Strong Men film

Jim Henson (not that Jim Henson) emailed me about a film he is working on called Strong Men. There is a synopsis of the story on the film’s website and their indiegogo page. From the latter:

The suicide death of a small town hometown hero rocks the town and and those he’s left behind, who must face the unthinkable about themselves and each other in the short film Life of Riley, which we will then turn into feature film Strong Men.

Before we go to the feature, we want to create a short film prequel which is based on the last hours of the life of the young man who destroys the town and saves it at the same time. Our aim is to show the short film in film festivals throughout the world.

The feature film Strong Men is currently in development and is scheduled to go into production in the fall of 2012. Commitments for directors, producers and talent for the feature film are pending funding.

Although Strong Men deals with what happens in a fictional town when the lid is blown off a horrifying secret, the problem of sexual abuse among young men is very real. According to conservative estimates, approximately one in six young men 16 years of age and younger in the United States and Canada are victims of sexual abuse.

It has been some time since someone made a film specifically abuse sexual abuse against boys and the impact it has on them and their community. The filmmakers are still looking for financial support, so if this project seems like something you would be interested in, please check out their indiegogo page and make a donation.


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