Under scrutiny

It appears that people are finally beginning to question what Dorothy “Dottie” Sandusky knew about her husband’s alleged acts against boys:

[…] Dottie Sandusky has been under increased scrutiny herself. Several of the boys told a grand jury that they spent days and nights at the Sandusky home, went along on family vacations and were fixtures in the family’s life.

In the most recent indictment, a boy told the grand jury that he was being assaulted by Jerry Sandusky in the basement bedroom of the Sandusky home. He said he screamed for help, knowing Dottie was upstairs, but no help came.

Another alleged victim said that Dottie, Jerry and a family friend called him with something “important” after he talked to police, according to the grand jury report. Yet another pair of boys said to the attorneys representing them that they were invited to the family home for a “reunion” after the investigation was under way.

While it is entirely possible that she could not have known about anything, it seems unlikely in this case. Jerry had so many boys visiting his home and staying there for days that it is difficult to believe that Dottie would not have seen, heard, or noticed something. This is particularly true given the at-risk kids they were taking in. One would believe she would notice any changes just out of basic compassion and concern.

There is also the chance that she is in denial and does not want to admit that her husband would do such terrible things. She may not want to consider the chance that he may have done these things to their adopted children. There is a lot at stake for her, so turning a blind eye could have protected her from the emotional turmoil familial child abuse causes.

The article mentions that the Sanduskys are considering making a joint public statement. One would hope they would, after seeing Jerry’s last two interviews, realize that the third time is not the charm. Jerry will only make himself look worse, and dragging his wife into will not help him or her.

2 thoughts on “Under scrutiny

  1. Are there not still two cases being handled by Child Protection Services where there has been no charges as yet?

    And what is the date of Sandusky’s next court hearing?

    I smell a little fishy – and I’m wondering who holds the net?

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