Bulletin Board v164

1 in 10 former prisoners say they were sexually abused behind bars: survey — The Obama administration ordered federal, state and local officials Thursday to adopt zero tolerance for prison rape as it issued mandatory screening, enforcement and prevention regulations designed to reduce the number of inmates who suffer sexual victimization at the hands of other prisoners and prison staff. Anti-rape advocates and victims of prison rape, while saying the standards are not perfect, cheered the new regulations.

Ex priest gets 60 years for plot to kill abuse accuser — The former Roman Catholic priest was sentenced Friday afternoon in a Dallas courtroom after a jury found he had attempted to arrange the murder of a boy who had accused the ex priest of sexually assaulting him on numerous occasions. Under Texas law, it is the jury, not the judge, who decides the sentence. As reported by Fox News, the jury deliberated for four and one-half hours before deciding that John Fiala, 53, should be sentenced to 60 years in prison.

Innocent Man Spends 12 Years In Prison For Lake Elsinore Rape — Wrongful convictions are the subject of the National Registry of Exonerations, a joint project of the University of the Michigan Law School and the Center on Wrongful Convictions at Northwestern University School of Law. The online Registry includes an up-to-date list of all known exonerations in the United States since 1989. Among the 891 exonerations documented as of today, one case is from Lake Elsinore and it showcases the power of DNA evidence.  

Judge in Jerry Sandusky case won’t delay sex abuse trial — Jerry Sandusky, the former Penn State assistant football coach now charged with child sex abuse, will get his day in court as scheduled, a judge ruled Monday, rejecting a second defense request to delay the trial. In a bare-bones denial of the most recent defense motion, Judge John Cleland threw cold water on the defense effort to delay the start of the trial. Defense attorney Joe Amendola had asked for the delay May 9, arguing that he needed more time to provide a proper defense.

Lawsuit claims abuse by Chicago priest in 1980s — A 40-year-old man has filed a lawsuit against the Archdiocese of Chicagoalleging a priest sexually abused him multiple times between 1983 and 1984 while he was an altar boy. In December of 1983, the plaintiff was ordered to a church rectory at night to complete a writing assignment as punishment for his alleged mistakes as an altar boy, when a priest allegedly asked him to pull down his pants, according to the lawsuit.

Prosecutor calls Philly archdiocese’s handling of priest-abuse cases ‘disgraceful,’ ‘criminal’ — After eight weeks of wrenching testimony, Philadelphia prosecutors rested their case Thursday in the trial of a Roman Catholic church official accused of helping bury complaints that priests were raping and molesting children. Monsignor William Lynn is the first U.S. church official charged for his handling of the abuse complaints. Prosecutors say the former secretary for clergy of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia helped known predators stay in ministry, and they charged him with child endangerment and conspiracy.

Slapping female sex offenders’ wrists is wrong — When male teachers sext or have sex with their students, nobody laughs. When female teachers do this, the titters don’t stop. Example: a wink-wink blog post on phoenixnewtimes about Gabriela Compton, a 21-year-old (former) middle-school teacher’s aide in Phoenix. Compton sent a 14-year-old boy at her school a picture of herself topless. He sexted back a photo of a penis he’d found on the Internet. A few sexts later, Compton found herself accused of having sex with the boy in her van.

2 thoughts on “Bulletin Board v164

  1. The comments about the Gabriela Compton case over at Slate are frightening. The scariest part is the sheer volume of people defending her.

  2. Seems like men defending her, and a good show of evidence that boys and men don’t at all believe early sexual experiences can be harmful. Or recognize the causes of later signs of harm. But, of course, that belief could be quite wrong. (as we know)

    And difficult to learn otherwise when the men stay silent or ignorant of their experiences, and many forces silence the few who will speak out.

    What a nasty problem.

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