Zimmerman’s lawyers quit

In a bizarre move, George Zimmerman’s attorneys, Craig Sonner and Hal Uhrig, held a press conference to announce that they were no longer defending him.

They stated that they had not spoken to Zimmerman since Sunday, and were concerned about his recent behavior:

They said they have not talked to Zimmerman, whose location is not known, in at least two days but in the past had spoken with him over the phone. “We can’t represent him unless he comes forward and asks us,” Uhrig said.

“We have a pretty good idea where he (Zimmerman) is,” Uhrig said, but added that Zimmerman is not answering the phone. The attorneys said they thought Zimmerman was still in the United States, but not likely in Florida.

It gets stranger. Zimmerman apparently attempted to contact the special prosecutor on his own, something no one should ever do. You never talk to the prosecutor or police without your attorney. Even odder, Zimmerman spoke to Fox News and radio show host Sean Hannity. Hannity stated on his radio show that he would not reveal what they spoke about, and Zimmerman also said the same thing to his attorneys. Just to be clear, Zimmerman refused to tell his attorneys what he told Hannity. 

That conversation is not protected under the law, meaning the special prosecutor can subpoena Hannity and compel him to testify.

In yet another odd move, Zimmerman set up his own website to accept donations for his defense fund. Again, he did not tell his attorneys about this. They found out from media outlets asking them about the website.

But perhaps the most bizarre thing was this:

Zimmerman “not doing well emotionally, probably suffering from post-traumatic stress,” and “may have lost a lot of weight,” attorney Hal Uhrig says.

Even if you are no longer representing the man, you do not claim your former client is emotionally unstable, especially not in a situation in which his behavior is in question.

This press conference was unnecessary. All they had to do was release a statement saying they were no longer representing Zimmerman. They did not need to go on national television and imply that their former client is an erratic, impulsive, emotionally unstable person. Should this case go to trial, that really would not help him.

More so, should there be an arrest, this could be used by the prosecutor as a reason to deny Zimmerman bail. And she would probably get the denial.

This was a truly bad move on the attorneys’ parts, and it makes Zimmerman look worse than he already does.


4 thoughts on “Zimmerman’s lawyers quit

  1. Duanne, Zimmerman could do that, but I am not sure what the man is thinking. If he is behaving as his lawyers claim, then he might not be making the best decisions. I hope he has not fled the country to Peru, where his mother is from. That would really look bad.

  2. Typical of todays mentality. It seems even the attorneys want their 15 minutes of fame. Mind you, maybe they were looking for some free advertising. 😉

  3. This press conference was a gamble. It was basically a commercial for their law firm. The gamble comes in in what you said. Who is going to want to hire a firm whose lawyers will say the kind of stuff about them like they just said about Zimmerman.?

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