Sandusky’s judge worked for Second Mile

If  you thought the case against Jerry Sandusky could not get worse, you were wrong:

The judge who granted bail to former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky was a volunteer for his Second Mile charity, according to her biography on her former law firm’s website.

Sandusky was arrested on Nov. 5 and charged with 40 counts of sexual abuse of young boys over a 15-year period.

Deadspin, a sports blog, reported that upon Sandusky’s arraignment, prosecutors requested $500,000 bail for Sandusky. They also wanted him to wear a leg monitor.

However, Judge Leslie Dutchcot freed Sandusky on $100,000 unsecured bail, meaning he’ll only have to pay if he doesn’t show up for court.

The judge’s profile on her former law firm’s website states that she volunteered at the Second Mile, the same organization where Sandusky allegedly found his victims.

I am not one for conspiracy theories, but I must admit this looks a lot like a conspiracy. We already have at least half a dozen people who knew or heard of Sandusky abusing boys and did nothing. We already have an investigation against Sandusky that ended in dismissal. We already had a prosecutor go missing, along with the hard drive from his laptop. We already have the board of The Second Mile banning Sandusky from contact with children, but not reporting him to the police. And now we have a judge who volunteered at the charity letting Sandusky out on unsecured bail.

Judge Dutchcot should have recused herself. This sort of this always looks bad, and there was no excuse for not stepping down and letting another judge deal with this. Now it looks like she let him out as a favor.

Also in the news is a 1987 interview NBC did with Sandusky. In the interview Sandusky states:

I enjoy being around children. I enjoy their enthusiasm I just have a good time with them.  Everybody needs people to care for them. Sometimes they don’t want it. Sometimes they don’t understand what you’re trying to do, but they want to be disciplined. Kids are growing up awfully fast today.

Yes, in light of the allegations that sounds incredibly disturbing. Yes, it is possible that he was abusing children at that time. Yes, it is possible that he may have meant something else by his comments. However, it is also possible that Sandusky genuinely meant what he stated.

I know people want to view him as a monster. I completely agree that his acts, which I think happened, are monstrous. Yet that does not mean it is impossible that he genuinely helped some kids. This man may have done horrible things, but he may have also done good things. He may have really meant what he said without any nefarious motives.  I am not writing that to defend him, only to check people before they start turning every remark Sandusky ever made into some underhanded sex-based comment.

12 thoughts on “Sandusky’s judge worked for Second Mile

  1. TS: If Sandusky did any good things for Second Mile it was an afterthought. I’ve read he was an only child and his parents helped out with the youth fitness center he attended, downstairs from their apartment. By all appearences Sandusky’s parents were upstanding people so I speculate someone at the fitness center molested him.

    Of course appearences can be deceptive and speculate is just a fancy word for guess. He may have learned his behavior from his father at the fitness center. Could have been anywhere.

    Wherever his sick obsession originated it goes back a long way. With his sexual proclivity for boys going unchecked he evolved into a serial child rapist. I personally believe he started his Second Mile charity, with conscious forethought, to have unlimited sexual access to “at-risk” kids. For an upstanding serial child rapist in the community it was a win-win-win. Access to kids, I believe a salary and social kudos for being a great guy.

    And in all his jock arrogance, as instilled by the American educational system, he still thinks he’s a great guy. So does Paterno.

  2. By all appearences Sandusky’s parents were upstanding people so I speculate someone at the fitness center molested him.

    By all appearences Sandusky was an upstanding person. Appearances can be deceiving. Perhaps Sandusky was molested. Perhaps he was not. Perhaps this is just his normal behavior. We do not know.

    He may have started the charity with the intent to abuse boys. He may have also started it out of a genuine desire to help boys. The two are not mutually exclusive. Of course, I have no doubt Sandusky thinks he is a great guy.

  3. Heard the Bob Costas interview with Sandusky this morning. Very creepy. His attorney was also there and claimed several of the boys involved will deny the abuse when asked to testify. Particularly the boy in the shower witnessed by McQueary. The lawyer claimed it was “interesting” that they have “identified” the boy while the commonwealth could not.

    What’s so interesting? Of course they could identify him, Sandusky was there, naked, “snapping towels” and “horsing around” with the boy.

    I have a terrible feeling the boy, now a young man, may have already settled out of court.

  4. Rev, it is also possible that the young does not see anything wrong with what happened. Two brothers that I know were abused by their father and uncle. Neither of them think of it as abuse, and to my knowledge they continue engage in sex acts with them.

    I am really surprised that Sanduksy’s lawyer let him give that interview. It is so incriminating and so bad. Who pauses when asked if they are sexually attracted to boys? Who rambles on about how they enjoy kids before realizing the correct answer to that question is ‘no’?

    I also heard on the news that 10 more boys may be coming forward, so even if Sandusky’s lawyer can get one victim to say nothing happened, there will still be more boys.

  5. TS: Those two brother’s story is tragic as it is disturbing. If they should ever have children of their own they are most likely going to carry on the family “tradition.” Reminds me of an indepth lecture I attended at college about intergenerational incest in Appalachia. It’s horrible. People already born with birth defects caused by incestuous pregnancies knowingly engaged in sex with the next generation. They could see the birth defects get worse in subsequent generations but continued the behavior anyway. Men and women alike.

    I too know of someone who continued a sexual relation with his mother well into adulthood. It destroyed his life.

    Back to Sandusky, I’m also pretty stunned his lawyer let him give the interview. Anyone who suspected him before the interview is now probably convinced of his guilt. I know I am.

    I heard there were more victims coming forward several days ago and then the story disappeared. You’re right. It’s sad there are so many, but there’s no way they’ll all change their story.

    If there is any consolation, the magnitude of the crime and the fact it was covered up by a major university athletic department has finally made preventing the sexual abuse of boys a national priority.

  6. If there is any consolation, the magnitude of the crime and the fact it was covered up by a major university athletic department has finally made preventing the sexual abuse of boys a national priority.

    For now. The same outrage happened ten years ago when the Boston dioceses made news for ignoring priests who raped boys. Yet nothing happened. The media moved on to other stories, and people dropped the matter altogether. It is easy to rage about this when it makes news. It takes more to actually try to do something about this. The thing I have noticed is that most of the people raging about this have not mentioned one organization that helps abused boys. What are people going to do? Are they going to donate to groups like 1in6? Will they seek out local groups that help boys? Will they even talk about this once the media cycle dies down?

  7. This is a very interesting link to CNN:

    It has some exerpts from Sandusky’s book including where he describes going to visit a boy from Second Mile who’d just been admitted to a psychiatric ward. The boy starts screaming for him to get out when he walked in the room. A harrowing story in retrospect. Unfortunately with all the scandal, demand for his book went through the roof. It’s gone for as much as $100 a copy.

    Also has video clips and links that are worth checking out. The link to Don Lemon’s interview mentions that not only does Pennsylvania not have mandatory reporting laws, but Sandusky’s incident in the shower would be legally considered rape had the victim been a girl. Since it was a boy it is only considered “deviate sexual behavior.”

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