Teacher gets twenty years for child rape

When most women who rape child get sentenced, they receive a handful of years at best. Most of them will never serve the full sentence. Most will get out within a couple of months or within a year. Shannon Alicia Schmieder was not so lucky:

Shannon Alicia Schmieder, a former Coweta County teacher assistant charged with having a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old male child, was sentenced to 40 years in prison, to serve 20, after pleading guilty Monday to two counts of child molestation, according to Coweta Judicial Circuit Senior Assistant District Kevin McMurry.

Coweta Superior Court Judge Jack Kirby imposed the sentence on the recommendation of the DA’s office. McMurry was lead prosecutor on the case.

According to the prosecutor:

The state of Georgia has very strict sentences against child molestation. When I was negotiating this sentence, I treated her like I would a male perpetrator.

We believe that children deserve to be protected. This woman groomed and enticed a young boy she knew from birth to engage in these sexual acts. I crafted the sentence to take these things into account.

We want to send a message that this will not be tolerated. I actually reduced the charge from aggravated child molestation – which carries a maximum sentence of 25 years – to child molestation – with a maximum of 20 years – but wanted to ensure she would still receive a harsh sentence which recognized the life-long impact and damage done to this child.

Children are important and they deserve to be protected. She abused her position and the trust bestowed on her from the family and she had to be punished for this.

While I do not support mandatory minimums, I do applaud the prosecutor’s willingness to treat this case as he would any case with a man. Schmieder befriended the family and acted as a mother figure for the boy. She abused and betrayed that trust, and that should not be taken lightly just because of her sex.

One thing I do find a little odd is how the boy’s mother seemed to focus only on her feelings. While it is possible that the newspaper edited her comments to focus on her, it is also possible that she only spoke about how she is dealing with this. In these kinds of situations that way of thinking is quite revealing. If this woman is that self-centered, that could have helped Schmieder in grooming the woman’s son. If he has a mother who is more concerned about herself, a predator like Schmieder can easily move in and give the boy the attention he craves.

Many people who prey on children look for situations like that. They look for inattentive or self-interested parents. They look for families where one child is left to fend for himself. They look for kids craving love and attention. It is impossible to avoid all of this, but in many cases simply being aware of the relationships your child has with people helps.

In this case it appears that the mother was at least aware of her son’s behavior because that is what prompted her to look into the situation. If more parents did that, more cases of sexual abuse could be caught.


12 thoughts on “Teacher gets twenty years for child rape

  1. The victim comes from a loving home in which all of the children receive plenty of love and attention, as well as supervision from their parents. The boy’s mother knew something wasn’t right when Shannon drove to 3 different neighborhoods looking for the boy one day to “give him a pair of shoes” when she could have left them at the house, and she wanted to get him a cell phone. What was printed in the paper was the mother’s statement regareding how she and the family were affected. The victim chose not to stand in front of a room full of family and friends make a statement about being deceived and molested by someone he trusted.

  2. The comments on daily mail article are really disappointing.

    I saw those, too. I am not surprised though. Plenty of people leave those kinds of comments.

  3. I couldn’t read the comments on the daily mail. Got as far as maybe five or ten before I said to myself “Somebody nuke the human race, please. We deserve to be put out of our misery.”

  4. Rather, the comments that outweighed the reasonable ones is when I just thought it would be better if somebody nuked the human race but good.

  5. “The state of Georgia has very strict sentences against child molestation. When I was negotiating this sentence, I treated her like I would a male perpetrator.”

    This here. This is what worries me. The judge felt it necessary to make a distinction between the gender of this assailant and that of “a male”. The fact that the assailant in this case is female is frankly irrelevant. She is a child molester and needs to be treated as such. The fact that the judge felt the need to treat her as a male shows that there is indeed an acknowledged double standard with the judicial system. One that obviously holds men to a much higher standard. So much so, that a woman can actually be “elevated” to male status if her crimes are perceived to be bad enough. Bear in mind that even in such a case, the woman is still granted special consideration in that her crime was reduced to allow for a lower minimum sentence.

  6. Jesus, that was the prosecutor who said that. I think his point was that he was not going to play into the typical “she’s a woman, so let’s left her off easy” nonsense. That was his way of acknowledging and challenging the double standard.

  7. My mistake. it was the prosecutor. I do applaud the fact that the prosecutor did make the effort to do this, though. It’s just very disappointing that there is a need to do it.

  8. I’ve heard, and it makes sense, that prosecutors plea bargain down for women fearing the jury would never convict. Not so much they want to, but recognize the public’s bias.

  9. On True Crime Report, they’ve written about cases where men have gotten probation for sex abuse of underage girls so it maybe more complicated & complex. It must be said that almost all the cases of sex abuse involving children are men convicted of sex with underage girls. Most do get prison time, but there are cases where men have gotten probation. With women convicted of sex crimes, while a case can be made that women get less punishment on the average, there are again far fewer women convicted-many get light sentences but this case shows prison. It depends on how strong the proof is. If a prosecutor gives a pleabargain where a woman or man gets probation for sex abuse, then the prosecutor may have done this because if it went to trial, the suspect maybe acquitted & the prosecutor gave this choice with the hope a guilty person will accept this than go to trial & risk acquittal if the evidence is weak.

    Finally, in 2011, we discussed what the age of rape victims are. It’s a fact that most women who are raped are 18 to 35 years old with 75% under 30, 10 to 12% 30 to 35 years old, 7 to 9% 36 to 39 years old. 5 to 8% of women who are rape victims are 40 & older. Menopausal women make up 1 to 2% of rape victims. Toysoldier, it’s a fact that mensopausal women are rarely raped yet you critiqued me for absolutes when I did no such thing. Rapists almost always go after women who are 18 to 35 years old.

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