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Boy, 10, Who Dialed 911 Several Times to Report Abuse Found Beaten to Death by Stepfather — A ten-year-old boy’s brutal death at the hands of his stepfather could have been avoided after it was revealed the boy called 911 twice in the past year to report abuse. Abdifatah Mohamud, from Buffalo, New York, was found beaten to death in his family’s basement last week. He was bound, gagged and struck repeatedly with a rolling pin. Though the Buffalo Police Department is investigating how officers handled the calls, they did confirm they reported the allegations to Erie County Child Protective Services – who are accused of not doing enough to help the boy or remove him from the home.

Boy Scouts of America seeks to reverse order to release sex abuse files — The Boy Scouts of America is seeking to reverse a Santa Barbara judge’s order to release 20 years’ worth of confidential files detailing allegations of sexual abuse by troop leaders and others within its ranks. Lawyers for a former Scout, who was 13 when a volunteer leader sexually abused him in late 2007, contend the files will expose a “culture of hidden sexual abuse” in the organization and its failure to warn boys and their parents about “pedophilic wolves.”

False Statistics by Feminist Groups Lead to Hysteria, Misandry — Dear Editor, In your April 17 With Three Domestic Violence Murders in Three Years, Advocates Say Problem Not Going Away article you quoted Jacque Reid, a navigator at the Family Justice Center in Santa Rosa, who claimed that “domestic violence is the number one cause of injury for women in the United States and it crosses all cultural and economic lines.” But according to University of Pennsylvania domestic violence researcher Richard Gelles, “as good a sound bite as it is, the statement is simply not true.”

Former altar boy testifies of sexual abuse at trial of two Philadelphia priests — A former altar boy molested in a church sacristy testified Wednesday in the child sexual abuse and conspiracy trial of two Philadelphia priests. “He told me God loves me, this is what God wants, and it was time for me to become a man,” the witness told jurors. Just days before the trial began, defrocked priest Edward Avery of the Philadelphia Archdiocese pleaded guilty to involuntary deviate sexual intercourse and conspiracy to endanger the welfare of a child after admitting that he sexually assaulted the 10-year-old altar boy during the 1998-99 school year.

Male Sexual Abuse is on the Rise — Today sexual abuse is a growing pandemic that affects not just girls and women but also boys and men. According to 1in6 (http://1in6.org), a male sexual-abuse advocacy organization, at least one in six men has experienced unwanted or abusive sexual experiences before the age of sixteen. Experts say the numbers may be much higher because, they believe, many cases go unreported due to the shame and fear survivors experience. 

Murdered boy had reported being harmed — Ten-year-old Abdifatah Mohamud, who authorities say was brutally murdered by his stepfather last week, called 911 two times a year ago to report that his stepfather was harming him. “I’m being abused,” he told a 911 complaint operator shortly after 4 p.m. April 18, 2011. When asked how, the boy hesitated at giving specifics on the phone. The operator then asked if there were weapons in the house. “A machete,” Abdifatah said.

Organization Provides Support For Male Survivors Of Sexual Abuse — One in six males is sexually abused at some point in their lives, and it is a number survivor advocacy groups says it too high. Dr. Howard Fradkin is the co-founder of a national group against male sexual victimization called Male Survivor. “It’s really important for men who have been sexually abused to know that there is help out there,” Fradkin said. He’s a psychologist who has worked with more than 1,000 male survivors of sexual abuse and is also a survivor himself.

Penn State Tragedy Spurs Changes To Enhance Sexual Abuse Prevention — More than 15,000 children will attend academic and athletic summer camps at Penn State University in just a couple months. Those words together, “children, Penn State.” It can give you the chills. But there will be thousands of kids, and hundreds of employees. Imagine a little boy or girl at basketball, field hockey or science camp. After everything we’ve heard about what Jerry Sandusky might have done to so many other little boys in that locker room, the thought of another child being raped or molested at Penn State is even more horrifying.

Tearing Down Stereotypes with Changing Definition of Rape — Male rape victims are stigmatized by society’s constructed perceptions of gender roles. While men are perceived to be initiators of sex, dominant, protective, and not capable of being raped, it is that impression which insidiously falters humanity. One out of 10 rape victims are male, as reported by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ). Yet an estimated five percent of male victims actually file a crime report.

Witness says priest told him W.Va. bishop once abused teen; diocese calls Pa. trial a ‘circus’ — A man who spoke of “an emptiness where my soul should be” following years of sexual abuse testified Wednesday that a priest raped him at a home owned by the current West Virginia bishop and that he was told the bishop also sexually abused a boy. The 48-year-old man also testified in a clergy-abuse trial that he saw the bishop, Michael Bransfield, with a car full of “fair-haired” boys. He said that his abuser told him Bransfield was having sex with the boy in the front seat.


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