Bulletin Board v159

Christine McCallum Sentenced For Child Rape: Teacher Pledged Love To 13-Year-Old Boy — On Tuesday, former fifth grade teacher Christine McCallum, 32, pleaded guilty to 12 counts of child rape, one count of drugging a victim for sex, and one count of supplying alcohol to a minor. She was sentenced to 29 months in prison and 10 years of probation. McCallum had been carrying on a sexual relationship with a young boy for about two years; it began when he was 13. McCallum met her victim at the Abington, Mass. public library, where she was tutoring his brother.

Coon Rapids sexual abuse victim: “I was molested 1,480 times” — People in the community knew Joe Hunt as a veteran police officer, but to his son, he was a sexual predator. With his voice shaking, Chad Hunt told a crowded Anoka County courtroom Friday, March 30, that his adoptive father sexually abused him five times a week for eight years while he was growing up in their Coon Rapids home more than two decades ago. His only escape, the now-40-year-old said, was when he got to stay with his grandmother for three months every summer.

Egypt: Children On Trial – Stop Sending Juveniles Before Military Courts — Egypt’s military courts have investigated or tried at least 43 children over the past year, Human Rights Watch said today,including the pending trial of 13-year-old Ahmed Hamdy Abdel Aziz in connection with the Port Said football riots. Children prosecuted in military courts have not had access to lawyers, and often to their families, until after military authorities have investigated and sentenced them. Since coming to power in February 2011, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) has referred over 12,000 civilians for prosecution by military courts before military judges, though these courts fail to meet minimum due process standards. 

Judge delays Sandusky trial by 3 weeks — A judge overseeing former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky’s child sexual abuse case on Thursday delayed the start of the trial by three weeks to early June, and prosecutors filed a lengthy court document that said the case should not be dismissed. Judge John Cleland said the additional time was needed ”to accommodate various logistical contingencies that have arisen,” and the attorney general’s office supported the postponement. The prosecution’s 21-page answer to a catch-all pretrial motion that Sandusky’s lawyer submitted a week ago said the commonwealth had ”broad latitude” to establish the dates of allegations in child sexual abuse cases.

Juvenile Detention Guards Sexually Abusing Minority Children in Turkey — An unofficial Turkish parliamentary investigation into physical and sexual abuse of Kurdish children in juvenile detention centers is raising rule-of-law concerns in Turkey. The unofficial probe, conducted by members of the pro-Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) and the Kemalist Republican People’s Party, found that 25 out of 215 inmates sentenced recently under anti-terror laws to the Pozanti Juvenile Detention Center in the Mediterranean city of Adana reported rape and regular beatings at the hands of prison guards and other inmates. The youngest such victim was 12 years old.

Philadelphia Priest Sex Abuse Trial: Rev. Francis Trauger Stalked Boy, Witness Says — In a far-reaching sex crimes coverup trial underway in Philadelphia, a former Catholic high school student testified today that a priest stalked him, locked him in a school conference room and ordered him to unzip his pants. The student — now a 36-year-old man — said loud banging on the locked door halted the priest, the Philadelphia Inquirerreported. The explosive testimony came on the third day of a historic trial against two Roman Catholic priests in the Philadelphia archdiocese.

Landmark Philadelphia priest-abuse trial reveals Catholic church strategy on complaints — The long, typed letter fantasizes about a seventh-grader’s body, and asks if the boy wants to try various sex acts. “You are soooo cute. I have been thinking about you for a long time. … You’re the cutest in our grade,” the author wrote in a rare G-rated line. But the anonymous author was not a classmate at the boy’s Catholic school in northeast Philadelphia. It was a parish priest. One with a cache of gay pornography and sadomasochistic videos in the rectory.

Serial paedophile Dennis McKenna said his high profile facilitated sex abuse — Serial paedophile Dennis John McKenna has apologised for sexually abusing 11 boys at a state-run hostel, saying his high profile in the community was probably what allowed him to get away with offending for more than a decade. McKenna is giving evidence for the first time at an inquiry established to examine the circumstances surrounding the systemic abuse at St Andrew’s Hostel in Katanning, where he worked between 1957 and 1990, including as warden from 1976. He is serving his second jail term for molesting students.

Woman, 33, held in rape of 15-year-old boy — A DeKalb County woman was behind bars Tuesday, accused of raping a teenage boy, then continuing a sexual relationship that resulted in a baby that may have been fathered by the youth, according to an arrest warrant. The warrant, obtained by Channel 2 Action News, accuses Janelle Denise Goforth, 33, of Decatur of statutory rape and child molestation of the then 15-year-old boy. Goforth was booked into the county jail Monday, where she remained Tuesday. Bond was set at $1,000 on each count, according to jail records.


One thought on “Bulletin Board v159

  1. In the first article you posted, I wasn’t surprised to find a comment someone made sounding like the usual “We need more women like this instead of the helicopter moms.” Actually this commentator literally said the sentence in the beginning.

    After which, I couldn’t take it anymore. I posted two replies, one to this commentator and the other to any future commentators like this one.

    My Reply: “So you want more child predators like her sexually assaulting young boys because you think women like her can do no harm to a 13-year old boy’s budding sexual development? Is that it?

    I’m getting tired of these apologists minimising and making light of child sexual abuse because the victim happens to be a 13 year old boy and the perpetrator an adult female.”

    My 2nd Reply: “By the way, this is to all the other “John Smith”s out there who are likely cheering the boy with calls of “Oooh, lucky!” while wishing this child predator was around when they were thirteen years of age.

    It illustrates a very sickening double-standard that actually hinders support for child abuse victims. That if the boy is of a certain age, the abuse isn’t abuse. You’re basically advocating boys around this age acceptable targets of female predators with this minimisation and blatant dismissal of what is considered a very serious crime.

    You want to be serious about child abuse? Lay off the disgusting double-standard. Otherwise, you’re going to have a generation of angry, confused, and abandonned boys like this one lashing out. Then next thing you know, you’ll wonder why these abused boys reacted so harshly later on as grown-ups.”

    I went straight for the juggular with those ones. Sorry, but I couldn’t take it anymore listening to child abuse apologist’s like this one continue supporting dangerous tropes and stereotypes.

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