Sandusky’s trial begins today

Jerry Sandusky will begin his trial today. He faces between 10 to 17 accusers, some of whom may give graphic testimony about what they allege Sandusky did to them.

In light of that, I decided to link to the posts about wrote about the case to keep readers aware of what accusations Sandusky faces. I will write about the trial as news unfolds.

Who’s “horsing around” now?
Sandusky’s judge worked for Second Mile
You have the right to remain silent
A Tale of Two Tales
Jerry Sandusky Speaks… Again
Sandusky rearrested on new charges
It’s a “conspiracy”
Under Scrutiny
Joe Paterno Speaks
Sandusky’s defense team can’t have more info
Sandusky labeled ‘likely pedophile’ in 1998 report
Penn State prosecutors change the date of alleged rape

9 thoughts on “Sandusky’s trial begins today

  1. Please address the identification of the victims as witnesses. Do adult female rape accusers benefit from anonymity or are they forced to be publicly identified too?

  2. Please address the identification of the victims as witnesses. Do adult female rape accusers benefit from anonymity or are they forced to be publicly identified too?

    I do not believe any of the men testifying against Sandusky will be named unless they agree to it. The judge can bar the media from releasing their names without permission. If any are naming themselves or allowing themselves to be filmed or interviewed, that is their choice.

  3. Jacob:

    I know that covering this case might be hard on you. It’s certainly a series of very ugly allegations and , in fact, (pre-judging here, I admit) I think most, maybe all are true. I hope a fair trial is had and justice is done.

    But I never forget when I come here that you’ve put lots of your heart and soul into this blog. I hope that dealing with these others issues over the years has helped you with the abuse you suffered.

    Regardless, thank you.

  4. Allan, I missed that. After reading about it, I suppose it makes sense in terms of the trial. It is unfair to hide their identities in court. However, since this happened when they were minors, I wonder whether the media will publish their names or show their faces, particularly since four of the victims wanted to use pseudonyms to protect their identities.

  5. Thanks, Clarence. I can manage through these sorts of things well enough. I set aside my emotions for the most part and rationally decide whether I agree with or believe the testimony.

  6. One of Jerry Sandusk’s statutory rape victims actually had an affair with Mrs. Sandusky, and secretly recorder her speaking of her husbands many extramarital affairs with males, some of them younger than 18. It was these recordings that broke this old case wide open.
    Of course these recordings are not admissable evidence, but they do show that Mrs. Sandusky knew of her husbands bisexuality and of his statutory rapes.
    Jerry Sandusky could never have gotten away with this for so many years without accomplices like his wife. (recovering drug addicts refer to people like her as ‘enablers’)
    I myself am a victim of child abuse and have suffered from what they call ‘manic depression’ for many years even with my drug-free therapy. My emotional growth was stunted from being exposed to sex at such a young age, and I grew up to become a man still looking for his mommy to love. My mother too was an enabler. Without her looking the other way instead of calling the police on the religious men whom abused me…

  7. ..I would have been spared this life of emotional unavailability.
    When the Justice Dept. cleared the way for a mans sexual orientation to be used against him in cases involing men raping underaged boys, my heart lept with joy! For too long these dirty old men whom lust for young boys just as dirty old straight men lust for young girls have been confused with child molesters. Jerry Sandusly didn’t molest children. More accurately, he raped boys.
    I hope he is charged with statutory rape and convicted along with all who knew but failed to call the police. ty

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