A Dose of Stupid v.73

It happens every day. In fact, it is pretty hard to avoid it. There are some things that can only be understood with a slap on the forehead. Things so mind-boggling that one wonders how humans managed to evolve thumbs while being this mentally inept. Case in point:

Reddit: AgainstMensRights

Just from the title you know it is going to be good. But I will let the creator of the subreddit explain:

This subreddit is for exposing the hate and bigotry of the so-called “men’s rights movement.” We comb the internet for egregious examples of hate and post them here — whether it’s cissexism, homophobia, or misogyny, its posted here.

We are not against the concept of men’s rights, we are against the “men’s rights movement” — if it can even be called that.

Yes, of course. You are not against the concept of men’s rights, so you call your subreddit “Against Men’s Rights”. One must wonder whether the creator of the subreddit knows how English works. Likewise, by “combing the internet for egregious examples of hate” the creator really means nitpicking comments from men’s rights subreddits and linking to posts from Manboobz because that is the bulk of what is on the site.

Also, for the feminists who might read this, linking to anything David Futrelle writes about the men’s rights movement is like linking to anything Glen Beck writes about the gay rights movement. To say it is inaccurate is being kind. In this case it is a particularly bad idea to link to that article because that is the one where Glenn Sacks tore Futrelle apart for lying about Glenn Sacks’ campaign against DART.

If you were not sure that the subreddit was an exercise in juvenile stupidity, as if the blogs the creator links to were not enough evidence, there is also this:

ALERT: the Southern Poverty Law Center has designated r/mensrights a hate hub. Due to MRA tactics of harassment, intimidation, and violence, we strongly urge readers to take measures to protect their personal safety before engaging with MRAs.

Let me make this clear: no one has to support men’s rights. It is perfectly fine for people like these feminists to oppose preventing physical and sexual violence against men, addressing male suicide, talking about father’s rights, and addressing sexism and discrimination against men. Granted, writing off men’s problems makes you look like a callous person, but one is entitled to look as apathetic and inhumane as one wants.

However, it also make you look really stupid because you are not only failing to actually address any of the men’s rights movement’s points, but you apparently do not realize that saying you are against men’s rights means people will think you are against men’s rights.

Come on, subreddit feminists. Most bigots are smart enough not to openly reveal their bigotry in the tile of their website.


19 thoughts on “A Dose of Stupid v.73

  1. Wouldn’t the better label be AgainstSLASHMensrightsSubreddit? or something to distance yourself from sounding like you’re against mens rights in general?
    Seems like they’re labelling the /masculism /egalitarian subreddits as Men’s rights. I wonder if they view all men who advocate for men’s rights as an MRA? I’d get lumped in by association?
    It’s interesting to see the bigotry between some of the mras and feminists, it’s always important to realize there are good in each group and I really hope the good in both will actually start talking to each other more. I’d like to see feminists call out the bad feminists and mra’s call out the bad mra’s more often, trust has been shattered between the two groups and that’d be a good start.
    I’d love to see the egalitarians of both actually work together.

    The generalizations against the MRA’s though actually show the bigotry of the person speaking them. It’s a good reminder to watch your wording, specify who you are talking about, saying “some mra’s do this” is much better than saying “mra’s do this”. The funniest n saddest part is when one side dislikes the generalizations, gets aggro about it and then generalizes back. I watch this all the time with the feminist vs MRA debates.

    I hope they stay true to their cause but don’t overstep the boundaries of decency, I really hope they are only calling people MRA if that person self-identifies. Calling out bad behaviour is fine, but don’t generalize or drag in people who just happen to talk on a site, hell I talk on feminist and mra sites but I don’t identify as either.

  2. Wouldn’t the better label be AgainstSLASHMensrightsSubreddit? or something to distance yourself from sounding like you’re against mens rights in general?

    It would, but I doubt that the person who created the subreddit or any of those who will read it actually care about that.

    The funniest n saddest part is when one side dislikes the generalizations, gets aggro about it and then generalizes back. I watch this all the time with the feminist vs MRA debates.

    Are you talking about what is happening on GMP currently? Generalizations are going to happen because that is the way humans relate to their world. We compartmentalize everything to make it easier to figure out who is safe, who is good, who can we trust, who should we like, etc. I think the problem happens when people get so caught up in defending themselves that they fail to listen to the other side. For some reason people think listening to others means agreeing with them. But it does not. It only means understanding where the other person is coming from. Even you think they are wrong, it is always better to understand why they feel and think the way they do than just jump to conclusions.

  3. Zek, I left a comment on GMP, but they removed it. I do not read Manboobz, so I have never come across the comments you mentioned. Do you have a link to those comments? I would like to see how the whole thing went down.

  4. Yeah I’m looking at some of those posts and it looks like the folks there are doing some of the very same sweeping generalizations that they accused the folks at MensRights reddit of doing to women and feminists. Now mind you there are some valid calls out being done there but again this looks like yet another attempt at generalizing MRAs in a way that feminists wouldn’t stand for being done to them.

    I guess it such tactics are only okay when done to MRAs.

  5. As Danny says, yep the GMP has some sweeping generalizations about MRA’s which seem to be acceptable yet those very same people get shitty at sweeping generalizations about feminists. I don’t understand the logic. If I didn’t want generalizations at my group, I’d do my best to avoid making them about another group, or at least I’d try say I FEEL most of X do this, instead of stating it as irrefutable fact.

  6. Toysoldiers,

    I believe Futrelle linked the comments (and responses) that occurred on his blog, but I didn’t save any of the comments that his commenters left at mine, which were among the worst. Suffice to say though, his response tells me all I need to know about what was said by his commenters. Nothing healthy; completely sexist.

  7. completely idiotic and hypocritical, if you ask me. EVERYTHING that they accuse MRAs is also done by feminists.

  8. I think their behaviour is easily explained. In their mind’s MRA does not mean Mens rights activist but sexist, racist or misogynist. If they had to view it from another perspective then of course they would be respectful and sympathetic. 😉

  9. They’ve also got a an entry from NSWATM titled “What About The Men: Chapter One” something like that.

    Here’s what I’ve summized from it:

    -Feminism is the answer for men
    -MRAs are horrible

    That’s basically it.

    Funny, that place was just fine when the hardcore gynocentric feminist contributors left. Now since Noah became head editor, it changed for the worst. For god’s sake, Hugo Schwarzer is back and he contributed an article.

    I want The Good Men Project back that didn’t force this “Men need feminism” on to the male readership. Sadly, that won’t happen.

  10. Eagle, I think Schwyzer just wrote the one article. I have not seen any other recent articles by him, unless they just ran one. As for the book, I had not seen that. I am not particularly interested in it as there are plenty of feminist books explaining to men how super-duper, star-bangled awesome feminism is. I may read the first chapter if I have a chance.

    I do find it interesting that every time GMP runs articles that do not have a feminist lean for a while, they follow them up with a series of feminist articles. It is an odd thing to do, and I wonder if that is coming from the editors or if it is in response to a change in views.

  11. Even if Schwyzer only wrote one article and commented once, the very fact he was allowed to do it is what has driven me far from the place. Not to mention this “Men need feminism” crap.

  12. Toysoldiers,

    I didn’t save the comments unfortunately as they were anonymous and obscene. (Castration, rape, murder, etc.) I did follow the IP’s they came from to see what links were directing them to my site. They all came from my comment at Man Boobz.

  13. Zek, I see. Next time (hopefully there will not be a next time) you should save the comments even if you do not allow them through. That way when someone denies that anyone makes such comments you can show them that people actually do.

  14. A whole bunch of posts disappeared on the book thread :S I didn’t even get my answer:(

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