Bulletin Board v161

A true horror story: The abuse of teenage boys in a detention centre — “My name’s Kevin Raymond Young and I’m 52 years old.” There’s something desperate about the way Young says it, as if he’s clinging to the wreckage of his identity. Young was 17 when he was sent to Medomsley detention centre in County Durham. He’d already had a tough life – taken into care at two, sexually and physically abused by those who were meant to look after him – but this was something different. As soon as he starts to tell his story, he’s in tears.

Catholic League: 99.98% of Priests Innocent of Sex Abuse — Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on the findings of the 2011 Annual Report on priestly sexual abuse that was released by the bishops’ conference; the survey was done by a Georgetown institute: The headlines should read, “Abuse Problem Near Zero Among Priests,” but that is not what is being reported. According to the 2011 Official Catholic Directory, there are 40,271 priests in the U.S.

Children Can Never Be Safe in Adult Prisons — After an unconscionable delay of nearly three years, the Justice Department needs to issue the final, mandatory rape-prevention policies for federal prisons and state correctional institutions that receive federal dollars. They must improve on the proposed rules issued last spring. Those rules included more effective ways to investigate alleged attacks, report assaults, and improve medical and psychiatric help for the victims. But they notably failed to call for an end to the barbaric practice of placing children and youths in adult jails and prisons. 

Haitian Teen to Testify in UN Abuse Scandal — (WARNING: top of the page shows images of the alleged assault) The teenage boy who was allegedly sexually assaulted by United Nations peacekeepers in Haiti reportedly plans to testify against his attackers. Fritz Dorziair, a representative for the boy’s family, said the teen and his parents will travel to Uruguay — the home country of his alleged attackers — for a May 10 court hearing, according to international and local media reports.

How can the prison service move on if it won’t apologise for child abuse? — As prisons correspondent for the Guardian, I have covered many stories that have angered me. It could hardly be otherwise, writing as I am about a penal system that fails so spectacularly in so many areas. But I have never been more enraged than in researching and co-writing a piece about sexual abuse in prisons. The story was about perhaps the most prolific sex offender this country has ever seen.

Katanning hostel chairman admits ignoring sex abuse claims — A former chairman of the state-run hostel where convicted serial paedophile Dennis McKenna abused at least 11 boys has confessed he ignored a complaint of sexual abuse because he did not believe it was true. Alan Parks did not investigate an allegation by Noel Parkin that McKenna had sexually interfered with his son, and did not recall the complaint being referred to the Country High School Hostels Authority.

Police: Woman raped teenage boy — A Union Township woman is facing several charges for allegedly raping a teenage boy at knife point. Police said Jamie Nichole Phillips, 20, held a knife to the throat of the 14-year-old victim and brought him into her apartment where she forced him to perform sex acts. The crime allegedly happened in the evening of Saturday April 7 at an apartment located on Eastwood Drive. Sgt. Scott Blankenship with Union Township police said a knock at the door was enough distraction for the boy to quickly leave.

Unthinkable — When they leave the bedroom, John grabs hold of Gary’s shirt and whispers into his ear. “You better not tell your parents. They aren’t going to believe you.” Gary lowers his gaze and nods. He didn’t think he would tell his parents, anyway. He’s not even exactly sure what just happened. His parents call from downstairs. It’s time to go back home. John’s family and Gary’s family have been friends for years. They go over to each other’s houses every week for dinner.


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