Sandusky shower abuse victim found

It appears that the boy Mike McQueary says he saw Jerry Sandusky rape in a shower has come forward:

For months, the identity of the boy who was sexually assaulted in the locker room showers by Jerry Sandusky was one of the biggest mysteries of the Penn State scandal. Now, for the first time, a man has come forward to claim he was that boy, and is threatening to sue the university.

The man’s lawyers said Thursday they have done an extensive investigation and gathered “overwhelming evidence” on details of the abuse by Sandusky, the former assistant football coach convicted of using his position at Penn State and as head of a youth charity to molest boys over a period of 15 years. […] “Our client has to live the rest of his life not only dealing with the effects of Sandusky’s childhood sexual abuse, but also with the knowledge that many powerful adults, including those at the highest levels of Penn State, put their own interests and the interests of a child predator above their legal obligations to protect him,” the lawyers said in a news release.

The article does not state whether the prosecutors knew about the man. I suspect that if they did, they would have asked him to testify. If he refused to cooperate, I suspect that the prosecutors gave that information to Sandusky’s lawyers, which they could have used to get the charges for that case dismissed. It would do no good for the state to have McQueary testify to something that the victim says did not happen.

The man’s attorney also stated that the victim suffered more abuse following the 2001 incident. If that is true, then it shows how horrific Spanier and company’s lack of action was. So many boys would not have suffered abuse if any of the people in the know had simply gone to the police.

Of course, as was typical for Sandusky, it appears that he incriminated himself. In September of 2001 Sandusky left several messages to the man:

Sept. 12, 2011:

“…Jere. Um. I am probably not going to be able to get a hold of anybody. Um. Uh. Probably ought to just go forward. Uh. I would be very firm and express my feelings, uh, upfront. Um. But, uh, you know, there is nothing really to hide so. Um. If you want, give me a call. You can call me on my other cell phone or on this one, either one so. Alright, take care. Love you. Uh. Hope you get this message. Thanks.”

Sept. 19, 2011:

“…Just calling to see you know whether you had any interest in going to the Penn State game this Saturday. Uh. If you could get back to me and let me know, uh, I would appreciate it and when you get this message, uh, give me a call and I hope to talk to you later. Thanks. I love you.”

This shows Sandusky’s complete disconnect with his actions. He seems more interested in protecting his “relationship”, and likely his control, over the boys he abused than protecting his own interests.

According to the first article, Amendola met with a man who claimed to be the boy from the 2001 incident. The man said nothing happened, and Sandusky claimed this was the right guy, but Amendola was not convinced. It is unclear whether the man who came forward is the same person Amendola spoke to.


12 thoughts on “Sandusky shower abuse victim found

  1. There is not a single alleged-victim in that case that I believe, not a one. I think the only reason any of them testified was because they are into the potential money from lawsuits (dollars that they will never see) and they are vocal only now because they were all exposed as being gay.

  2. Jan, why are you spouting rape denial and being dismissive toward male rape survivors on a blog that is a safe space for male survivors of sexual violence???? Gay? Did you really just write that here?

    What kind of crazed homophobic supporter of child rape would make such comments? Oh wait, I just answered my own question.

    Clearly many people become sympathizers of child rapists when they have power and can play Teh Footsball really, really, really well.

    Pardon me while I vomit.

  3. Jan, if they were worried about being “exposed as being gay”, why would they testify? The easiest way to protect their identities would be remaining silent. Likewise, they did not have to agree to testify in the criminal case to file a lawsuit. It does not make any sense for all eight of them to lie, especially given the community backlash they would receive.

  4. Jan is saying boys who were molested by adult males are gay. Sounds like trolling to me. And given her avatar is of Casey & Caylee Anthony…

  5. If any alleged-victim ever had access to a phone but chose not to call 911 to report their gay-play, then their credibility to me is zero. Now, they are simply gathering and forming a group calling themselves victims because their gay-actions have been noted in court documents.

  6. Mr. Landrith, placing a comment regarding the lack of credibility is not trolling, it is simply relaying proven facts.

  7. Jan, if you are just here to say that, despite that police, investigators, prosecutors, and a jury believed these young men, that these men lied to cover up their “gay actions” then you are trolling. I can think of no other reason why you would make those comments, especially since there is no evidence in the court documents of these men’s “gay actions”. In light of that, I am placing you on moderation.

  8. Sorry, Toysoldier. I just can’t stand comments like “Gay-play” and the like when applied to male victims of sexual abuse from a man.

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