A (Double) Dose of Stupid v.65

It happens every day. In fact, it is pretty hard to avoid it. There are some things that can only be understood with a slap on the forehead. Things so mind-boggling that one wonders how humans managed to evolve thumbs while being this mentally inept. Case in point:

I only saw one ridiculously lucky kid.

I could not make this up. Some jackass posted a Youtube video on reddit that showed a 6-six-year-old boy performing oral sex on an adult woman. This prompted hundreds of people to upvote it. Someone else on ShitRedditSays posted about it, demanding that the link be removed, and it took a day for any of the mods on Youtube and reddit to remove the video and link.

The comments are a thing to behold. If you are a male survivor, they are nothing new, but it is uncommon to see some many people openly supporting an actual piece of child pornography.

But that is not the stupid part. 

David Futrelle stumbled upon the reddit thread and wrote about it. Actually, he initially wrote about another reddit comment that he declared untrue (without proof), and then added the portion about the child porn. His regulars seemed bothered by the child porn, although they became more annoyed with magdelynswallows, apparently from reddit, who argued that reddit was “awesome” and that not everyone who visits or reads reddit supports or watches child porn.

The Manboobz regulars disagreed, arguing that reddit constantly has child porn on it. When challenged by that commenter, the regulars, including Manboobz himself, took to accusing magdelynswallows of condoning and supporting child porn and child rape. The “conversation” then turned to accusing men’s rights advocates of not actually caring about male victims because no one from the men’s rights reddit page had posted about the child porn video.

I am not one for name-calling, however, in this instance I will make an exception. If you accuse people who have a different political view than you of supporting, ignoring, or condoning child porn, you are an asshole. If you accuse someone who explains to you that not everyone follows a given blog watches or supports child porn of downplaying child rape, you are an asshole. If you encourage someone to view child porn so you can “win” an argument, you are an asshole.

Indeed, you are a specific type of asshole. You are an opportunistic asshole who willingly uses a child’s pain and suffering as a weapon to attack those you do not like.

You are not an advocate for abuse victims. You are not an ally. You are an unmitigated, egotistical, self-interested embarrassment who should shut up and spare us your stupidity.

You do not care about an abused 6-year-old boy. You do not care that thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people have intentionally and unintentionally viewed that video. You do not care that years from now, the boy may find out that the video is online and ask someone whether that video can be taken down only to learn that once it is on the internet it is there forever. You do not care that years later that boy may wonder whether people staring at him are just looking at him, being rude, finding him odd-looking or attractive, or whether they recognize him from the video.

That is what it is to live with your images scattered across the web. I know from experience. Those images do not come down, people share them constantly, and there is a good chance that someone might recognize you or that the images may come back to haunt you.

It takes an asshole of the highest order to use something as serious as child porn as an attack on their political opponents, who might not have even seen the page in question, and callous, malignant husk of a human being to accuse them of supporting or condoning rape or child porn just because they have different political views.

But that is not the stupid part.

The stupid part is that some of the Manboobzers may have watched the video knowing it was child porn. At least one admits to watching the video, while others, including Futrelle, had access to it, but claim they did not watch it.

Here you have these people accusing one commenter and an entire political movement of supporting and condoning child rape and child porn after they themselves watched child porn.

Let me explain something: if you watch child porn, you just committed a felony. The law will not care why you looked at it. They will not care that you were angry about it after you watched. They will not care that you watched it to prove “feminists care about abused boys but MRAs don’t.” If they can prove you watched the video, you will go to federal prison.

If you watched that video knowing what it was, you supported child porn. You told someone else to watch the video knowing what it was, you supported child porn. You do not get to accuse anyone else of doing something you already did just because you hate some other group.

It is utter hypocritical stupidity, and I want the Manboobzers and reddit viewers to know I reported to the FBI that several commenters on both sites stated they watched the video.

I do not play around with this issue. Child pornography is a serious issue, and should be treated with the seriousness it deserves, not like a cute tool to bash some other political group.

Yet that is what happened.

Few people on reddit and no one on Manboobz paused to think about what it says about our culture that the video could sit there for hours after dozens of people reported it. Few people on reddit and no one Manboobz paused to think about the way this went down shows why sexual violence against boys is not taken seriously.

This is what male survivors go through. On one hand, we deal with people who think what happened to us is “luck” or a joke, and on the other hand, we deal with people who claim to support all rape victims using sexual violence against boys as a weapon to attack male survivors’ advocates.

In both cases, it is not about the 6-year-old boy. It is not about he went through, whether he was raised in the situation and so thinks it was normal, whether he still being abused, whether he even thinks what happened to him is abuse, whether he can get help if he comes forward.

No, the sole concern is about protecting a website or tearing down a website and a political group.

That is some Grade-A stupidity.

15 thoughts on “A (Double) Dose of Stupid v.65

  1. “Few people on reddit and no one on Manboobz paused to think about what it says about our culture that the video could sit there for hours after dozens of people reported it.”

    I went over to manboobz (what a weird name, where’d he come up with that?) to check this out. It’s all one jacked up mess, but there were some people in the comments who seemed horrified that the video stayed on reddit, hence the argument with magdelynswallows about whether or not reddit was worse than 4chan.

    Maybe they were just white knighting, though? What did you think?

  2. I think they used this as an opportunity to bash reddit, which led into their favorite past time of bashing men’s rights and male victims’ advocates. It is simply pathetic that they could not see past their politics on something as basic as this.

  3. Jacob:
    You know my views of “child porn” are a bit nuanced when it comes to teens, different statuatory regimes, possibility of lack of prior knowlege (looks older, fake id) and drawings or computer generated images.

    But when it comes to young teens, or pre-teens we are pretty much on the same page. I find it sad that Manboobz was more interested in using the video’s existence to attack the MRM rather than doing anything to combat the actual (by ANY definition) child porn and you did the right thing by contacting the FBI. I hope they investigate that video, find out who produced it, and prosecute if the evidence warrants it. I also hope whoever posted it to reddit and Youtube and whomever knowing what it was passed it around are prosecuted as well.

    Heh, you did more “real world activism” than any of those self righteous sophists on the Manboobz thread. For this little kids sake and your own (as an abuse survivor) I hope the authorities seriously look into this. If, for whatever reason, you need any help feel free to email me. I assume you can see my email when I post, but if not feel free to ask for it.

  4. Typhon, that post was written after the one on Manboobz, and I believe after magz posted something about the Manboobz’s thread on reddit. It may have been a response to those prior posts. Unfortunately, I think someone linked to the video again.

  5. Thanks for the explanation , Jacob.
    My offer to help as much as I can stands, I do hope you see fit to update us if you get a reply.
    Have a great weekend.

  6. Jackob – you only tore him (David Futrelle) Four New Assholes!

    I think you were being too subtle! P^)

    You missed this One:

    “You are not an advocate for abuse victims. You are not an ally. You are an unmitigated, egotistical, self-interested embarrassment “”OF AN ASSHOLE”” who should shut up and spare us your stupidity.”

    As for Mr Futrelle’s claims that he did not commit a felony, and that he did not view the Offending Video! What an Asshole, to claim that he was not an Asshole, and that he supposedly did not do as as many other Asshole’s did!

    I think of the Immortal line from Shakespeare’s Hamlet:

    “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”.

    And I agree – if that Assholes was not an opportunistic schmuck – he would be addressing the issue of child porn and abuse – and not hiding his ass behind the hole in his personal morality and integrity that comes from being and ass!

    Please Blank out any lines – with comments that I have gone too far – and slap my wrists for having spoken out of turn!

    And some call me an Asshole!

    “It is simply pathetic that they could not see past their politics on something as basic as this.”

    E’Nuff Said!

  7. Once again, Toysoldier, I’m not surprised to see yet another foul up of monumental proportions from the people at Manboobz. It’s like you said, they’re like a bunch of extreme evangelists that will use their religon as an excuse to justify any form of hate or harm directed at someone.

    For them, it’s Men’s Rights Advocates and Male Victim Advocates, or “Heretics” in their view.

  8. Mediahound, I do not know if Futrelle viewed the video or not. He says he did not, however, given his dishonest tendencies I am not inclined to take him at his word. Perhaps he did watch the video or perhaps he did not. For certain, he did tell someone to watch the video herself, not read the descriptions on reddit, but actually to click on the link knowing it contained child porn. That is just as bad as watching the video in my book.

  9. I’m a male victim of child sexual abuse and have suffered psychological trauma from it. I’m in my 30s and I’ve never been in a relationship. I probably never will. People that trivialize male sexual abuse make me want to punch a hole in my monitor.

  10. M, I am sorry for what was done to you. If you need some help, please check out the links to the right. Malesurvivor and 1in6 may be able to direct you to a therapist or support group in your area.

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