Boy thought abuse was “normal”

A girl abused her younger brother so long that the boy thought it was normal:

A SISTER corrupted her half-brother by sexually abusing him from such a young age that he began to believe it was normal, a court heard.

He was as young as seven when the sexual abuse started, escalating to repeated sexual intercourse after his 11th birthday. […]Andrew Howarth, prosecuting at Northampton Crown Court yesterday, said: “He estimates touching her about 20 or 30 times between the ages of seven and 15 years and full sexual intercourse taking place 10 to 15 times from the age of 11 to 15 years.

“He told the police she had introduced the idea. It would be a reward to him for performing some sort of menial task on her behalf or when he would give her small amounts of money.

“This is not a case where the prosecution says there was force or duress but this started when he was very young and also when she was still quite young, aged 13. It amounted to the moral corruption of her young brother at a young age. This was, described in modern terms, as a fully dysfunctional family.”

Apparently social services monitored the family, yet no one found out about the abuse until the boy told his girlfriend and another friend. This shows the problem with people assuming that women and girls do not commit rape. Had the social workers asked the boy about any sexual abuse by anyone in his family, they may have discovered the abuse earlier. 

This case also goes to show how familial abuse works. Like this boy, I thought the abuse in my family was normal. It was all I knew, and I assumed it did not happen in every home. Even once I got to know other children, I still assumed that they went through the same thing and just kept it in the family like my siblings and I did. It was not until I was in foster care for some time that I asked my best friend why I never saw his mother or father do anything with him (I assumed that since I was part of the family they would stop hiding it).  That was when I found out that normal families do not have sex with their children.

I imagine it will take a while for this boy to deal with this. Unfortunately, his sister did not take responsibility for her actions. Assuming the boy is still 15, there is an eight difference between him and his sister. However, the 23-year-old woman accused her brother of starting the abuse, because obviously 7-year-old boys try to have sex with their 15-year-old sisters.  Worse, she walked away with a slap on the wrist:

Sentencing her to a three-year community order with sex offender treatment, Judge Lynn Tayton QC also made her subject to a sexual offences’ prevention order, banning unsupervised contact with children, and placed her on the sex offender’s register.

Again, assuming there is an eight-year gap in their ages, when this woman was 18, her brother was about 10 or 11. Legally speaking, having sexual intercourse with a child under 12 is first-degree child rape. She should have received a harsher sentence than community service with a treatment program.


5 thoughts on “Boy thought abuse was “normal”

  1. And don’t forget the usual “it was some other male’s fault” excuse. In this case apparently she says that the little brother she was abusing was abusing her after picking up the behavior from an older brother that was abusing her.

    But I’m with you on wondering where the rape charges are. If this were a 17 year old boy having sex with a 15 year old girl he’d probably be staring down the barrel of rape charges. But in this case with an 8 year gap that goes back to when the victim was 7 years old and she gets off that light?

  2. “At least she was placed on the Sex Offender Registry. It’s better than nothing.”-I suppose so,After all,Many times we see it where female rapists would get off without doing time on there or would accept a ridiculously biased(in favor of women)plea deal,-If this were a guy sexually abusing & raping his sister for 8 years,He’d be facing life in prison.

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  4. this family, i won’t say the name but i know it, c***********

    the male members (eg MC, CC) are all nonces and one got put away for fifteen years last summer on top of his time for drug dealing, even though it is totally against the code of honour of any respectable drug dealer to be a nonce, and the others got big stretches, three generations of men in the family were raping their daughters nieces and sisters, so this girl (SLC her initials are) had no chance

    most corrupted family since the plymouth scum got put away in 1998 i think

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