You’re not helping v1

Originally posted on December 19, 2010

About a week ago aych sent me a link to a segment featured on The Young Turks. The clip is of Cenk Uygur responding to a 911 call that was featured in some news reports. Several of the reporters found the call funny because, as we all know, men being assaulted by abusive girlfriends is always funny. Take a listen for yourself.

Now, it is obvious why people found the 911 call funny. It is a call from what sounds like an effeminate man who is being attacked by his girlfriend. The man’s mannerisms should not matter, but people are hardly as compassionate and forgiving as they claim. As the female commentator noted, no one would laugh at a 911 call of a woman screaming in agony as her boyfriend, who handcuffed himself to her, bit her. However, anytime a man does not fit the expected mold, whatever happens to him is humorous.

Another obvious thing is that the 911 operator did a piss poor job of helping the man. She not only does not seem to take the call seriously, but she did not seem to pay attention to anything the man said to her. He informed her from the start that he was handcuffed to the woman attacking him, yet the operator asked him whether he could go into another room to get away from the woman biting him, as if he could and as if  that never occurred to him.

What really does the damage is Uygur’s response. Initially he seemed to be on the man’s side, but within a few minutes he was giggling as the man screamed from being bitten. And he continued to do it. After the call played through, Uygur’s commentary essentially mocked the man for reacting as he did.

Granted, Uygur did make some valid points about how men are allowed to respond to female violence, namely that men are taught to take it and not fight back even when it is reasonable that they should. As he noted, it is possible the man from the call was bigger than the woman assaulting him and may have been able to defend himself but for the idiotic social norm that men should never, ever lay a hand on a woman, despite that women are allowed to do whatever they want to men.

Yet those valid points are not helped by Uygur mocking the man’s assault. Just because the man screamed a certain way or spoke a certain way does not mean his abuse is funny, let alone trivial. The irony of the clip is that Uygur’s response is so typical that the woman who brought the 911 call to show the double-standard against men actually ended up mocking the man.

So despite the best intentions, neither of them helped. All they did was reinforce the idea that women assaulting men is funny, although they both agreed the operator sucked at her job.

5 thoughts on “You’re not helping v1

  1. Where’s your sense of humor, TS?

    Women’s violence is always excusable! That’s why women should be allowed to dish it out with impunity.

    Don’t you understand the meaning of Equality,

  2. Toysoldier, do you know where the footage came from? Is it part of an article because there might be a chance to call out these people on their behaviour towards something very serious,

  3. A few years back I would have thought it was hilarious as well.
    It’s only fairly recently that I’ve started thinking “‘Hang on a minute…”

    Interesting that in this case and The Talk clip, as soon as one person basically said it’s ok to crack jokes, everybody else piles in.

  4. In a way I think it’s worse for a woman to beat a man for two reasons, there isn’t much support out there for abused men, and so they must feel even more isolated and alone than an abused woman does, and secondly, men tending to be physically stronger than women, only a very sweet man allows himself to be beaten by a woman, and any woman who treats such a man so badly is an animal.

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