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2 Ellensburg kids hospitalized in ‘gruesome’ child abuse case, police say — Two Ellensburg children are in a Seattle hospital and their mother and her boyfriend are in the Kittitas County Jail in what police are calling one of the more gruesome child abuse cases they’ve seen. The alleged abuse happened at the Anchor M apartments, just north of Central Washington University, police said. An 8-year-old boy and a 4-year-old girl were beaten so badly they had to be rushed to hospitals.

Abused children, one forced to eat vomit — Investigators say five children suffered extreme physical and emotional abuse at the hand of 65 year old Carol Schmidt. Court documents reveal unspeakable violence. Sgt. Kevin Daniels with Grady County Sheriff’s Office said, “Two boys living in the house were locked in their bedroom at night. A red five gallon bucket was placed in the bedroom where they had to use the bathroom.” In the affidavit the children detail their abuse. One child said, “{Schmidt} took her head and hit it against the corner of the door, then chocked her.” Another child said he was told she would “…get a child molester to come play with him.”

Bill would toughen Mississippi child abuse laws — The new House Republican majority flexed its muscle Thursday by defeating all but one attempt by Democrats to alter a proposed Child Protection Act and then passing it with help from conservative Democrat members. House members approved the legislation, which would require parents, teachers, physicians, nurses and a host of others to report suspected incidents of sexual abuse, by a vote of 106-9. House members held the bill for one day on a parliamentary motion before sending it to the Senate.

Committee sends child abuse reporting bill to Virginia House, response to Penn State scandal — Legislation that spells out the duties and deadlines of college coaches and other professions to report evidence of child abuse and increases punishment for those who don’t received a House committee’s unanimous blessing Thursday. The three bills are Virginia’s response to child abuse allegations that rocked Penn State’s mighty football program and forced the November firing of its legendary head coach, Joe Paterno.

GAO to investigate sexual abuse in immigrant detention centers — The U.S. Government Accountability Office announced this week it was launching an investigation of the reported widespread incidence of sexual abuse of those held in immigrant detention centers throughout the country. This announcement comes after 30 members of Congress formally requested last month that the GAO conduct such an investigation.

Hamilton High music teacher appeared to favor male students — Denton Preciado, 21, is now a sophomore at Santa Monica College majoring in cello performance. But in 2004 to 2008 he was a student in orchestra taught by Vance Miller, who is facing multiple allegations of sexual abuse. At the time, Preciado noticed that his music teacher was closer to the male students than the females, but he never gave it much thought. “I guess with his female students it was just in the classroom, he was very nice and whatnot,”

The hidden, but all too prevalent, world of neglected kids — The first time Brooke Clarkson met the 4-year-old boy, he weighed 19.6 pounds. He couldn’t talk. Four years later, he still can’t — save for a few small words. “He said my name one time, and I completely lost it,” Clarkson said. She’s a deputy juvenile officer in the Greene County Juvenile Office. She helps kids who have been abused or neglected. The boy had been virtually ignored for most of his young life.

Innocence Project evidence in rape case recanted — The Innocence Project-assisted efforts of a Missoula man to overturn his 2002 rape conviction should be rejected, prosecutors said Wednesday, for the alleged victim said last week under oath that the jailhouse rape occurred and that a statement he signed to the contrary is false. The victim — a 23-year-old man now in prison on an unrelated rape charge — also said last week that Montana Innocence Project officials “badgered” him into signing a statement in July 2010 recanting his 2002 trial testimony that he’d been raped by Cody Marble.

New Bill Increases Penalties For Child Abusers — New legislation debated Saturday in the state House of Representatives will make for more prison time for first-time and repeat child abusers. House Bill 183 would increase a first-time offense from a third-degree felony to a second-degree felony. That would allow authorities to increase the time child abusers are incarcerated.

Rochester woman who police say hid her children during possible abuse probe is indicted — A local woman was recently indicted on a falsifying physical evidence charge, after she allegedly hid her two children in a vacant apartment in March in the middle of a child abuse investigation. The grand jury indictment of Heather Tibbetts, 37, of 98 Winter St., alleges the offense occurred on March 12, 2011, and that Tibbetts conspired with Thomas Goodwin, who was the father of the children. Although her arraignment had been scheduled for Thursday, the hearing was continued and no new date has been scheduled.

Victory for male rape — It’s kind of slipped under the radar, what with media tribunal hearings and petrol shortages and the absolutely unbelievable U-turn machine that is Donovan Moodley, but something rather different happened in South Africa this past week. Someone was convicted for rape. Sorry – couldn’t resist. But this conviction was different from the norm: the defendant was a 40-old woman, and she was convicted of raping a 13-year-old boy. If that doesn’t raise your eyebrows, then they’ve been surgically riveted to your skull. The woman from the Eastern Cape raped the mentally and physically disabled boy in 2009.

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