. The campaign group Abused Men In Scotland (AMIS) published the statistics, which show that in 2010-11 there were 9,589 domestic abuse cases reported to the police where the victim was male. It said that was a rise of more than 10% on the previous year, as well as being the 11th year in a row that the number of attacks on men had risen. But AMIS secretary Alison Waugh said, despite this, ministers had failed to bring forward a campaign aimed specifically at male victims of abuse. Ms Waugh said: “Government spokespeople repeatedly state that they take all domestic abuse seriously, but that is hard to square with the reality that in 11 successive years in which the number of male victims has increased there has still not been a single campaign specifically directed at men and their children, giving them confidence to report and standing unequivocally with them.

Lott: Invisible Men — This Tuesday, I attended a panel discussion called “What I Wish I Knew As A Freshman Girl.” The female upperclassmen speakers talked very frankly about their mistakes as freshmen and offered their warm support to the assembled first-year women. The event seemed highly valuable, and I was left wondering why no similar opportunity existed specifically for first-year men.

Man Falsely Accused of Attempted Rape Says Life Is Ruined — A Bartlett man says his reputation has been ruined and life destroyed by woman who falsely accused him of a crime. Maher Garada was arrested last week and charged with attempted rape. He was released from jail several days later after police discovered Angela Poindexter, made up the entire story. But Garada says the damage has already been done. “What do I do now? Everything is down,” said Garada. Maher Garada is trying to get back to normal and returned to work at his café today, but he says things may never be the same again for him and his family.

‘Mentor’ beat child, posted video online, police say — An Orlando spoken-word artist faces a child abuse charge after police say he posted a video online, in which he shaves off a young boy’s hair and eyebrows and beats the child with a belt. The video drew the attention of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, according to a police report, which tipped off local authorities to the possible abuse. In the clip, posted initially on YouTube and later elsewhere on the Web, 25-year-old Devery Broox is seen at first questioning the 7-year-old child about his behavior at school.

Mom, stepfather charged after locking kid in coffin — Two adults wanted for the alleged abuse of a 7-year-old boy that included locking him in a coffin in their basement turned themselves in to Scranton police at about 1:30 p.m. Tuesday afternoon, according to Capt. Carl Graziano. Brian Paul Sleboda, 32, and Lori Gardner, 26, both of Raines Street, Scranton, were charged by summons on Sept. 30 with endangering the welfare of children and unlawful restraint after police say they discovered the couple’s 7-year-old boy wearing a diaper on Sept. 26.

No track kept of ‘lost’ kids — Child, Youth and Family is under fire for not knowing how many of our most vulnerable children go missing under their watch. A Sunday Star-Times request for statistics on numerous child abuse issues – including how many children are hidden from CYF social workers – was rejected due to the lack of national reporting. The request followed the death of a teenage boy last year after he evaded CYF care with the help of family members. CYF has defended its systems by saying the problem of lost children was not significant enough to report on a national level. Labour deputy leader Annette King said it was “ridiculous” the agency failed to gather extensive national data on child abuse.

Series of failures delayed sex abuse case at kids’ shelter — The two-story, beige-brick shelter in north Houston was supposed to be a haven for immigrant children and teenagers, a place with teddy bears and bins of toys that they could temporarily call home while they were stranded in a foreign country, separated from their families. And yet on a sweltering summer afternoon, an 8-year-old boy found himself in an upstairs room of the St. Michael’s Home for Children shelter with an older boy, 10, who allegedly sexually assaulted him.

Warning to Occupy Wall Street – Rape Can Still be Part of the Penalty — Donny phoned me up very early this morning from Valhalla. He wanted me to warn the young 99 Percenters who are now “Occupying Everywhere” of the possibility of being raped in jail even if in for a short time and what they could do to prevent it. I agreed with him that he and I most definitely were NOT the only political activists to receive this “Royal Treatment,” as Joan Baez sang about in one of her songs a generation or so ago.

1 thought on “Bulletin Board v137

  1. Hello Toy Soldier,

    In regards to the Occupy Wallstreet article, I was disturbed to find out about the Fema prisons. I did some digging and poisted a few links on my blog-


    quoted from Peter J Reilly’s article:

    “But as a long-time, non-violent, left-wing radical activist and survivor of torture, institutionalized barbarism is not strange to me. For instance, I’ve been keeping my eye on FEMA prison camps since construction began a decade or two ago. Now there are between six and eight hundred all over the country—waiting empty but stocked with supplies for a national “emergency.” Just two years ago, Pres. Obama gave his approval to the prison camps managed by FEMA by signing into law the National Emergency Centers Act (HR 645) of 2009. Yes, I’m a “conspiracy nut” and for many bloody good reasons. ”

    I’m not sure if this covers the focus of your blog per se but it is very disturbing nonetheless….

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