Those not in the know

According to a recent article, none of the Second Mile board members knew anything about the 2002 allegations against Jerry Sandusky:

Former board members of Jerry Sandusky’s charity say its CEO never told them about a 2002 shower incident that is the focus of child sexual abuse charges against the retired Penn State assistant coach. If they knew Sandusky had been banned from bringing kids on campus, they say they could have taken steps to better protect children a decade ago.

“Not one thing was said to us,” said Bradley P. Lunsford, a Centre County judge who served on the Second Mile board between 2001 and 2005. “Not a damn thing.”

If more information had been given to board members, they “would have asked the follow-up question: Why? You don’t know? Who knows? Who can we talk to? Has this been reported to the police?” Lunsford said. “I guarantee you there would have been a competition among all those people to be the first to ask the question, ‘Why is he not allowed on campus?”‘

According to them, Jack Raykovitz, who ran the organization until he resigned due to the scandal, never told anyone about what he knew. He also did not share much information about the 2008 charges that led to Sandusky’s arrest.

The lack of information sharing was not limited to Rakovitz. His wife, Katherine Genovese, also withheld information about Sandusky. She apparently knew about the allegations against him, which may have prompted this exchange:

[Gerald] Rosamilia, the Clinton County youth services chief, said he had informed Raykovitz’s wife in November 2008 that his office was terminating its relationship with The Second Mile because of an abuse complaint. He said he had not identified the target of that complaint, but that Genovese eventually guessed correctly that it was Sandusky.

Rosamilia, who said he mentioned his conversation with Genovese to investigators working on the current prosecution, also recalled Genovese saying that a member of The Second Mile board planned to speak with Sandusky about staying away from Second Mile events involving children.

It is difficult to believe no one at the Second Mile knew of any of the allegations against Sandusky. If this man were as prolific as his victims’ claim, it seems probable that someone would have heard something about this. If they were all kept in the dark, it shows how much Sandusky’s prestige helped him. Few people would enjoy that level of cover-up.

However, if some of these people claiming to know nothing were aware of the allegations against Sandusky, that shows how much people may protect themselves rather than protect children.

2 thoughts on “Those not in the know

  1. Well that clears second mile to be sued – and for second mile to sue ex-employees and current ones too for breach of contract.

    I can see many folks having tried to hide assets – even if their asses couldn’t be hidden.

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