2011 in review

This has certainly been a wild year. From court cases to politics to the weather, there has been nothing but turmoil.

Here is a little of what happened this year:

  • The earthquake and tsunami in Japan
  • Casey Anthony got acquitted
  • Charlie Sheen melted down
  • President Obama had Osama bin Laden assassinated and no one cared
  • John Boehner managed to get through months of blocking Obama without crying
  • Herman Cain
  • The Penn State rape cases
  • The hellish tornado season in the Midwest
  • The near collapse — again — of the American and global ecomonies
  • Rick… Rick… wait, I know this…
  • Thomas Ball lit himself on fire, and ironically received feminist scorn
  • Dominic Strauss Kahn got accused of rape
  • Feminists blamed men’s rights activists for Anders Breivik’s terrorist attack
  • The Arab Spring
  • Occupy Wall Street
  • And my personal favorite, President Obama roasts Donald Trump the night he orders the assassination of bin Laden

This is just a little bit of the insanity that happened this year. I can only imagine that 2012 will be a much bigger mess.

What moments from 2011 stood out to you?


10 thoughts on “2011 in review

  1. The ongoing assassination of Assange would be one.

    My favourite would be the glee with which western leaders greeted the killing of Gadhaffi even after the imposition of shariah law by the new mob.

    Both situations demonstrate the moral vacuum that exists in western leadership.

  2. Don’t forget Obama ending the year by signing the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) into law, which basically allows the U.S. to indefinitely detain anyone suspected of terrorism without trial.


  3. About bin Laden being assassinated… You have to admit that he didn’t exactly cooperatively give himself-up to law enforcement and, on top of it, didn’t really seem all that amenable to being taken alive either. Its kind of tough to serve a search warrant in that part of the world, no?

    And people DID care- they thought it was friggin’ awesome. Except for maybe you and Glenn Greenwald (in a post responding to the then-recent Brevik slayings in Norway, Glenn was all set to exculpate a Muslim gunman. After all- Norway was flying airplanes over Libya! What do you expect when you bomb a Muslim country? Well, Glenn sure dropped that line of argument in a hurry when it turned-out Brevik was a Christian nutbag, eh? Interesting how this outspoken civil libertarian and gay rights dude will feel the urge to exculpate certain kinds of civil-rights denying homophobes when it helps him fulminate against The Establishment.)

    So what would you have done, eh? Rung Osama’s doorbell and offered him the phone number of a therapist? Rationally persuade him to give himself up?

  4. Aych, I am not complaining about Obama taking out bin Laden. I just found it interesting that it happened and within a few days everything turned back to the upcoming Republican primaries and the debt issue. You would think it would have stayed in the news a little longer than that.

  5. bin Laden was almost certainly dead a long time before. I don’t believe a word of that one. Fake operation.

  6. TS: Perhaps.

    By the way, it seems to me that your list somehow missed the triple nuclear meltdown which displaced 80,000 people and threw the future of the atomic power industry into question. In comparison, Charlie Sheen doesn’t register as so much as a blip.

    Oh, and Kim Jong Il died, too. That’s surely worth a mention. This year truly substantiated why the Chinese phrase ‘may you live in interesting times’ is supposed to be a curse.

    gwallan: Did it involve it a fake crashed helicopter, too?

    Give me a break. The Pakistanis sure as hell don’t seem to think it was a fake operation. That’s, like, tin-foil hat stuff that you’re saying.

  7. I am not one for conspiracy theories. Next you will be telling me that men are secretly in control of everything because men hate women.

  8. Aych, I wrote the list off the top of my head. A lot of things happened in 2011. Those were just the first things that came to mind.

  9. @Aych…

    I don’t know about tinfoil but I no longer believe anything the US government says. That particular operation was just a little too convenient.

    Given the crap the US has pulled during my lifetime it deserves the hatred and scorn it receives. It’s imminent fall will not be mourned by many – myself included.

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