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Boy Scouts Accused of Cover Up — An attorney for the Boys Scouts of America and the Los Padres Council in Santa Barbara argued against a tentative ruling that could force the release of documents related to sexual abuse within the BSA. The ruling would shed light on accusations that the Boy Scouts never reported to police. Attorney Tim Hale says that was almost the case back in 2007. That’s when Hale says the mother of a 13-year-old scout told a Boy Scout executive that her son said he had been sexually molested by troop leader Al Stein at a Scout Christmas tree lot in Goleta.

The day my wife beat me up because she hated my haircut — The first time my ex-wife’s temper turned from vicious insults into violence was after I’d had a haircut she didn’t like. She dragged me down the hall by my hair, punching the back of my neck. Soon after, she repeatedly hit me on the head with a telephone receiver after she didn’t approve of the way I’d spoken to my mum. And, most absurdly, she set about my shins with a child’s plastic golf club after I’d hung my underwear out to dry without folding it the right way. Did I say anything to anyone? Or leave her? No, I didn’t. For, like thousands of other male victims of domestic violence, I was mortally ashamed of what was happening to me, convinced if only I was a better husband, these attacks would stop.

Hamid Karzai condemns alleged Afghan child abuse by British soldiers — The soldiers, reportedly a sergeant and a private from the Mercian Battle Group, were arrested over claims they had made films as they encouraged a boy and a girl to touch them through their clothing, and showed the videos to their comrades. An investigation has been launched by the Royal Military Police. The allegations were made less than a week after film emerged of United States Marines urinating on the bodies of Taliban fighters killed in battle. Mr Karzai’s office said: “The government of Afghanistan is immensely disgusted by the rise in recent incidents of immoral nature among foreign soldiers that clearly undermine public confidence and the Afghan people’s co-operation with foreign troops.”

Haverstraw woman, 33, accused of sex with teen — A 33-year-old dental assistant has been charged with having sexual intercourse four times with a 15-year-old boy at her village apartment since early January, police said Friday. Police arrested Viviana Urbino on Wednesday following an investigation based upon a complaint filed by the boy’s mother. Lt. Martin Lund said Friday that the investigation found Urbino met the boy this month for the first time during a social function in the village.

Mother raped own daughter for ‘sex education’ — A mother of four who raped her 11-year-old daughter and filmed it as a form of “sex education” has been jailed for four years in Australia. The 37-year-old woman from Queensland’s Sunshine Coast made three films using her mobile phone showing her raping her youngest child and exposed her to other sexual activity “in response to repeated questions,” The Sunshine Daily reported. Judge John Robertson said sexual offenses against children by their own mothers were “rare,” describing the relationship between mother and child as “seminal in our society.” 

Priest accused of sexually abusing boys over 20 years — CATHOLIC priest Alexander Bede Walsh befriended boys ‘in awe’ of his position before sexually abusing them in swimming pools and at their family homes, a court heard. The 58-year-old, pictured right, is on trial accused of 27 counts of sexual abuse on eight boys over a 20-year period. Some of the boys were as young as seven when the incidents allegedly took place between July 1974 and December 1994. Walsh served as a priest in Cheadle for 14 years.

Priest sex trial: Boy was disgusted at ‘abuse’ by priest — A TEENAGER was so upset after being sexually abused by a priest that he tried to kill himself, a court heard. The alleged victim is one of eight people who have come forward to claim they were abused by Alexander Bede Walsh as youngsters. The alleged abuse is said to have taken place over 20 years between 1974 and 1994. Walsh, aged 58, is currently on trial at Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court facing 27 charges including indecent assault and indecency.

Sex offender, Satanist accused of abusing boy — A Murfreesboro man who is a registered sex offender has been charged with aggravated child abuse in connection with the brutal assault of his girlfriend’s 5-year-old son. Forty-year-old John “J.D.” Lotts Jr., who is a self-described member of the Church of Satan, was arrested Jan. 10 when police helped a caseworker from the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services who was investigating abuse allegations locate the child and his 23-year-old mother, Elizabeth A. Hoagland, at an apartment on Willowbrook Drive.

Woman, 48, sentenced to 30 YEARS in jail for having sex with boy, 13, who was staying in her home — A 48 year old woman has been jailed for 30 years for having sex with a 13 year old boy. Paula Sue Starr was told she will serve at least 20 years behind bars and 10 years on probation after her victim’s family called her a ‘monster’. Starr admitted having sex with the teen during the four days he was in her care in 2009. The mother of one wept in court as her victim’s mother read out an impact statement in which she described how her son’s life had been ruined. She said she son had recurring nightmares and psychological damage as a result of the sexual encounter at Starr’s home in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Woman Rapes 16 Year Old Boy — The police in Mitooma district have arrested a 32 -year- old woman for allegedly forcing a 16-year-old boy into sex. The Police identified the woman as Flavia Kyokumuka, a resident of Katagata cell in Mitooma town council.Mitooma Police criminal investigations officer Jackson Mugisha said the accused waylaid the boy on Sunday at around 9:00pm. The victim was reportedly returning from his mother’s shop in Mitooma town. Mugisha said the woman was in the company of another man who reportedly helped her to commit the crime. He said preliminary investigations showed that the boy was grabbed by the man first and then the woman jumped on him demanding for sex.

Women Feel Pain More than Men: Study — A new study suggests that women may feel pain more intensely than men do. Using the hospital records of 11,000 patients, researchers found that there were notable differences in human pain perception between men in women across diabetes, arthritis, respiratory infections and a number of other diseases, Scientific American reported. The study, published in the Jan. 16 issue of the Journal of Pain, is the largest of its kind to analyze the differences of pain perception between the sexes. However, it’s just a baby step into understanding how pain is felt among men and women. Because pain is subjective, researchers don’t know for sure if women actually feel more pain than men – they just know women report a higher intensity of pain to their doctors.

9 thoughts on “Bulletin Board v149

  1. “Judge John Robertson said sexual offenses against children by their own mothers were “rare,” ”

    – Rare?? Does this judge live under a cliff somewhere?

    Nothing is more annoying when instead of doing their job and applying the law, people start dishing out their ridiculous preconceived notions. What an idiot this judge is. That horrible woman should rot in jail for what she did to her kid. Four years she got for this horrible crime, four years, that’s all. I’m completely appalled.

    “A 48 year old woman has been jailed for 30 years for having sex with a 13 year old boy.”

    – Now, that’s a more fitting punishment.

    “A new study suggests that women may feel pain more intensely than men do. ”

    – Voodoo science. In my country, there was a widespread belief among doctors that men feel pain more intensely and children don’t feel pain at all.

  2. Clarissa, if you read the article about women feeling more pain than men, the researchers admit that they do not know if women actually do feel more pain. All they know is that women report feeling more pain than men do.

    I was amazed by the different sentences. I do not agree with the thirty-year sentence, yet four years for raping a child is too little.

  3. Well, TS, we are given very little information on the cases.
    I’d like to think the woman who got 30 years did something more than merely have consensual sex with the underage kid, in other words that there were aggravating factors such as alcohol or violence, but we aren’t given that information. It might also be that the “four times” spoke to more premeditation than one. Also there are tremendous differences in those kinds of cases. I think I wrote on here once about the two local incidents involving teachers:
    A. Teacher A was 25 years old, married, and had a child. She had sex in her home with 3 15 year olds that she plied with alcohol. This happened repeatedly over a period of weeks or months and she had direct control of their grades as they were in her class.
    B. Teacher B was 22 years old. She was an assistant PE instructor. She had sex with two seventeen year olds who weren’t in her class. Far as I know it was only alleged this happened once or twice. I forget if it happened at school or away from school. No alcohol or coercion was involved.

    While some people saw a difference in terms of predation, probable harm, etc, surprisingly to me some did not. And you know how ruthlessly draconion the US’s laws about sex with underage teens are, applying even to other teens themselves.

  4. Clarence, it is true we have little information about the cases. However, extremes of the sentences are revealing. Paula Star will be eligible for release in nine years, so she really will not serve 30 years. As far as I can tell from other articles about the case, the woman simply blamed alcohol for her actions. That might have prompted the stiffer sentence, even though she will likely only serve a third of it. In contrast, the Australian woman got a fairly light sentence despite raping her daughter and creating child porn. The child porn alone should have resulted in a longer sentence.

  5. “The women feel more pain” thing interests me because for years experts have been telling us “Women have higher pain thresholds, cope better with illness and are just plain tougher”
    So I’m not sure if women are actually less resilient than stated or whether women are just under less obligation to tough it out. Or “Man up” if you prefer that term.

  6. ‘“The women feel more pain” thing interests me because for years experts have been telling us “Women have higher pain thresholds, cope better with illness and are just plain tougher”’

    It simply depends on whether the mainstream media is attempting to push a “fragile women are the biggest victims and suffer the most, they need our help” angle or a “womyn are stronger, smarter, and better than menz you go grrrrl” angle. The appropriate “expert” or “study” will be selected to suit whichever agenda is being pushed.

  7. If my significant other ever thinks she can get away with verbal and/or physical abuse towards me, well shes got another thing coming. I’ll turn her into a puddle of tears without raising a hand, but by staring her down and using my Voice. Its a very powerful thing and many men don’t realize that with proper practice your voice can be a very powerful thing. Do some research.

  8. Viviana URbino case was dismissed my attorney sent you all my paperwork yet you choose to keep this article up. Why don’t you take it down?

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