Protecting Sandusky

Just when you thought the Penn State child rape case could not get worse, it did. Shortly before Jerry Sandusky was convicted of 45 counts of sexual abuse against children, NBC obtained emails that were exchanged between former Penn State President Graham Spanier, Gary Schultz, and Tim Curley. The emails reveal that the trio, contrary to their claims, were well aware of the allegation against Jerry Sandusky, and that they were far more concerned with protecting Sandusky and their own reputation than protecting a child:

In an exchange of messages from February 26 to February 28, 2001, Spanier allegedly acknowledges Penn State could be “vulnerable” for not reporting the incident, according to two sources with knowledge of the case.

“The only downside for us is if the message (to Sandusky) isn’t ‘heard’ and acted upon, and we then become vulnerable for not having reported it,” Spanier purportedly writes.

The alleged e-mails among Spanier, Schultz, 62, and former Athletic Director Tim Curley, 57, never mention Sandusky by name, instead referring to him as “the subject” and “the person.” Children that Sandusky brought on campus –some of whom might have been victims — are referred to as “guests.”

The purported exchanges began 16 days after graduate assistant Mike McQueary first told Head Coach Joe Paterno on February 9, 2001, that McQueary believed he saw Sandusky make sexual contact with a boy in a locker room shower.

This looks like a cover-up even in the best light. The coded language only makes it look worse. But by far the worst part is this:

The next afternoon, Schultz allegedly responds to the Penn State president and its athletic director. Schultz signs off on handling the matter without telling anyone on the outside, at least for the time being.

“This is a more humane and upfront way to handle this,’ Schultz purportedly writes. But he makes clear Penn State should inform Sandusky’s charity Second Mile “with or without (Sandusky’s) cooperation.”

As for telling child welfare authorities, he adds, “we can play it by ear.”

If there is clear evidence that these men knew something was wrong and decided to protect Sandusky over protecting a child, that exchange is it. Their sole concern was for being more “humane” towards Sandusky, even to the point of waiting to until one of them spoke with Sandusky before deciding to report the incident to the police.

This is just disgusting, but on a legal level is it criminal because they not only turned a blind-eye to child rape, but these emails suggest they lied under oath. For instance, Curley told the grand jury he never heard of the 1998 incident, but he mentions it in the email exchange.

The oddest part about this is that these men likely covered this up in order to prevent the very thing that is happening now. Had they reported the incident immediately, all the media scrutiny could have been avoided. They would have been spared the embarrassment of protecting a child rapist. And they would have spared dozens of boys years of torment. If any of these men had an iota of sense or compassion, they would have done the right thing.

Actually, if they had an iota of sense they would not have allowed Sandusky anywhere near children after the 1998 incident. They certainly should not have allowed him to shower with boys.


2 thoughts on “Protecting Sandusky

  1. Big Secrets Need Big Lies – and as they say you can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time. You can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

    Conspiracy! What a surprise! …. and when it comes to publicity they do try to get folks looking in the wrong directions. Tip of the iceberg …. so what is still not showing? Where are people being directed away from looking?

    Odd too – the email trail only started 16 days after McQueary reported. That’s two weeks. So who was spoken to – who was tracked down – what happened in those two+ weeks? Could it just be that a certain Victim was located, spoken to (by inexpert authority figures & even Sandusky), and arrangements made – authority and power do speak in abuse cases …. and it’s not always the abuser using those to achieve silence!

    I have been wondering why a certain victim has not come forward and made themselves known, given that there has been so much publicity and they can’t but have recognised themselves. Three most common reasons 1) They are Dead 2) they just want to forget 3) they were frightened off and even paid off to stay silent.

    When did they have a chat with Sandusky – was it day 1 – day 16 – or sometime after?

    So now it all indicates some have been lying to a Grand Jury – Trials for Perjury – Blocked Civil Litigation – Possibly more criminal investigations and charges ……. Years of possible delay, trials, appeals, … exhausting the legal process and fatiguing the victims so they stay quiet. The Old Tricks are so well known.

    And exactly what were the facilitators up to? What did Dotty Know? I would love to know exactly what Dotty (and other people in that household) knew. It is not possible that the ignorance is as complete as claimed.

    So Joe-Pa was involved beyond supposedly telling his bosses and leaving them to it – he was involved in the decisions to not report (or he was at the very least aware of those decisions) – and I still wonder at the comments in the media, after Sandusky’s conviction, that it was common local knowledge across PSU and Happy Valley that kids should not be left alone with Sandusky, and that information had been circulating around PSU since the 1980’s! The Roaring Whisper of supposed silence.

    It was common knowledge that Sandusky was a danger. The Secret was out!

    Odd how, if you were in the right circles, you got that little gem and if you were not in those circles, poor, none WASP …. and second miling, you were left out of the loops. Hmmmm? Exactly who was being protected and why?

    – and of course Sandusky never did get recruited to another University ……. one has to wonder just how common the knowledge was across Professional University Sports in the USA … not just Pennsylvania! Big Secrets – Big People – Big Money – Big Lies!

    One thing I am certain of, is that there are many more victims out there – and some would shock the hell out of people if they ever came forward (Matt Sandusky is only one, and not that shocking). Many will be waiting for people to Die before they speak out – and that is not just Sandusky, but people who knew and hushed up, because they were not victims but did not want anyone to know that they were less than perfect – and that children they knew (most probably their own children) were targeted. Same Old, Same Old. Hush – Hush – Hush!

    The Facilitation of Sandusky is far bigger that people realise.

    Close Second Mile – and take that Grotesque Bronze Gargoyle outside Beaver Stadium and melt it down…. and stop the White Wash on the Mural … Paint it over in total and make image count!

    So Joe Pa protected his players and forced the college authorities to allow players to play even when they had been involved in sexual assault – made the authorities go easy on them…. made his winning and image more important that anything else. And that was “”AFTER”” Sandusky! What leverage was Joe Pa using to achieve that little trick?

    Joe Pa the facilitator – the one that got away…. but the truth will out!

    … and some still want to claim, and make believe, that no one mentioned to anyone at Second Mile for some 20 years that Mr S may have had a few issues? If it was being chatted about in down town Happy Valley, were all at Second Mile so deaf as to not notice the Roaring Whisper?

    I still wonder if it’s too late to buy shares in the worlds Largest and Most Productive Baloney Factory? You can slice it as thin as possible and serve it any way you like, but it still remains far too much to swallow!

  2. Well said, Media Hound. You mentioned a “tip of the iceberg” and wondered what folks attention is being drawn-away from. From this:
    According to the FBI, over 2000 children go missing each day. Most, in fact some 1500 are found shortly after going missing. But each and every day, 500 missing children go unnacounted for and are NEVER found.
    Where do all those kids end up? And why isn’t there anyone pointing these statistics out and asking questions besides me?

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