It’s a “conspiracy”

Jerry Sandusky is so going to prison. It is not a matter of credible evidence against him. Rather, it is the utter incompetence of his lawyer that will land him in prison. Joe Amendola claims that several of the victims in the case plotted with each other to take Sandusky down for money:

“We know for a fact that Accusers No. 2 and 6 know each other, and we believe No. 7 also knows 2 and 6, and it’s quite possible that No. 4 knows all of those three,” Amendola told Glor.

And? Unless Amendola can prove that the four of them spoke with each other, all he has is a wild accusation that would get sustained before he could finish his question.

But let us assume those four are lying in part or in full. What about the other six? Are they all lying? Why is it that they all have similar stories despite the time between their accounts? Since all but two of them came forward before any information about the accusations made national news and they came forward at different times, just how did they plan this elaborate plot? Better yet, why not just sue Sandusky from the beginning? It is much easier to win a civil suit than a criminal case.

If this is all Amendola has, he might as well tell Sandusky to take a plea deal because it will not go well for him if this goes to trial. This crazy defense just is not going to work, but Amendola tried to explain his methods:

“Jerry Sandusky has had an uphill battle that I’ve compared to climbing Mt. Everest from the bottom,” Amendola told Glor, “and the only way, the only way I think we can give him a chance at a fair day in court is to get his side of his case out, so we’ve had to act in a very unorthodox way, and I’m sure there are a lot of legal pundits out there scratching their heads saying what are we doing?”

No kidding.

Sandusky’s best defense was first to keep his mouth shut or to have spoken as little as possible. He should not have given two interviews, let alone said the things he said. Nothing he has done makes him at all likable or sympathetic. Actually, he is barely pitiable because each time he or Amendola says something they look worse.

The strangest thing was Amendola waiving the preliminary hearing. While it is clear that there is more than enough for the case to go to trial, Amendola gave up his chance to question the accusers before things got underway. While he might not have been able to chip away at their stories, he could have locked them in to a particular narrative so that if they changed their stories at trial he could nail them with it and impeach their testimony.

Honestly, I am not even a lawyer and I know to do that.

This is going to end badly no matter what happens, but the least Amendola can do is stop making it worse.

5 thoughts on “It’s a “conspiracy”

  1. It looks like Mr A is going to see what happens Friday. McQueary is expected to take the stand in the Perjury hearings for Curly and Schultz.

    It would seem that Mr A is hoping that there will be queries raised over McQueary’s testimony to the Grand Jury and in court Friday. As Perjury is a difficult case to prove, charges could be dropped. Mr A would wish to capitalize on that and has already indicated that if McQueary is not seen as credible all other claims are to be seen as none credible. He is waging a war against the accusers – and his antics on Tuesday were about gaining media time and also attempting to have the case tried in the Court Of the Public Media. Mr A claims he told the DA Monday evening that the hearing was to be waived – the DA seems unaware of being notified. I’m sure that if the DA had received notice Monday Night the media would have been briefed in advance under an embargo. It is normal practice. Could Mr A Be Hinting that The DA is incompetent?

    Is he after a Plea Bargain from the DA – one that means Dotty won’t have to testify?

    Under the charges filed she has no protection as spouse and can be called to testify even as a hostile witness for the prosecution. An anomaly under Pennsylvania law.

    The Grand Jury has to have been wondering how it was possible for Dotty and others to have no idea of events. The second presentment put Dotty on the stand and in the firing line.

    The Grand Jury is still sitting. Will there be a third presentment?

  2. Mediahound, if Amendola is after a plea deal, the public posturing does not make sense. He could keep saying his client is innocent and refuse to make any other comment. Instead, it looks like he wants to chip away at the accusers’ credibility. I doubt we will see anything happen to Dottie. If the state thinks she knew anything, they would make a deal with her that would keep her out of jail.

  3. It would seem that Amendola has accepted one deal already – waive and no application for increased bail or detention.

    I have been reviewing one case that does not follow the US Model – it occurred in the UK. Far less media involved as legally there are far more reporting restrictions pre during and post trial.

    When the case was finished and media reporting was allowed – the guy was found guilty – there was a massive increase in additional victims coming forward and making report. It’s only anecdotal, but one of the investigating officers in the case and also the prosecutors were interested in delay and post trial emergence.

    Two factors came out loud and clear 1) A number of victims had real problems in placing their own experience in context and in a personal rational framework – so having seen others report matters in court it assisted them in doing this and being able to report.

    2) Being aware of others who are damaged and affected but able to show publicly that they are men – masculine – and that what they say will be accepted by a Judge gave them sufficient confidence to report. Lack of willingness by “Authority Figures” – family members – school figures – police – to accept past reports was overcome when a higher authority figure did accept events.

    I can see many reasons to waive – but there is something else going on here – call it a gut hunch – but there is something on the chess board that has not yet been brought into play.

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