Brandon McInernery to be retried as an adult

Prosecutors decided to retry Brandon McInerney as an adult for the killing of Lawrence King, however, they dropped the hate crime charge:

Prosecutors on Wednesday announced their intention to pursue a murder charge in adult court against 17-year-old Brandon McInerney. However, a hate crime charge will be dropped, Deputy District Attorney Maeve Fox said.

Last month, a judge declared a mistrial after a nine-woman, three-man panel couldn’t reach a unanimous decision on the degree of McInerney’s guilt for killing 15-year-old Larry King. After a series of votes, seven jurors were in favor of a voluntary manslaughter conviction, while five others supported either first-degree or second-degree murder.

Superior Court Judge Charles Campbell set a Nov. 21 trial date, according to Fox, but it’s unclear if it will be held in Ventura County. The first trial was moved to Los Angeles County due to pretrial publicity.

We will see what impact the evidence has now that the hate crime part is out. The prosecutors could never show that McInerney was a white supremacist, let alone that he killed King because of homophobia. From what got presented at trial, it looks a lot like McInerney simply dislike King because King kept harassing and publicly embarrassing him. There is more than enough evidence to show that the shooting was premeditated, however, another jury might end up deadlocked because it is difficult to ignore King’s behavior.

Worse, McInerney’s age played a role in the first jury’s decision, so it is curious that the state would retry McInerney as an adult. The prosecutors could have also made a plea deal, something even gay rights activists pushed for:

Eliza Byard, executive director of the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network, urged prosecutors and defense attorneys to reach a compromise. […] Trying McInerney a second time would “only dig into old wounds that have never been given a chance to heal,” Byard said in a written statement.

One gets the feeling the state wants to make an example out of McInerney rather than making the practical decision to take a deal. It is possible that this time around things will go in the state’s favor, but it is also possible that now the defense has seen the state’s case and knows what will be excluded they will have time better their own approach. It only takes one juror to set their client free. It takes twelve to put him in prison for the rest of his life.

24 thoughts on “Brandon McInernery to be retried as an adult

  1. Toysoldier, please share thoughts after you read this. Posting again after more than 1 month. Toysoldier, you know my views against gay & lesbian activities as well as my view against sex changes, but that aside, there are things the press gives minor discussion to.

    Amonth the things Lawrence King did was masturbate in front of others-the defense used the code ‘touch himself’ when they were interviewed by the reporters. Box Turtle Bulletin (we’ve talked about them) see nothing wrong with sexual harassment when it’s gay natured esp. evil posters like Regan DuCasse (who I wrote about). I do hope that there’s a pleabargain & that we don’t have another trial-they could reach pleabasrgain before trial date.

    But the main reason I wanted to write is that most violence against gays & lesbians happen to be domestic violence cases. If a gay punches his lover in the nose, it’s usu. not going to be reported in the press because it’s not interesting. If a gay or lesbian kills their lover in a domestic quarrel, it’ll usu. get minor press coverage. But on the other hand, if a man bashes or kills a gay in a ‘gay bashing’, then it gets sometimes national press coverage because it’s interesting. You know that I’ve written that most ‘gay bashings’ are men reacting or overreacting to criminal harassment or assault&battery which the gay 1st did. If a gay grabs another man’s butt or groin against will after which the man reacts by killing him, Ok, it maybe excessive force, but the man overreacted to a crime that the gay 1st did.

    The main reason that gay groups incl. those on Box Turtle Bulletin hate ‘gay bashings’ is why it happened. When it’s the usual domestic violence assault&batteries or murder cases where a gay kills his gay lover, sure they’ll be against it. But they don’t usu. score the gay who killed his gay lover. On the other hand, the reason straight men (with straight Christian White men getting the most condemnation) are condemned when they bash or kill a gay who has harassed him is because the straight men wouldn’t take the abuse the gay did. You also have a link to Gay Domestic Violence which again is what most violence against gays incl. murders are, but you usu. don’t see the religion which surrounds those violence as you do with cases where a straight man bashes or kills a gay-the few cases.

  2. I highly doubt the prosecutors will take a plea deal at this point. They pushed this case so far that short of fearing a jury will not believe them, they will likely follow through on the charges.

    I suspect the reason the media does not report domestic violence in gay couples lies is, as you noted, people do not find it interesting. Acts of gay bashing make bigger news because it is a hot spot issue. What I find more troubling is that the gay community does not talk much about domestic violence. That kind of oversight is more problematic because it keeps victims silent.

  3. Thanks for your thoughts. We’ll know over time if there’s a pleabargain. Several jurors interviewed have said that Lawrence King anti-social conduct is a reason why they went for manslaughter rather than 1st or 2nd Degree murder. If we have another trial, then most of the same witnesses will testify on Lawrence King’s anti-social conduct. The defense will try to do a pleabargain & it’s the prosecutor’s call, but you can do a pleabargain incl. during the trial before a jury verdict. If it’s tried again, the defense will ask the jury to consider what Lawrence King did in deciding. What is bad is that so many gays are apologists for Lawrence King harassing others in the bathroom & Lawrence King masturbating (touching himself as the code goes) in front of others with posters like Regan DuCasse calling it ‘pass’, etc. There are posters on sites like Huffington Post, KTLA, LA Times & VC Star who make excuses for Lawrence King’s anti-social conduct. Anyhow, we’ll know if another trial is avoided.

  4. Well, the only plea bargain the prosecutors will accept is one that would include life in prison or something close to it. McInerney’s attorneys likely would not accept such a deal, so there is no wiggle room for them to negotiate.

    As for the gay community ignoring King’s behavior, I agree that it is problematic. It would be one thing if McInerney randomly shot King for being gay. However, King’s own friends admitted under oath that King harassed other students, particularly McInerney, who never harmed King at all.

  5. Thanks again for your view. My guess is that if a pleabargain is made, it’ll probably be what you suggest. If it’s tried again, it’s possible for the judge to dismiss the 1st Degree charge & have a jury decide if it’s 2nd Degree or Manslaughter. The defense should ask the judge to dismiss 1st Degree charge & have the jury decide between 2nd Degree or Manslaughter. With random violence-those cases are odd & strange that they make it in the news. Even with crimes perpetrated against ethnic groups. The vast majority of crimes against Blacks are committed by other Blacks just as the vast majority of crimes against Whites are committed by other Whites which gets some news coverage. But random violence such as the Jame Byrd killing by White supremacists are the 1s which get major news coverage because it’s strange & odd. The news about things which are odd & strange.Most rape & sex abuse trials won’t be reported in the press unless the rape victim is killed or if a famous man is accused of rape. There are so many rape cases-mostly he says she says cases (esp. marital & acquaintance rape cases) where the woman says the man forced her while the man says that he did the acts she agreed to while not doing what she said no to with a jury deciding which story is believable-that isn’t interesting for news.

    The same with gay bashings. You know 2 months ago, I wrote about a case I knew where a man bashed a gay with 2 friends after the gay (who was much bigger than the man) grabbed the man’s butt against will after which the man told his 2 friends what the gay did & they grabbed him after which the man bashed him. Yes, that was probably excessive force but again, the man overreacted to a crime the gay did which is assault&battery. Box Turtle Bulletin, etc. would condemn the man for ‘gay bashing’ yet they have no problem with the crime the gay did to cause the violent reaction. But these cases probably won’t be in the press unless the victim is killed & if a defense lawyer were to bring up the criminal abuse the gay did to cause the reaction, gay groups would decry it as ‘gay panic’ when I call it gay abused me reaction. If a man grabbed a woman’s butt or boobs against will after which the woman or the woman’s husband or boyfriend bashed or killed the man, then yes, the reaction is probably excessive. But many would say that the man committed a crime (assault&battery) which caused the violent reaction & they wouldn’t sympathise with the man nor would they do vigils. There are more men who have been bashed or killed after they grabbed a woman’s butt or boobs against will. There have even been cases where innocent men have been killed after a woman told a friend that the man raped her & the friend bashed or killed the man, only that the man was innocent. Yet when a gay is killed after he harassed or abused a man by grabbing his butt or groin against will after which man reacts violently, then the vigils are held for the gay & it sometimes gets nationwide coverage, sometimes with comments by the President. Judy Shepard (Matthew Wayne Shepard’s mom) has commented on Lawrence King & while I don’t know what is in her mind, Judy Shepard doesn’t seem to care about Lawrence King’s anti-social conduct which caused him to be killed but just goes on about ‘hate crimes’ against gays. Yes, with self-defend, you may only use just force & juries will decide in murder cases if it’s 1st, 2nd or Manslaughter. But if a gay is going to adopt anti-social conduct after which he is bashed or killed, then to repeat, while it maybe excessive force, I don’t sympathise with the gay & he isn’t worthy of being given vigils.

  6. Added note Toy Soldier, if you get a chance visit I irritated her when I said that what she calls ‘gay panic’ defense, I call gay abused me reaction. Anyhow, I called Karen Franklin who is a poor psychologist & mentioned the anti-social conduct Lawrence King get such as Lawrence King masturbating in front of others, etc. I told Dr. Karen Franklin that the main reason she hates gay bashings is why it happened-the straight man wouldn’t take the abuse the gay did. After Karen Franklin heard my message & when I tried to talk to her, she said ‘don’t call me again thanks.’ She did so because she can’t discuss the topic as so much of what Dr. Karen Franklin says is wrong.

    Since Dr. Karen Franklin was born in 1947, she is too old now for most sexual harassers. Have you found Toy Soldier that all too often when women post on cases such as this & say ‘what if a man were to make unwanted advances on her…’ that so many of the women are too old for most rapists? Even with cougar relationships, what I’ll say is that if a man has problems getting women, the 2 easy things he can do for sex is pay a prostitute or date a woman old enough to be his mom & if a man in a cougar relationship is later found having sex with a woman younger than him, then he is doing so because he is bored of his cougar. But a woman is most likely to be raped when she is between 18 to 35 with the 2nd most common being those under 18. After 40, a woman’s chances of getting raped goes down & after menopause, it’s almost none. Dr. Karen Franklin is a crone & thus too old for most rapists. Pam Spaulding of Pam’s House blend is becoming an old crone (born 1963) & she too will become too old for most rapists. I realize (realise) that this post may sound rude but the next time you hear a woman talk about ‘what if a man makes unwanted advances on her should they be allowed to kill the man’, you should tell the woman that she is too old for most rapists to want if she is menopausal or if she is in her 40s, she’ll get fewer ‘unwanted advances’ as she is getting too old for most men. Anyhow if you have thoughts please share but the fact that Dr. Karen Franklin wouldn’t talk to me when I left messages (incl my phone #) showing Lawrence King’s anti-social conduct prove that she is ideological & full of it.

  7. Have you found Toy Soldier that all too often when women post on cases such as this & say ‘what if a man were to make unwanted advances on her…’ that so many of the women are too old for most rapists?

    While they might not be the primary age-group target, older people do get raped. It is sensitive and bigoted to treat any group as inherently incapable of being victims. You really need to stop thinking in such absolutist terms.

  8. Toysoldier, don’t know why you said absolutist when I didn’t say that old & menopausal women don’t get raped, but those cases are few. Have been to rape trials & sex is a main motive for rapists. Ok, there are other motives such as power, but to say that sex has nothing to do with rape is wrong. Sex has a large part to do with rape. But when a man rapes a menopausal woman or a woman old enough to be his mom, those cases are what’s likely to be reported in the press because it’s odd & strange. A rape case where the victim is maimed or killed or where it involves a serial rapist will be reported in the press because it’s again odd & strange. The typical rape case such as where a man is accused of raping a woman between 18 to 35 years old where it’s a he says she says case is usu. not going to be reported in the press unless the man is famous because it’s not strange & if you go to criminal courts, that’s what most rape trials are & there are so many of them.

    Randy Thornhill & Craig T. Palmer wrote a book on rape in 2000 which deals with biological basis for rape & most rapists say that they do it for sexual reasons & based on attractiveness of women. Even during rapes in wars, most women raped are between 18 to 35 years old with the next group being pre-puberty girls while menopausal women suffered the least amount of rapes. My main point is that menopausal women rarely get raped because they are just not sexually attractive to most rapists, while women of childbearing years (18 to 35) are most attractive to most rapists. If it sounds insensitive & bigoted by saying that Dr. Karen Franklin & Pam Spaulding of Pam’s House Blend are too old or becoming too old for most men to have to worry about ‘unwanted advances’ well it’s because they deserve it. They deserve it because both crones are apologists for Crystal Gail Mangum, the woman who did the Duke rape hoax, has since been convicted of child abuse & currently facing murder charge for killing boyfriend. They deserve it because they were making excuses for a gay’s anti-social conduct & implying that if a gay masturbates in front of others as Lawrence King did, grabs a man’s butt against will, etc. that the straight man should take it. So if or any woman their age or older asks what if a man were to make ‘unwanted advances’ on her scenario, it’s fine to tell some1 like them or any other woman who is menopausal the fact that she is too old or becoming too old for MOST rapists & sexual harassers to want. That’s not absolutist, that’s just fact. Most rapists & sexual harassers will go after the prettiest youngest women over the old crones because pretty young women is who they’re attracted to.

  9. Funisnow, you stated “so many of the women are too old for most rapists”, which implies that women of a certain age would no longer get targeted for rape. That is not entirely true, and it is nevertheless a terrible thing to say. Some rapists do choose young victims, others choose older victims, or whoever they can assault at the time. Given that you cannot gauge whether a person will get assaulted, it is best to refrain from making comments like “she is too old or becoming too old for MOST rapists & sexual harassers to want”.

  10. Toysoldier, again, I didn’t say they would never be targetted, only that their chances are way less. Almost all the rapists go after women 18 to 35 years old with pre-puberty girls the next group & this accounts for 95% of rapes. But you can gauge who is most likely to get raped. They’ve found that older people incl. older women are more likely to be robbed, but less likely to be raped by the same robber. If a man is robbing an elderly woman’s house, he is most likely to just take the woman’s money, belongings & then leave. But if the same man robs a woman who again is between 18 to 35 years old, then the likelihood is greater for him to rape the woman in addition to robbing her because that’s who he finds attractive. The younger woman is more likely to put up a fight even kill the man trying to rape her, but the man is more willing to take risks to not only rob her but rape her though he could get killed. Women are most likely to be raped when they’re girls to 35 years old. After 40 the chances of getting raped goes down & after menopause, it’s almost none. Most men who rape do it for sexual motives & acquaintance rapes where the women are between 18 to 35 years old make up the majority of cases if the woman’s story is true. Young women are more likely to be raped & to say otherwise is rubbish.

  11. Something else & it’s about Matthew Wayne Shepard. As you recall Toysoldier, in Aug., I sent a link to an article which brought up Matthew Wayne Shepard’s false homosexual gang rap accusation under 2 months before his death against a Cody Wyoming bartender who had decked MW Shepard after MW Shepard who was drunk harassed him after he said no & grabbed the bartender’s jacket & arms against will. As known, Matthew Wayne Shepard was killed in Oct. 1998 & there has been a faith about him with the Laramie Project, his mom Judy Shepard wiriting a book, etc. Could AJ McKinney (the man who killed MW Shepard)story of MW Shepard grabbing his killer’s groin against will after which he went into a rage hitting him with a gun 18 times to the head & then tying him to a fence with a friend Russell Henderson be true? The common reply has been to dismiss his story as a killer trying to justify his deed. Yes, AJ McKinney was awaiting sentence for burglary, he was a drug dealer (user) & shortly after MW Shepard’s killing, he got into a fight with 2 men (possibly gangsters) who were vandalising cars. RA Henderson had conviction for drunk driving.

    But tall the witnesses who testified in the murder trial didn’t see what happened in the truck-only MW Shepard & the 2 men who killed him know why it happened. But here’s how AJ McKinney’s story is possible though he’d still be guilty though it’d be 2nd Degree. Matthew Wayne Shepard had depression, was moody, a drunkard & people have also said that the used drugs such as Meth-which his killer also used. MW Shepard also feared he had AIDS & may have believed this in the months before his death. Also given that MW Shepard falsely accused the Cody bartender of homosexual gang rape by saying 3 men ‘homoed him’ shows he is capable of it. Waht it can be said is that in the last few months of MW Shepard’s life, he became reckless in his conduct because he feared he had AIDS. Matthew Wayne Shepard would get drunk & if he also combined Meth & other drugs with anti-depressants, that could’ve damaged MW Shepard’s mind & thinking. It’s a fact that on the night he was killed, MW Shepard had drunk alcohol & it’s possible that it could’ve impaired his thinking that it could make AJ McKinney’s story possible. Yes, the Laramie Police have discarded AJ McKinney’s story but honestly, this was a high profile case. If the Laramie Police had said that AJ McKinney’s story is possible, they would’ve been condemned by gay groups & they would probably want to distance themselves from this. But the Laramie Police don’t need to prove why AJ McKinney & RA Henderson killed MW Shepard, they only needed to prove that they killed him.

    Of course, the only 1s who know what & why it happened are the late Matthew Wayne Shepard & the 2 men who killed him. But regardless of why MW Shepard was killed that day, the fact is that he should’ve been in a Cody Wyoming jail in Oct. 1998 awaiting trial & hopefully conviction for assault&battery along with falsely reporting a crime. Matthew Wayne Shepard was not a nice man-he was a junky, drunkard, moody with depression & some friends have even called him selfish. No, MW Shepard shouldn’t have been killed in Oct. 1998, but even if you distrust AJ McKinney’s story on why he killed MW Shepard, what MW Shepard did 2 months before his death should’ve sent him to jail because innocent men could’ve been arrested & imprisoned for his false homosexual gang rape accusation.

  12. Toysoldier, absolutist is saying always, never, nobody, everybody-but I didn’t use absolutes. Had I said that old & menopausal women never get raped or that only women 18 to 35 years old get raped, then that would be absolutist & wrong. But me saying that rapists usu. go after women 18 to 35 years old (which are 92-95% of cases) with pre-puberty girls being the next common victims & that after a woman turns 40 & older her chances of getting raped goes down & that rapists usu. don’t go after women who are menopausal is right & not absolutist. You can be sure that of the 5% of rape victims who are 40 or older, the vast majority of the 5% will be in their low to mid 40s when they are in the last times of attractiveness. After menopause, the #s are few. So by saying that a rapist will usu. go after young women-those 18 to 35 years old with pre-puberty girls being the next common victims is statistical fact, not absolutist.

    You can say the same thing of where people are most likely to be the victim of a random shooting. Sure, people have been shot & killed in churches & schools such as the 2007 VA Tech killing by a deranged gunman. But statisticially speaking, you’re much safer in a school university or church vs. being in Compton or Watts streets if you don’t want to be shot randomly. Getting back to rape, the main reason I believe that the right answer by to give to any1 like Pam Spaulding, etc. by saying they’re too old for MOST men if they talk about ‘unwanted advances’ is because they’re most likely saying it to shift the topic. By telling Pam Spaulding that because she will soon be menopausal as she was born in 1963, she won’t have to worry about most men doing ‘unwanted advances’ because mathematically speaking, most sexual harassers won’t find her attractive is to keep the talks on the gay’s anti-social conduct which caused the reaction. If a woman 18 to 35 years old brings up hypothetical unwanted advances, then the right answer to tell her is that they probably wouldn’t sympathise with a man who gets bashed or even killed after he pinches a woman’s butt or boobs against her will on the grounds that he committed a crime, so a gay who gets bashed or killed after he grabs a man’s butt or groin against will doesn’t deserve sympathy for the same reason. Anyhow, the main point is that those answers must be given so as not to shift topic-gay’s anti-social conduct.

  13. Toysoldier, not to keep going on this topic but what are your thoughts on what will be written here. Have you visited other sites incl. crappy Daily Kos & Towleroad? What I’ve found is that these websites will side with the gay no matter what. The excuse that I’ve heard people make with Lawrence King Cobra masturbating (or touching himself) was that because others called him a queer & fag, that made it Ok for Lawrence King to masturbate in front of others & ask for sex in the bathroom. Toysoldier, Towleroad & Daily Kos are going to side with the gay & they don’t care if gays does anti-social conduct. I used to have a neutral view on homosexuality but have since been 2005 believe that it’s best to find a cure for homosexuality. But thinking of Daily Kos & Towleroad is just evil-that because Lawrence Fobes King was ‘bullied’ by others calling hima fag, that it gave Lawrence King the right to masturbate in front of others & harass others in the bathroom. What do you think?

  14. Toysoldier, please share your thoughts. Did you see my posts on Halloween under madridespana where I irritate the people on Box Turtle Bulletin. Click here

    See my posts & the angry replies from Priya Lynn, Darina the Fartina, enoughalready & Jim Burroway who placed me on moderation (a code for he banned me). I’ve @ times snuck into that site. Esp. see the comments where I mention the fact that Lawrence King (cobra) masturbated in front of others because he couldn’t take being called a queer. Anyhow, read the posts & share your thoughts. Thanks.

  15. Toysoldier, I know that I’ve time & again posted many time here, but I’d like your thoughts on this. It’s your site & it’s your right if you want to continue linking to Box Turtle Bulletin, but people must understand that Box Turtle Bulletin’s people such as Jim Burroway & Timothy Kincaid are evil people & many posters on Box Turtle Bulletin such as Priya Lynn (who is a mutilated transexual), Regan DuCasse, etc. are evil. Box Turtle Bulletin, Towleroad, Pam Spaulding are evil. Huffington Post & Daily Kos posters are also evil. 1 big reason they’re evil is that they don’t see anything wrong or make excuses for anti-social conduct the gay did before he was bashed or killed. Here are another cases where the Box Turtle Bulletin & their posters have been evil in addition to this case:

    Edward Araujo: That was the 2002 killing where 2 men were convicted of 2nd degree, while another man was convicted of manslaughter after they killed him. Box Turtle Bulletin predictably takes the victim’s side but what gets little talk is that even the prosecutor admitted that Edward Araujo committed sex abuse on the men before he was killed by them. What the prosecutor said was that killing Edward Araujo was excessive force. Edward Araujo was anti-social & his anti-social deed of committing sex abuse is what got him killed.

    Satendar Singh-A homosexual who was killed in California 2007 & predictably the BTB sympathized with him. The man who killed him was convicted of lesser charge-assault&battery rather than murder or it may have been negligent homicide & as known Box Turtle Bulletin scored the verdict. But here’s what happened. Satendar Singh was drunk in a park, committing indecency by doing ‘dirty dancing’ & exposing himself where kids could see him. As understand a Russian man with his friend were irate over Satendar Singh’s anti-social conduct & told him that they were going to teach him a lesson, so they hit him a few times. Satendar Singh died, but the men didn’t intend to kill him, only beat him up to teach him a lesson. Yes, the men should’ve called the cops. The jury concluded the man didn’t intend to kill him, thus only convicted him of negligent homicide, think the other man returned to Russia before trial. The man who killed Satendar Singh got 5 months in jail. Box Turtle Bulletin like other gay sites complained about the verdict & sentence, yet they didn’t care about Satendar Singh’s anti-social conduct before he was killed. Satendar Singh had no right to expose himself in a park. He should’ve been arrested for indecency. Satendar Singh died because the alcohol slowed down his reaction & the death was negligent but it wasn’t murder because the man didn’t intend to kill him.
    ToySoldier, I would like your thoughts on linking to evil people like Box Turtle Bulletin because this case also got national attention though nothing compared to MW Shepard or this case. The Sacramento Bee sympathized with Satendar Singh, yet not as much talk of Satendar Singh’s anti-social conduct before his death. I don’t want homosexuals committing indecency & I don’t want gays committing assault&battery. This may sound controversial, but I think gay bashings can be a learning experience for some gays. If a gay is to repeat going to be anti-social as Satendar Singh, MW Shepard (the August 1998 case not the Oct. 1998 murder) & this case etc. were after a straight man reacts or overreacts to the gay’s anti-social conduct by bashing or killing the gay, then I can’t sympathize with the gay. It would’ve been better if Satendar Singh had bashed but not killed & while his death was excessive, it was Satendar Singh’s anti-social conduct which killed him. If Satendar Singh hadn’t committed indecency that day, I don’t think he would’ve been killed. Again, it’s your site & you have a right to link to any other site incl. Box Turtle Bulletin, but Box Turtle Bulletin must be understood as evil. What do you think?

  16. Toysoldier, I thank you for allowing my posts, but would like your thoughts on what I posted on Nov. 9, 2011. There’s something else-I would like people who read my posts to do as I did-call Dr. Karen Franklin to tell her that what she calls ‘gay panic’ I call the gay abuse reaction. Do it legally-leave messages for her leaving your #, try to talk to her in person, until she either replies or says ‘please don’t call me again’ after which you must stop calling her. But we need people calling her to tell her that if a gay is going to be anti-social in the cases given & if a man reacts or overreacts violently by bashing or killing the homosexual, he did so after the gay committed a crime. We must let people like Karen Franklin know that we won’t go away & we’ll continue to discuss it.

  17. I do not think bullying, bashing, assaulting or killing anyone is a “learning experience.” It is violence and abuse, and any moral person should abhor it. That you seem to think I would agree that kind of ridiculous idea is beyond me. I may think that King’s behavior led to McInerney’s, but that is just that one case.

    If you have a problem with someone on another blog, take it up with them or create your own blog. Do not use this space to voice your opinions. This is not the place for that.

  18. Toysoldier, as to ‘learning experience’, if a gay is going to be anti-social as described & nothing is done, the gay’s anti-social conduct may worsen. If a gay gets the idea he can get away with harassing others in the bathroom or masturbating in front of others as Lawrence King did @ 15, then he may worsen over time. With Lawrence King gone, so went the possibility of Lawrence King sexually abusing others in the bathroom in the future. But we’ll never know. The reason I believe ‘gay bashing’ maybe a learning experience for some gays is because too many gays have anti-social personalities-commit crimes such as assault&battery, etc. but get away with it. Yes, getting bashed & killed is excessive, but if you want to put blame, also blame the gays anti-social conduct, blame those such as lesbian Vice Principal Joy Epstein who took no action when complaints were made about Lawrence King’s anti-social conduct & finally, blame those like Box Turtle Bulletin who think gays masturbating in front of others is Ok & make excuses for it because some1 is called a queer. It’s when nothing is done, that you ‘gay bashings’ can happen. I to repeat, don’t want gays committing anti-social conduct & I want gays arrested by the police & punished by the legal system when they do happen, but if a ‘gay bashing’ will end anti-social conduct by other gays, then yes, ‘gay bashings’ can be a learning experience & the lesser of 2 evils.

  19. Something on ‘learning experiences’, if a man were to go around grabbing a woman’s butt or boobs against her will getting away with it until 1 day the man got bashed by the woman, or her husband or boyfriend after he grabbed the a woman’s boobs, many would say that the man getting bashed maybe a learning experience if it ends his future conduct of committing the same abuse or worse on other women & it may deter other men who may think of doing the same abuse. If a gay gets bashed after he does the anti-social conduct described & if the gay bashing stops the gay from committing anti-social conduct on other men in the future & if it deters other gays from committing anti-social conduct, then yes, a gay bashing would be a learning experience. If you don’t want gay bashings, then gays must end their anti-social conduct which causes them because again, the man is reacting or overreacting to what the gay had no right to do.

  20. Toysoldier, there has been a pleabargain reached in this case. If you read my post on VC Star, this is what I wrote today:

    Brandon J. McInerney should get the minimum sentence & hope the best for him when he gets released from prison. The case should’ve been pleabargained to manslaughter to start with-ordinary people can commit murder if given the circumstances. Lawrence Fobes King (cobra) was anti-social. Lawrence King did Larry Craig style abuse of harassing other boys in the bathroom. Lawrence King also played with himself in front of others. When complaints were made about his anti-social conduct, the lesbian Vice Principal Joy Epstein overrode the teachers & he worsened. Yes, killing him was excessive, but ordinary people can commit murder if given the circumstances-murder has different degrees -1st, 2nd & Manslaughter for a reason.

    Many people who sympathise with Lawrence King would not sympathize with a straight man if he were shot & killed by a woman he was sexually harassing. They’d say that sexual harassment is wrong & that while the woman used excessive force, she overreacted to anti-social conduct crime the man did & don’t sympathize (sympathise) with him.

    So if a gay is going to be anti-social- grab a man’s butt or groin against will battery or harass a man (proposing after a man has said no is harassment) after which the man bashes or kills the gay, then it maybe excessive, but it’s reacting to a crime the gay did.

    If you want to put blame on Lawrence Fobe King’s death, blame his worsening anti-social conduct, blame the principals who circumvented school dress codes by allowing him to dress like a girl & blame the principals for refusing to act to end Lawrence King’s conduct when complaints were made by others regarding Lawrence King harassing puils in the bathroom, Lawrence King touching his groin in front of others. Blame those who excuse Lawrence King’s anti-social conduct by saying that because he was called a queer, that he can harass others in the bathroom & touch himself in front of others. Not doing something about Lawrence Fobe King’s anti-social conduct is a reason why he was killed by a boy who couldn’t take his abuse & felt this was the way to end it as the school wouldn’t take action when others complained. With Lawrence Fobes King (cobra) dead, so died the possibility of his conduct worsening to the point he is committing battery on other men in the bathroom in the future. Lawrence Fobes King was a crime victim, but he wasn’t an innocent victim.

    Read more:

  21. Toysoldier, here’s another place KTLA where I’ve commented on the case under NotCalifornian here, Toysoldier, I’m against starting fights. If a gay isn’t harassing any1, then leave them alone. But if a gay is going to be anti-social in the ways described such as harass others in the bathroom, masturbate before others as Lawrence King did, then there’s no need for a man to take the abuse. I know I’ve repeated, but I want gays arrested, prosecuted (hopefully convicted by a jury) & jailed when they harass, commit battery, etc. so that we don’t have cases like this. Anyhow, please share your thoughts because there’s no need for a man to take abuse that the gay does & gays must be legally punished when they commit abuse. Any1 who sees nothing wrong with Lawrence Fobes King’s anti-social conduct has something wrong with them.

  22. Pingback: Gay Panic Defense. Truth vs. propaganda by gay groups. Juries must decide each case - Page 7

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