A Dose of Stupid v.54

It happens every day. In fact, it is pretty hard to avoid it. There are some things that can only be understood with a slap on the forehead. Things so mind-boggling that one wonders how humans managed to evolve thumbs while being this mentally inept.

Case in point: You are a woman with a baby out of wedlock you claim was fathered by a pop star. The only problem is that said pop star was a minor when said alleged sex took place, meaning that makes you a statutory rapist. While that would not protect said minor pop star from paying child support — because the law holds male rape victims financial responsible for the products of their abuse — it does mean that the district attorney of the city you claim the act happened in can charge you with child rape.

How do you combat that?

Claim the minor pop star raped you:

The 20-year-old woman who claims Justin Bieber fathered her now 4-month-old son says the pop star was “aggressive” and refused to wear a condom the night she says he got her pregnant.

“His whole demeanor changed,” Mariah Yeater told “The Insider” in an interview airing Monday night.  “It went from cute and gushy…to just more aggressive.”

Yeater’s paternity suit against Bieber, 17, claims their tryst in a backstage bathroom at the Staples Center in Los Angeles following a concert in October 2010 resulted in the birth of her son Tristyn Anthony Markhouse Yeater this July.

She told “The Insider” their sexual encounter was the first for the then-16-year-old “Never Say Never” star.

“I told him to wear a condom,” said Yeater, who was 19 the time the alleged tryst took place.  “He said, ‘no,’ that it was his first time and he wanted to feel everything.  So I went with it, in the heat of the moment, and here we are today.”

It is possible Yeater is telling the truth, but it seems unlikely. It also does not help that Yeater previously claimed her ex-boyfriend, who filed domestic violence charges against her, fathered the baby.

However, it is an excellent ploy to get around the whole potential statutory rape charge. Let us see who buys it.

4 thoughts on “A Dose of Stupid v.54

  1. Apparently Bieber isn’t buying it. He says he’ll take the paternity test and may file a defamation suit against her. Who’d of thunk it? Justin Bieber, poster boy for men’s rights.


  2. Surely the feminist blogosphere is all over this story.

    Accompanied by legions of chirping crickets.

  3. Want proof that women REFUSE to condemn the crimes of their fellow women? Download and read this 11 page letter that Peter Nolan wrote to the International Women’s Club in Dublin, requesting them to CONDEMN the CRIMES that one of their MEMBERS, who is also Peter Nolan’s ex-wife, was committing against him.

    Notice how NONE OF THEM would support him and condemn his criminal ex-wife:


    And young men? I really do suggest you read this letter and click through to the links. It is very clear the crimes that were committed and it is VERY clear that these crimes were presented to these women as well as to the government.

    Reading this letter might save your life one day.

    Passing this letter to a friend might save HIS life one day.

    The point I am making in this letter to these 250 women is that they have had FOUR YEARS to denounce a criminal woman and instead they have supported her and hidden her crimes from those who are new in her life.

    You, as a young men, have a right to know that the VAST MAJORITY of western women take the position they can commit crimes against you with impunity. If you do nothing to fight back? Such as join CAF and register to sit on our new juries? Please do not bother me any more with your whining and moaning.

    For not only have WOMEN had FOUR YEARS to be prepared to denounce WOMEN who are criminals? SO HAVE MEN. And the MEN will not do this either.

    Not Jennifers father, not her brother, not her sons, not my father, not my brothers, not my best man, not my best mate, not my sons, not my male cousins, not my uncles.

    Quite frankly? I am FAR more disgusted in FATHERS than I am in women.

    And you fathers here ought to know that.

    I can have no respect for men who are not willing to write letters like this one. I have been doing this for FOUR YEARS and in my own name MORE THAN A YEAR. Yet so many other men cower at the idea of doing the same. And so many other men REFUSE to educate themselves.

    I have given you men the remedy and you refuse to use it!

    Rescind your consent to be governed!

    Divorce your criminal government!

    Stand up on your own hind legs and tell the government and the cops that you DO NOT CONSENT TO BE A SLAVE.

    And if you do not do this?

    Welcome to your slavery.

    Please join Crimes Against Fathers


    Please take the time to read a FREE short 100 page book called “Living Free in a Fem-Nazi World”. This book is about freeing you from the fem-nazi, fem-fascist state you live in to live your life as you choose. This book will show you how to no longer be subject to the fem-nazi ‘legislation’ that claims you are a slave with no rights at all.

    After reading this short 100 page book, you will understand how to become completely legally free of the feminist legal system worldwide. That is, no woman will ever be able to persecute you or harm you through false DV charges, false rape accusations, feminist divorce courts, etc. In short, you will indeed be a free man in a world of feminism, free and safe from being harmed by feminism.

    Download the ‘Living Free in a Fem-Nazi World’ eBook for free here:


  4. Maybe in California this is “statutory rape”.
    Certainly it wouldn’t be in Maryland, most other states in this country , or indeed most countries in the world. Indeed, I think trying to use “statutory” against her in this case would be abusive and stupid all on its own.

    That being said, I think she is lying both about him being the father, and about any coercion on his part. I think the paternity test will come back negative, and I think she is in this for notoriety.

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