The Lost Boys on the Good Men Project

The Good Men Project ran my post about the lost boys of child prostitution. You can check out the piece. If you comment there, please be civil.


8 thoughts on “The Lost Boys on the Good Men Project

  1. Congratulations, Toy Soldier.

    But I was wondering if you could do something for me?

    I’m looking to finally perform my play about a man who was sexually abused at age 13. Not yet, though. Soon.

    I have a radio show I do every Saturday at 10am Pacific Time, 1pm Eastern Time, 6pm UK Time, and Sunday 4am Australian Time.

    For the one coming up on Saturday, May 19th, 2012 I’ll be performing “The Skowl’s Call”.

    If you could attend, that would be great so that you can find out about my talents behind the mike and behind the pen.

    Here’s the link:–10am

    If you can’t make it, that’s okay. The link will still work as a podcast one hour after the performance is through.

    Thanks Toy Soldier.

  2. Paul, I agree. It is just another example of the double standard. I love this bit from the director Ulrich Seidl:

    Seidl, one of 22 directors competing for the top prize at Cannes this year — all of them men, said many Western women were looking for more than a holiday fling, a key difference to male sex tourism in developing countries.

    “This is about our society in the first place and asking why women like Teresa find themselves so lonely. They go to these places where they think they can get what they need — their desire for happiness, sexuality and tenderness,” he said.

    “Women from the rich West exploit young African men. But it’s also a business, and they (the men) get something for it.”

    I do not think rich women from the West are at all concerned about the young African men they exploit. Those young men (and likely boys) are just breathing sex toys to fulfill whatever fantasy those women have, which is exactly how male sex tourists treat those they exploit. The idea that the young men get something other than money out of it is a prime example of how our society excuses women’s behavior by claiming that men ought to like it.

  3. On the radio, Toy Soldier. The link is there.

    It’s okay if you couldn’t. The link will still work as a podcast you can listen to whenever you want or download.

  4. I just noticed that all your articles on TGMP have been removed with a text stating that they have been removed by request of the author. Perhaps it’s indicative of my cautioness against TGMP that I find myself wondering if that actually is true. Hence I ask whether you have asked them to be removed and if so, was it for any reasons beyond getting disillusioned about what place TGMP was/has become/is?

  5. Tamen, I requested that GMP remove all my articles because of their poor treatment of male survivors and their decision to effectively ban me from commenting because of my “attacks” on authors and commenters. Comments like this one also played a role. I find it dishonest to on one hand claim that the site is for open discussion and on the other to limit who can discuss what and how they are allowed to discuss it.

    It took about four months to get them to remove the articles. I asked Lisa Hickey to remove them and got no traction. Joanna Schroeder eventually removed them after a long exchange. My experiences with both of them left me with the impression that this is simply a game they are playing. Their motives are more about converting men to feminism than discussing issues that affect men. I have no desire to be a part of that.

    I suspected this would happen, so I was not disillusioned or disappointed. I was, however, annoyed that Hickey and Schroeder would not remove the articles when asked. I found it and continue to find it exploitative to use the work of someone who is not allowed to comment on the site.

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