Petition to stop dancing boys abuse

My regular readers will know about the dancing boys of Afghanistan. Since the start of the war in 2001, more and more warlords have turned back to the practice of bacha bereesh. This custom was abolished by the Taliban when they were in charge. The practice involves dressing boys up as women and having them dance in a circle of men at parties. After the parties, the boys are often sold or traded to be used for sex. The practice is so widespread that it may have even occurred on coalition bases.

Care2 now has a petition to be sent to Sectary of Defense Hilary Clinton about this problem. It needs another 1,000 signatures. Surely we are able to provide that.

I do not think Clinton will do much about this problem. This is something I think the State Department and the White House is well aware of, but because of their need of the warlords and because of the sex of the victims this issue receives little interest.

But perhaps this petition can help sway someone’s mind. So please sign it, forward it to other people, and let us try to stop the abuse of boys.

3 thoughts on “Petition to stop dancing boys abuse

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