Bernie Fine accuser lied

According to USA Today, one of the men who accused Bernie Fine of abusing him admitted that he lied to get back at Fine for not paying for his legal fees:

The accuser, Floyd VanHooser, wrote in a letter that he lied to police and in December interviews with the Associated Press and The Post-Standard newspaper of Syracuse. He said he wanted to get back at the coach, Bernie Fine, because Fine did not hire a lawyer to help VanHooser fight a criminal conviction.

Fine had helped raise the 56-year-old VanHooser after his parents died.

This was bound to happen. With any case that gets national attention, it is always possible that someone motivated by self-interest would claim to be a victim. Of course, like many people who admit to lying about abuse, VanHooser claims that he did have a consensual sexual relationship with Fine when he was an adult.

And of course he also points the finger at the police:

When Syracuse police detectives questioned him about Fine’s relationship with him as a child, VanHooser said he did not offer specifics.

“They suggested things and I went along with it,” VanHooser told the newspaper.

The moment the detectives walked out of the room, VanHooser said, he regretted saying Fine had abused him.

VanHooser said he was still angry with Fine about not helping him hire a lawyer so he repeated the false allegations to AP and The Post-Standard. He said he wanted “revenge” but did not think “the story would go as far as it did.”

That was an excellent way to waste the police’s time and to trash a man who, albeit accused by others of child rape, helped raise you.


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