Sexualizing boys

Imagine this: Parents who want their six-year-old daughter to be the next Beyonce decide to hire a guy to make a music video featuring their daughter. In the video, the six-year-old girl dances in front of a pool with men in speedos gyrating next to her as she sings about what she wants to do later that night with them.

Can you imagine the fallout such a video would receive? Would anyone find it funny? Would anyone think it was cute? Would anyone with an iota of sense even think of making, let alone agree to film, such a video?

Now imagine it was a sex-year-old boy rapping about making a grown woman’s “booty pop”. Actually, you do not have to imagine it:

The good news is that it seems most people find the video offensive. One person suggested that she ought to call child services on the parents. Youtube age-restricted the video. Even the guy who made the video admits it was in bad taste:

Tyler Council understands better than most today that satire is an imprecise tool. He says his controversial two-and-a-half minute video of 6-year-old Oakland Park rapper Albert Roundtree Jr. performing a song of the youngster’s creation, “I Can Make Your Booty Pop,” is intended as a send-up of the ridiculous, rump-shaking excesses of the genre. “People don’t get it,” Council, 25, said with a sigh Friday afternoon from his home in Davie. […] The video is a spoof of “all that waka-flaka foolishness on the radio.” He cites the current rise of a song such as Tyga’s “Faded,” the explicit lyrics of which are about as coarse as it gets, as the target of his video. “I’m all into the positivity movement. I make free videos for charities working against bullying. Now I’m the devil,” he said.

No, he is not the devil, although he certainly made a terrible decision. When the boy’s parents approached him to make the video, Council should have turned it down. However, Council accepted the job because he says he is not “in a position to turn down income”.

Right… You would take a job you find questionable just because of money? Even if it involves sexualizing a child? And not once, by the way. He has agreed to film the boy’s next video, Girls, Girls. Girls.

Nicely done, Council.


4 thoughts on “Sexualizing boys

  1. Ok. Now imagine the video is of a young man, say, under the age of 18, and he was dressed to thrill gay men. They could shoot the video in front of a church led by an openly gay priest already caught having relations with even younger males. Elton the John could make a flash appearance with his husband singing “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” as one State after the next strips wealthy religions of their non-profit tax excempt status. They just file for ch. 11 bancrupty when ordered to pay restitution to boys victim families anyway.

  2. If there’s one thing I hate the most is people who set out to make offensive things or statements then, when called on it, fall back on the “It’s satire” excuse.

    “People don’t get it,” Council, 25, said with a sigh Friday afternoon from his home in Davie.”

    No, mister Council, we don’t get it. Maybe you can enlighten us on what’s so satrical about making a video that exploits and sexualizes a six year old?

    I wonder what the boys parents were thinking when collaborating on this project.

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