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12-year-old murder suspect to be charged as adult, plea deal unlikely — Twelve-year-old Cristian Fernandez will be tried as an adult, and is unlikely to get a plea deal for the murder of his two-year old brother. CBS Miami reports prosecutors believe that in March 2011, Fernandez acted with premeditation when he violently pushed his brother into a bookcase and beat him while his mother was out. The two-year-old victim died two days later from a fractured skull and bleeding in the brain. Fernandez is the youngest person ever charged with first degree murder in Jacksonville.

Abuse victims standing up in wake of coach scandals — A national furor over sexual misconduct by college athletic coaches may offer at least one collateral benefit: Experts say hidden victims are being stirred to step forward and press charges against sports and athletic mentors, thereby protecting others from abuse. “These incidents have bolstered victims’ feelings that there is credibility to what happened to them,” said Mary Koss, co-editor of two volumes for the American Psychological Association titled, “Violence Against Women and Children.” Two recent Arizona cases appear to fit that pattern: A longtime faculty member with Brophy College Preparatory was fired amid accusations that he molested students at the Phoenix school years ago.

California prison psychologist charged with faking her own rape to trick husband into moving — Authorities allege a woman was so determined to convince her husband of a need to move to a safer neighborhood that she faked being raped. She split her own lip with a pin, scraped her knuckles with sandpaper, had her friend punch her in the face, and even wet her pants to give the appearance she had been knocked unconscious, authorities said Friday. Charges filed by the Sacramento County district attorney allege Laurie Ann Martinez, a prison psychologist, conspired with the friend to create the appearance that she was beaten, robbed and raped by a stranger in April in her Sacramento home.

DA believes 2 SU ball boys’ claims of being sexually abused by Bernie Fine — District Attorney William Fitzpatrick today said he believes former Syracuse University ball boy Bobby Davis and stepbrother Michael Lang’s allegations they were sexually molested by associate SU basketball coach Bernie Fine. An audio tape Davis made of a phone conversation with Fine’s wife helped corroborate Davis’ sex abuse claims, Fitzpatrick said. He called the tape “devastating.” But for the passage of the statute of limitations, Fine would have been arrested and prosecuted — at least on the misdemeanor charge of third-degree sexual abuse — had Davis and Lang come forward earlier, the DA said.

Fleury says ex-coach should serve 25 years for abuse — Former NHL forward Theo Fleury says that the coach who abused him when he was a junior hockey star should have to spend the next quarter-century in prison. Fleury spoke to CTV’s Canada AM on Thursday about his reaction to a guilty plea from Graham James, the disgraced coach who repeatedly abused junior hockey players under his watch. On Wednesday, James pleaded guilty to repeated sexual assaults on Fleury and another former junior player who cannot be identified under a court order, over a period from 1983 to 1994. 

Scouts Canada apologizes to sex abuse victims — Scouts Canada issued a blanket apology Thursday to any former scouts who were sexually abused by its volunteer leaders. The youth organization also announced that it has hired an outside company to review its past records and appointed an expert panel to examine whether its current child protection policies are working. Steve Kent, the organization’s chief commissioner, said in a video and written statement that the organization “sincerely and deeply” apologizes to any and all former scouts who suffered harm at the hands of leaders.

Third Alleged Victim of Bernie Fine Abuse, May Be Lying — Zach Tomaselli, the 23-year-old who came forward as the third victim to allege he was molested by former Syracuse University assistant basketball coach Bernie Fine, has admitted to sexually abusing a 13-year-old from Maine. In what is commonly known in the sex assault world as the “cycle of abuse,” Tomaselli has also said he was abused by his own father, a charge that he denies. Tomaselli, who is from Lewiston, Maine, met the boy he allegedly abused, who is now 14, at a camp where he served as a counselor.

Three arrested for sexually exploiting men captured in social networks — National Police agents have broken up a group dedicated to the sexual exploitation of men in an apartment in Madrid. They were recruited through social networks in Brazil and deceived by false promises about the work they were to play in Spain. The victims contracted a debt of € 4,000 to the organization and had to pay 1,200 euros per month for the steps taken to bring to Spain. Also, not allowed to leave the house until dawn, if they were tired they were forced to take drugs to enhance libido. Three detainees have so far identified five victims.

Woman charged with rape of teenage boys — A 30-year-old Goltry woman was been charged with eight felonies in Alfalfa County accusing her of having sex with boys ages 13 to 15. Micha Rose Dirksen was charged Thursday with four counts of second-degree rape and four counts of forcible sodomy. She also was charged with three felony counts of transmitting information by computer for purpose of instigating sexual conduct with a minor and five misdemeanor counts of furnishing tobacco products to a minor. Dirksen was arraigned on the charges Friday before Judge Loren E. Angle, who set her bond at $100,000, online court records show.

Woman threatens to cry ‘rape’ over `1,000 loan, boy ends life — A 17-year-old boy committed suicide earlier this week allegedly because he was afraid that he might be falsely arrested in a rape case if he didn’t repay a loan of Rs 1,000 to his friend’s sister, the police said. On Wednesday, the Borivli police arrested Jyoti Pillai, 24, for allegedly abetting the suicide of Ritesh Singh, a resident of Gorai. According to the Borivli police, Pillai, who works in a private firm in Malad and also lives in Gorai, was upset that her younger brother had given Singh the money without her approval. “Around 15 days ago, Pillai’s brother Ganesh had given Singh Rs 1,000 as he needed the money to buy medicines for his grandmother.

Women who abuse boys — When Mixo* was a boy growing up in Limpopo, a woman who lived in a nearby hut would call one of the boys playing outside to come and see her. The first time she called him, she asked the boy to take off his pants. Afraid, he ran away. But after some of his friends came out boasting about having sex, he got curious. The next time she called, he also had sex. Mixo was 10-years-old at the time. Now in his late 20s, Mixo says he could not even have imagined telling anyone. At the time, he thought that was how things were suppose to be, and did not see anything wrong with it. For the boys, it was an opportunity to boast to each other about their “manhood” capabilities.

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