Bulletin Board v160

Admitted child molester William Jacobs to be sentenced Monday — When William “Jake” Jacobs has his day of legal reckoning for molesting a friend’s teenage son, he knows he’ll go to prison. The only question: whether he goes for a long time or a longer time. Jacobs, who spent 50 years carrying titles of trust and achievement such as camp counselor, educator, coach, lawyer and police chief, will be sentenced Monday, April 9, on three counts of criminal sexual abuse and three counts of possessing child pornography.

Boys deserve respect — Here is what my son learned in class the other day. A man’s mind tends to be slightly less developed than a woman’s. Which is one of the reasons men are more aggressive and less understanding, and women are gentler, calmer and more sympathetic. This, his teacher very helpfully explained, is one of the reasons teenage boys are still paying more for their car insurance than girls. Because boys are risk-takers. Irrational beings who leap before they look. They deserve to pay higher premiums on their insurance because as we now know, they are the ones who get in all of the car accidents. Not girls. Of course. They deserve to be judged as a whole.

Broken boys, mending men — That is the title of one book I found in a lonely shelf in National Book Store. Subtitled “Recovery from childhood sexual abuse,” the book was written for survivors, parents and teacher. The writer, Stephen D. Grubman-Black, knows whereof he speaks. Aside from being an associate professor at the University of Rhode Island, he is also a counselor and the survivor of childhood sexual abuse. The book notes that one out of six American men was sexually abused.  

CORONA: Pastor, two others arraigned in abuse of boy, 13 — A Corona minister and two other men are due in Riverside County criminal court for arraignment Wednesday afternoon after being formally charged in the alleged torture of a 13-year-old boy who police said was forced to dig a grave, beaten with a shovel, tied up, pepper-sprayed and pinched with pliers. Pastor Lonny Lee Remmers, 54, who heads the Heart of Worship Community Church, is accused of directing two men, Nicholas Craig, who is in his 20s, and Darryll Duane Jeter Jr., 28, to scare the boy after the youth’s mother went to Remmers seeking guidance and discipline for her son, police said.

‘Dancing boys’: a tale of sexual exploitation — The 9-year-old boy with pale skin and big, piercing eyes captivated Mirzahan at first sight. “He is more handsome than anyone in the village,” Mirzahan, 22, a farmer, said, explaining why he is grooming the boy as a sexual partner and companion. There was another important factor that made Waheed easy to take on as a bacha bazi, or a boy for pleasure: “He doesn’t have a father, so there is no one to stop this.” A growing number of Afghan children are being coerced into a life of sexual abuse.

Jurors Told That Church Put Off Abuse Complaints — A victim of alleged sexual abuse by a Roman Catholic priest told a court on Tuesday that church officials took more than 10 years to resolve his complaint that he had been molested at a summer camp. Walter J. Daly, 64, told jurors at the landmark trial of a senior church official and another priest that he wrote to the Archdiocese of Philadelphia in October 1992 complaining that he had been abused by the Rev. John Cannon, a priest who ran the camp in Lancaster County, Pa., where Mr. Daly went as an elementary and high school student.

Priest was told to stay ‘low key’ — THE ARCHDIOCESE of Philadelphia let a priest who admitted abusing boys in Northeast Philadelphia return to a limited ministry in 1997 with a warning to stay “low key” and away from churches where he might be seen by his victims or other accusers. A year after confessing the abuse to a counselor at a treatment center in Canada, the Rev. Stanley J. Gana was named chaplain of a Carmelite nuns’ monastery in Philadelphia. When he asked to expand his ministry to assist at other parishes, Monsignor William J. Lynn agreed – with conditions.

Sexually Abused Boys at Risk for More Unsafe Sex, Researchers Find — Sexually abused boys are also three times more likely to have multiple sexual partners and twice as likely to engage in unprotected sex. Published online in advance of the Journal of Adolescent Health’s June issue, the UBC study explores links between sexual abuse and risky sexual behaviour, focusing on three areas: teen pregnancy, multiple sexual partners and unprotected sexual intercourse. The researchers analyzed 10 sets of Canadian and U.S. survey data from two decades of published studies. Conducted between 1986 and 2011, the surveys were completed anonymously by more than 40,000 male high school students in B.C. and across the U.S., including states such as Oregon, Vermont, Minnesota and Massachusetts.


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