Bulletin Board v146

Bernie Fine accuser pleads guilty to child sex abuse charges in Maine — One of the men who has accused former Syracuse University assistant basketball coach Bernie Fine of sexual abuse pleaded guilty Tuesday to charges that he himself sexually abused a Maine boy. Zachary Tomaselli, 23, appeared in court the day after being arrested for allegedly violating his bail by giving a car ride to a minor. Tomaselli was not allowed to have contact with anyone under 18 outside of work. Tomaselli pleaded to four of the 11 counts against him, including gross sexual assault, and, according to his defense attorney, he faces a maximum penalty of 3 years and 3 months, reports CBS affiliate WGME. He will be free on bail until sentencing in February.

Investigation reveals abuse suspected months before Sturgis boy was beaten to death — An exclusive ABC 57 News investigation revealed that the Department of Child Services knew about and even investigated abuse before police found 10-year-old Tramelle Sturgis beaten to death inside his home last month. ABC 57 news poured through the documents obtained from the Department of Child Services. The documents show that back in May one call was made to DCS and hours later another call was made to police reporting abuse at the Sturgis home. The first caller said that for the past three years three adults had been beating all 10 children who lived at the Sturgis residence. The person went on to say Dellia Castille, Tramelle’s grandmother, along with father Terry Sturgis and aunt Tiffany Sturgis, often used 2×4’s to beat the kids.

Paedophile judgment ‘a crying shame’ — The Western Cape High Court has upheld convicted paedophile Ian Appleton’s appeal against a five-year jail sentence for the serial rape of a boy whose parents he had befriended for 50 years. The rapes between 2007 and 2009 started when the boy was seven. The Paarl Regional Court convicted the 73-year-old retired accountant in December 2010 and in March sentenced him to five years behind bars. In April, his R10 000 bail was doubled pending his appeal.

Retired detective describes 1998 Sandusky investigation — Retired University Park Detective Ronald Schreffler believed he had enough evidence in 1998 to charge then-Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky with something after the man admitted to a boy’s mother to showering naked with her son. “At the very minimum, there was enough evidence for some charges, like corruption of minors,” Mr. Schreffler said on Wednesday, the day after Mr. Sandusky chose to waive his preliminary hearing on 52 counts that accuse him of molesting 10 boys over the last several years.

Sex-abuse survivor Jimmy Carlino doesn’t want alleged Syracuse and Penn State victims to suffer in silence — When Jimmy Carlino first accused former Christ the King Regional High School basketball coach Bob Oliva of sexual abuse in 2008, Oliva and school officials tried to discredit him, writing him off as a crackpot looking for a quick payday. Carlino was vindicated in April, when Oliva pleaded guilty to sexual abuse charges in a Boston courtroom. Carlino will talk about his experience at 2:30 pm on Friday on DeFoRadio.com, the web station run by South Florida radio personality Jeff De Forest. (Here is the link: http://www.deforadio.com/) Carlino recently sent the Daily News an open letter to the alleged victims in the Penn State and Syracuse sex-abuse scandals about what he went through after he went public about the abuse, and what they can expect.

Sexual Abuse By Teen Girls Likely Underreported — Teenage girls who admit to sexually abusing others are more likely to indulge in victim-blaming and to be preoccupied by sex than their peers who aren’t sexual offenders, a new study finds. The findings are similar to what is seen in men, researchers report in the December issue of The Journal of Sexual Medicine. Female sex offenders are less common than male sex offenders, but women who sexually abuse are under-studied, said lead researcher Cecilia Kjellgren of the department of child and adolescent psychiatry at Lund University.

Sexual abuse victims speaking out, but not always publicly — Other victims of sexual abuse as children are finding their voices in the wake of the Penn State University scandal, only most not so publicly or dramatically. This week, three women and a man accused Philadelphia Daily News sports columnist Bill Conlin, a Largo resident, of molesting them as children in the 1970s. One who is now a prosecutor in Atlantic City said they spoke out because the case against former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky reminded them of the secrecy that characterized their own victimization.

SlutWalk: Manufacturing Myths about ‘Myths’ — I grew up in a middle class family, like the majority of most Singaporeans. Most of the people I have met are ordinary citizens walking the straight and narrow. Whenever the people I know hear about a sexual assault, they express sympathy for the victim. Maybe that’s why, in all my life, I have never seen victim blaming, rape culture, or slut shaming. Or maybe SlutWalk is making them up. SlutWalk is the latest, most visible offshoot of radical feminism. The cornerstones of SlutWalk’s ideology – victim blaming, rape culture, slut shaming – is extremely similar to that of radical feminism on sexual violence.

3 thoughts on “Bulletin Board v146

  1. Seriously, whenever I hear news like this I think my teeth will break from all this grinding or something.

  2. @TS…

    I wonder if you’ve seen this…

    Baby Love by Christen Clifford circa 2005

    It is a couple of years old but quite disturbing. How many times and in how many ways have we been assured that women cannot possibly be paedophiles?

  3. IAN APPLETON, paedophile, is to appear in the Paarl Regional Court on Friday 24th February 2012 yet again for sentencing! This is making a mockery of the judicial system. PLEASE be supportive of the BRAVE family that have been trying to have this monster jailed for years now.

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