Monkey See Monkey Do

When I was a child, my father ironically taught me the adage “What goes around comes around.” While I generally do not believe in fate, I also do not believe in coincidences. I think that eventually the things you do to others have a way of turning back on you, often when you least expect it.

So I was not surprised that some of the Manboobzers got a taste of their own vile. A poster named Roberta decided to play some moronic game of “what counts as rape” them. She spent hours taunting the Manboobz regulars, twisting everything they said, jumping from point to point until she had them thoroughly frustrated. According to Manboobz himself, Roberta had a “meltdown,” and he deleted most of her “truly vile shit.”

To be fair, Roberta did not start it. Holly Pervocracy started it by slamming Roberta for suggesting that what happened to another poster was not legally rape. She accused Roberta of “telling people that you get to decide whether they were raped or not,” which is not what Roberta did. That little “you don’t get to tell people how to think” is rather ironic given that Holly promptly decides whether someone, in this case LBT, was raped or not.

It looks like Roberta, after dealing with that for a few comments, simply turned the game back on the Manboobzers and deliberately provoked them. What I found most ironic is that she did exactly what Manboobzers to do men’s rights activists, male victims and their advocates, and non-feminists. In what is easily the longest anti-male, rape apologist thread on the internet, the Manboobzers spent 20 pages trying to provoke me because I mentioned that my feminist aunt (whose ideology they defended) engaged in some unwanted sexual activity with me. It did not work, which seemed to frustrate them even more, making them think I had them in some kind of Aizen Sousuke mind game. This same group of people later viciously attacked male survivor and accused him of lying about his abuse because he favored short sentences for sex offenders. And there are scores of threads where the Manboobz regulars attack anyone who writes something they disagree with.

When you spend the bulk of your time emotionally manipulating, bullying, and trashing people, someone is bound to do it to you. It will not be pretty because you are not expecting it. You are not prepared for anyone to do to you what to others. And that is precisely what happened on Manboobz.

Roberta easily set off LBT by claiming what happened to him was not legally rape. She spent the better part of five pages toying with Holly Pervocracy, jumping from point to point just to find an angle to hit her from. Roberta eventually pushed Holly so much that Holly mentioned that she was a rape victim as a way of getting Roberta to stop (it did not work).

Unlike the Manboob regulars, I do not relish comeuppance. I do not like to see anyone played with like that. It is cruel, malicious, and sadistic. Unfortunately, Holly and a number of regulars do not have problem toying with people they do not like or do not have to treat well, like male victims, men’s advocates, non-feminists, and men in general.

So I remember my father ironically telling me that “what goes around comes around,” and I remember similar adage: “You can tell a lot about a person’s character by how they treat people they don’t have to treat well.”

If you spend most of your time bullying people, lying about them, mocking them, denying their experiences, and using your experiences as a tool to beat them with, sooner or later you will pay for that. Hopefully being faced with someone who mirrored their own behavior will teach the Manboobz regulars that what you do to others someone might do to you.


It appears that the Manboobz regular did not learn a pretty easy lesson.  Over on his blog, Manboobz stated, “Toysoldier has done a completely dishonest post about Roberta’s escapades here, suggesting that “she” was simply giving us meanies a ‘taste of [our] own vile.'” That is not what I wrote, however, Futrelle is not known for his honesty. That irony notwithstanding, the greater irony is how his regulars responded to my post.

Sharculese, hellkell, and felixBC accused me of playing the victim, red locker decided to go profane, CassandraSays compared me to a pig, and Kyrie claimed I want to hurt feminists even if it hurts men. Those are the same kinds of attacks Roberta engaged in, and there the Manboobz regulars are doing it all on their own.

Futrelle went on to write, “As a result of one of his previous posts, there are some people going around saying that commenters here love to mock rape victims for fun.” No, the reason some people go around saying that Manboobz regulars attack male victims is because they actually do it, like they just did.

Also, in case anyone wonders, Futrelle did leave two comments here, but he is barred from posting here given his dishonest tendencies.


11 thoughts on “Monkey See Monkey Do

  1. That’s a lesson I should have already learned. Only read manboobz if one is prepared to sacrifice considerable IQ points.

    It’s an environment whose purpose is entirely negative. There is only one possible direction.

  2. Also, in case anyone wonders, Futrelle did leave two comments here, but he is barred from posting here given his dishonest tendencies.
    or because you are scared he will tell the truth about your lying….

  3. or because you are scared he will tell the truth about your lying….

    You mean like he did on his own blog? Wait… he did not do that. Instead he distorted what I wrote and blamed me for people calling out his regulars’ bad behavior.

  4. If it means anything to you, TS, you have a reputation for honesty that David Futrelle only wishes he could have. His blog is almost unanimously known as a cess-pool of feminist haters wiling to lie, attack, and distort.

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  6. Once again we witness the fact Futrelle cannot be termed as being anything less than what he accuses other people of being, he leads by example. Futrelle lost it’s credibility when he ran away from a debate against Paul Elam and apparently he is still suffering. I honestly do not understand why you even bother with such a person. You will never receive a comprehensible, honest dignified response, they are just incapable of doing so. I just cannot understand it..

  7. Jay, people like Futrelle will continue to behave as they do unless someone says something to them. At the very least, by confronting him and his regulars I can show what their true intentions are.

  8. Futrelle and his groupies display the most vile, rank cowardice. I am angry that they abused you at that crap-blog and that they are so dismissive of male survivors.

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